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iPhone 12 battery life results: All four models compared

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Battery life is a key factor when you are trying to choose the iPhone 12 model that will suit your needs best. All new iPhone 12 models have been subject to our battery test. The results were mixed.

The iPhone 12 Mini is the smallest and most efficient of all the phones. It also has the shortest runtime than 5G. Although the iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Pro were more durable than other Android phones, they are still a significant step behind their counterparts.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has the best endurance rating and performance against Android phones. Although it doesn’t break the 11-hour mark, it is close enough to make our best smartphone battery life list.

iPhone 12 battery testing: How it works

Here’s how the Tom’s Guide Battery Test works. The device surfs the internet at 150 nits brightness and launches a new site each 30 seconds until it runs out of battery. We ran the test on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro over both 5G and 4G. The results were quite dramatic.

It’s not the only thing that matters. Below, we have included the dimensions of each phone’s battery. Apple doesn’t list battery capacity in its specifications, so the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro sizes are based on teardowns and certifications.

Test results for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12Pro batteries

Battery Life (hrs:mins). Size of the Battery (mAh) iPhone 12 mini (5G) 7:28 2,227 mAh iPhone 12 (5G). 8:25 2,815 mAh iPhone 12 Pro (5G/) 9:06 2,815 mAh iPhone 12 Pro Max (5G/) 10:53 3,687 mAh iPhone 11 (4G). 11:16 3,110 mAh iPhone 11 Pro (4G) 10:24 3,046 mAh Galaxy S20 5G 60Hz/120Hz 9:31/8:04 4,050 mAh Galaxy S20 Plus 5G (60Hz/120Hz) 10:31/8:55 4,500 mAh Galaxy S20 Plus Ultra 5G (60Hz/120Hz) 12:03/9:13 5,000 mAh OnePlus 8T 5G (60/Hz/120Hz) 10:49/9:58 4,500 mAh Google Pixel 5 (60Hz/90Hz). 9:56/9:29 4,080 mAh

Battery life for iPhone 12 mini

The iPhone 12 mini’s 2,227-mAh battery is small. It’s no surprise that the phone only lasted 7 hours and 28 minutes with our 5G web surfing battery. With a smaller 1,821mAh battery, the iPhone SE 2020 lasts a much longer 9:18. We tested it over 4G, which consumes less power.

Battery life for iPhone 12

AT&T’s 5G network gave the iPhone 12 an 8-hour and 25-minute battery life. The iPhone 11 last year lasted 11 hours and 16 mins over 4G. Comparatively, we switched to a 4G-only iPhone 12 and it lasted for 10 hours 23 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy phones last longer than 5G smartphones, but they do lose more juice when the screens are set at 120Hz refresh rate. The Samsung Galaxy S20 lasts 9:31 on 5G, but drops to 8:04 when it is set at 120Hz.

Google’s Pixel5 was almost an hour faster than the iPhone 12 at 9.56. It dropped to 9:29 when the screen was set to a faster refresh rate of 90Hz. These times are significantly faster than the iPhone 12’s 8/25 result over 5G.

iPhone 12 Pro battery life

The iPhone 12 Pro performed slightly better than the iPhone 12 Pro, with a runtime of 9 hours and 6 mins over T-Mobile 5G. This time was 11:24 longer than 4G. The iPhone 11 Pro ran for 10:24 more than 4G.

The similar-priced Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus ran for 10:31 over 5G. This is almost 1.5 hours more than the iPhone 12 Pro. Samsung’s phone ran at 120Hz for 8:55, slightly less than the iPhone 12 Pro.

Fair enough, the Galaxy S20 Plus packs a bigger 4,500 mAh battery while the iPhone 12 Pro has 2,815 mAh.

Battery life for iPhone 12 Pro Max

We’re now talking. The iPhone 12 Pro Max’s 3,687mAh battery lasts for a remarkable 10 hours and 53 minutes more than 5G. This beats the iPhone 12 Pro’s nearly two-hour endurance. The Galaxy S20 Ultra’s larger 5,000 mAh battery lasted for 12 hours and three minutes. It then fell to 9:13 on 120Hz display mode.

iPhone 12 battery life: Bottom line

Our web surfing test is only one way to determine battery life. We know that not everyone can surf the internet for more than 10 to 11 hours at a time. This test allows us to compare endurance across different phones even though it is quite taxing.

Smart Data mode on the iPhone 12 automatically switches to 4G when you aren’t surfing the internet. This helps to save battery life. This only works in certain situations, like streaming music while the screen is off.

The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro’s battery life is significantly lower than 5G, at the very least when browsing the internet. To save some juice, you might want to manually switch over to 4G for certain cases.

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