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iPhone 11 Pro review

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People are asking “What’s changed?” about the iPhone 11 Pro. Because it is very similar to the iPhone 11 Pro, this is a valid question. However, if you use the new cameras for just a few seconds, both those inquisitive eyes and questioning looks will quickly disappear.

Before we get into the details, it’s important to mention that the iPhone 13 PRO is now the best-selling Apple phone. It joins its siblings the iPhone 13 and the tiny iPhone 13 mini as well as the iPhone 13 pro.

The iPhone 12 Pro remains available. While all newer phones have some upgrades in specs and cameras, as well as a shift to flat edges, 5G connectivity, and a redesign of the design, they aren’t huge innovations. The iPhone 11 Pro has seen significant discounts over the years, so you should still be able to get a lot out of it.

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Apple has put a lot into the iPhone 11 Pro’s triple-lens rear-camera. It offers a trio 12MP lenses that can shoot regular, telephoto and ultra-wide perspectives. It’s a huge perk not to have to back up in order to fit everything within the wider frame. All of our friends love that portrait photos don’t require them to cut their heads.


“Night Mode” addresses the biggest complaint that we have heard from iPhone users over time: photos taken in dimly lit bars and restaurants don’t look as good as their Android-toting friends. It’s shameful!

The iPhone 11 Pro’s low-light camera was the best we tested. Apple’s brightening features are superior to those of Samsung, Huawei, and Google, and the night mode automatically applies.

The oversized rear cameras produce the best quality video, but the 12MP front camera is the most popular. We found the largest year-over-year jump in video quality with the smaller 12MP model. The 4K recording is now possible and the video can be shot in slow-mo. Apple’s “Slofies” work best when you have long flowing hair that can whip back and forth.

The 11 Pro, like the previous iPhones, can withstand a drop thanks to IP68 waterproofing. (Image credit: Future)

The iPhone 11 Pro’s camera is the most important feature, but there are other aspects. The iPhoneXS battery life was noticeably longer than ours. We’ve used the iPhone 11 Pro for more than a day. The Pro Max’s battery power is not dependent on it. The matte back cover is more attractive and less slippery than the original, but it will not wow as much if an iPhone 11Pro case is attached immediately (which we recommend).

If you’re looking for the best 2019 iPhone, the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro will be your choice. It can be used with just one hand. It is smaller than the iPhone 11 Pro Max 6.5 inches and the iPhone 11 6.1 inches. Don’t be fooled by its size, though, it’s pricier than the telephoto-and-OLED-lacking entry-level iPhone 11.

The front doesn’t change from previous iPhones, so it might seem difficult to justify the cost. If you have been looking for better photos and videos from a new iPhone, then this is the one.

However, the iPhone 13 range is available if you need 5G or more upgrades.

Black Friday deals will likely reduce the price of the iPhone 11 Pro. It’s worth checking out the best iPhone Black Friday deals. In the future, we’ll conduct a re-review. We have updated the references in our review to highlight any new features that have been discovered since our tests. This will give you an idea of what you may be purchasing.

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iPhone 11 Pro price and release date

  • iPhone 11 Pro was released on September 20, 2019,
  • iPhone 11 Pro starting at $999/PS1,049/AU$1,749

The official release date for the iPhone 11 Pro was September 20, 2019. It was officially announced on September 12, 2019. Although it is priced at Pro-level pricing in most regions, it will cost the same as the iPhone XS or iPhone X.

The iPhone 11 Pro 64GB model cost $999 (US$1,049, AU$1,749) when it was launched. Although Apple no longer sells the iPhone directly, third-party retailers will likely offer a lower price. This is not enough storage to store a decade of iPhone photos and videos, even with iCloud to offload some files. Unfortunately, there is no 128GB option.

The 256GB model, which launched at $1,149 (PS1,119 AU$1,999), is more expensive than the 512GB version. This size is ideal for iPhone 11 Pro buyers. This iPhone does not have expandable storage, as with all previous iPhones. You will get better storage-for–price from the top Android phones.

Apple has discontinued the iPhone 11 Pro range. However, you can still purchase the standard iPhone 11 and many third-party retailers stock the Pro model.

Although it is a little more difficult to find the iPhone 11 Pro, it is usually now much cheaper. The 64GB model is currently available for $935 / PS899 / AU$1,549.

You can choose the iPhone 11 or the iPhone 12 mini if you are looking for a more affordable iPhone. Or, consider the iPhone SE (2020).. The links below may help you find better deals through different networks and carriers.

best UK iPhone 11 Pro deals

(Image credit: Future)

Triple-lens camera versatility

We’re here to review the iPhone 11 Pro camera. We’ll talk about all four cameras, and show you lots of photos from each.

The iPhone 11 Pro’s rear camera trio offers wide, 2x optically zoomed, and all-encompassing ultrawide perspectives. This is a first for the iPhone. The iPhone 11 Pro cameras offer incredible versatility, even for our daily tech reporter lives.

With the telephoto lens we were able zoom in on Apple CEO Tim Cook, the first iPhone 11 customer at 5th Avenue’s re-opening celebration in New York City. Then, we immediately stepped out to enjoy the celebratory crowd.

Three very different photos were taken without moving the mirrorless camera. The three lenses, which are bulky and would have needed to be manually adjusted to take the same shots, remained in the backpack of our backpack throughout the day. The best camera today is one that you can take everywhere, and does not require manual lens changing.

HDR was better and more defined than what is normally lost in shadows or blown out by bright lights. Portrait mode also showed sharper and brighter subjects. The photos remain natural with warmer tones and not the saturated, cooler look of many Android phones.

If you are into night photography, Night mode is your best reason to upgrade to an iPhone 11 series. This feature is integrated into Apple’s main camera mode and not an independent mode as we see on Android competitors, making it even more useful.

The long-exposure settings are applied automatically and usually last between 2-5 seconds, depending on how dark the surroundings are. If your iPhone is resting against a wall or on a tripod, it can increase the exposure time to 30 seconds. This mode can make a blank night sky visible by adding stars.

The iPhone 11 Pro night mode works in the same way as turning on the lights at night. However, there are two caveats. The main 12MP camera is the only one that works. It does not work with the front, telephoto, ultra wide, or front cameras. Subjects can’t be moving quickly. It is great for taking pictures at a bar with dim lighting, but it does not work well when trying to capture dance moves at weddings.

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