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iPad Air (2022) colors: every shade explained

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At Apple’s March Peek Performance event the iPad Air line was introduced with the iPad Air (2022). The company’s mid-tier device now closely matches the premium iPad Pro models than ever.

It supports the second-generation Apple Pencil and a 10.9-inch display that has rounded corners. The M1 chipset powers Apple’s computers. This makes it a tempting option for all users.

Its attractiveness is enhanced by the five new colors available, which include the 64GB and 256GB models.

The iPad Air (2022), is available in Space Grey (Pink, Purple, Blue, and Starlight), some of which are identical to the iPad Air4, while others are different. Let’s take a closer look.

Space Gray

Apple has offered Space Grey over the years in various product lineups. However, it seems to be changing slightly every time. The iPad Air (2022), in Space Grey, has a very business-like slate shade on the rear casing. This complements the black screen bezels. It almost looks like a gunmetal color.


The iPad Air (2022), which Apple does not offer in white, is only available in Starlight. It is an off-white color that has a hint of cream. This is darker than the iPhoneSE (2022), but closer to the iPhone 13 — with the exception of the glossy finish.


Apple may have discontinued Rose Gold as a color, but Pink is very close. Although it’s a bit more rose than gold, the premium finish makes it less reflective than the iPhone 13 with the same color. It also looks a little darker overall.


The iPad Air (2022) has a blue color that is similar to the iPhone 13’s iPhone 13 min. However, it is a bit darker than the Sierra Blue on Apple’s new Pro smartphones.


The iPhone 13 range’s purple color is not comparable to the iPhone 12 which was released just a few months ago. It is a little lighter than the iPhone 13, but not much.

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