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iOS 15.4 is out now all the new features for your iPhone

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Now, we live in an iOS 15.4 world. After a beta testing process that began in January, Apple has now released an update for its iOS15 software. This means that current iPhones can now install iOS 15.4. It also comes preinstalled on the iPhone SE (2022) green iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro models. The update was released this Friday.

iOS 15 was released last fall and has since been updated to add more features. iOS 15 has already introduced SharePlay, which allows you to watch videos and listen to music while on FaceTime. There’s also a new privacy check for all apps on your iPhone.

iOS 15.4 was a significant update to iOS 15.4. It was announced in beta form. iOS 15.4 introduces a variety of fixes and tweaks. While SharePlay is not a significant feature, nor App Privacy Report, which was a noticeable MIA feature, it did signal that iOS 15.4 would be a noteworthy update. One of these will be particularly welcome for mask-wearing iPhone users, who have not been able to unlock their phones using Face ID since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. It has also allowed states to introduce digital IDs that allow you to store your drivers license and state ID cards in the Wallet App.

We’ll show you how to install iOS 15.4 on your iPhone. If you want to look ahead, here are the details about iOS 15.5 and features such as third-party app payments.

iOS 15.4 Release Date

iOS 15.4 debuted March 14. This software update was released March 14. All three phones come with iOS 15.4.

If you have an iPhone compatible with iOS 15.4, you can get it right away. You can grab the over-the-air update by going to Settings and tapping on General. Select Software Updates and iOS 15.4 will be waiting for you. You can then follow the instructions on screen to download and install iOS 15.4.

We recommend backing your iPhone up before installing any software updates. It is important that your iPhone is connected to the internet during any software update.

You can use iOS 15.4 if your iPhone is capable of running iOS 15. This applies to all devices, including the iPhone 6s and later. A new iPadOS 15.4 update will be available with many of the same features, plus the launch of Universal Control.

Top iOS 15.4 features

Use Face ID when using a mask

This was first reported by us when iOS 15.4’s initial developer beta arrived. It’s big news. This feature will allow you to disable security but also save you the trouble of entering your passcode every time you unlock your phone.

Go to Face ID and Passcode to activate the feature. There’s a toggle that allows you use Face ID with a mask. After turning that switch on, you will be asked to scan again your face. Once all this is done, Face ID should be able to unlock your phone whenever you look at it, even if you have a mask.

This feature is only available for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models. The setting is available on iPhone 13 with iOS 15.4 beta. However, my iPhone 11Pro Max doesn’t have a Use with Face Mask setting.

iOS 15.4 beta was updated to improve the Face ID feature. It now prompts you to look down at your phone if you are wearing a mask to aid in detection.

A new voice for Siri

The iOS 14.5 update last year introduced a significant change to Siri: the iPhone’s digital assistant now defaults to a female voice. Apple made Siri more inclusive by giving you the option to choose your voice.

Apple has added a fifth Siri voice option to iOS 15.4. According to media reports, it’s gender-neutral. The new voice can be viewed by going to Siri & Search under Settings and selecting Siri Voice. Voice 5 is the new arrival.

Live text integration with Notes & Reminders

You may have used iOS 15 and know of LiveText. This feature allows your phone to capture text and then paste it into other apps. Live Text can be used with Reminders and Notes. However, iOS 15.4 makes it easier to integrate this text-scanning function.

In both apps, you will now see a Scan Text command. Click that to open a camera window where you can capture text from any book, note, or photo. This text will instantly appear in your Note or Reminder. You can tap Insert when you have captured all of the text.

New Apple Pay authentication screen, Tap to Pay

My pet peeve with my iPhone is when it pulls out of my pocket, I find that I accidentally launched Apple Pay by double-clicking twice the side button. Instead of my lock screen, I stare at all my bank and credit cards stored on my phone. It’s quite disconcerting.

Although I do not know if others have this problem, Apple has added a small level of security. Double-clicking the side button will bring up an authentication screen that requires either Face ID verification or passcode verification. This screen is before credit cards and passes are displayed. Yes, you can also bypass the authentication screen if your iPhone has Face ID enabled to work with facial masks.

Apple’s digital wallet will also be getting this update with iOS 15.4. The new Apple software version will include Tap To Pay, which will allow anyone who has an iPhone to make contactless payments right from their device. This is a way that small businesses can accept mobile payments, without needing to buy any additional hardware.

Many new emojis in iOS 15.4

iOS 15.4 offers more than three dozen options for emoji.

The 37 emojis include melting face, heart hands, and disco ball. You can also find an emoji showing a pregnant woman and one showing a pregnant girl. There are also symbols for a troll and beans. The Unicode Consortium approved all emoji for iOS 15.4 last September.

Magnifier app: New camera options

Since Magnifier can zoom in on text that is difficult to read and fine print on labels, I have set my iPhone’s side button to launch it. With iOS 15.4, I will be able toggle between different cameras on my iPhone.

To switch lenses, you will need to go into the Magnifier app settings. Depending on your phone, the supported cameras will vary. For example, the iPhone 11 Pro Max allows me to switch between Auto, Telephoto and Macro options. Only the dual-camera iPhone 13 offers wide and varied selfie options.

This feature was quite prominent in iOS 15.4 beta but it seems to have vanished in the latest version that I’m using on multiple devices. Apple had been improving the Magnifier app’s looking for camera switching feature throughout beta, so we will see if it makes it to the final version.

Notes in Keychain Passwords

Passwords can be stored on your iPhone. Keep them on the keychain to make it easy to log in. This feature is not new to iOS 15.4, but it’s possible with the notes field. You can add notes to important passwords by going to the Passwords section in the Settings app.

Why? These notes can also be searched within the Passwords section. Sometimes it is easier to simply type the name of what password you are using and then remember the name of the website or app you want to log in to.

AirTag Anti-Stalling Improvements

This update brings the first wave of Apple’s updates to the AirTag, and associated Find My App features. When you create an AirTag, you will now see a pop-up to inform that tracking someone without consent can be a crime and that victims and law enforcement may find your details via the tag if they are discovered.

You can also no longer deactivate all warning notifications for unexpected AirTags within your area. Other Find My items will be correctly identified in these warnings instead of coming up with an unhelpful generic one.

Apple has promised to continue AirTag updates through 2022.

Digital IDs are now available

Apple announced the iOS 15 feature of digitally storing drivers licenses and state ID cards in the Wallet app as one of its key features when it introduced the software last year. A code update to iOS 15.4 gave hints that this feature was nearing launch.

Apple has announced that other states will follow suit on March 23. Colorado, Hawaii and Mississippi, along with Puerto Rico, are all on their way. Apple also stated that support is being offered by Connecticut, Iowa Kentucky, Maryland Oklahoma, and Utah.

Simply tap the plus sign at the top of the Wallet app to add your driver’s license or state ID card. Follow the on-screen instructions. This assumes that your state supports this feature.

Emergency SOS prompt

The iOS 15.4 beta shows that you will immediately notice a prompt to check your Emergency SOS settings when you update the software. This is the iOS feature that allows you to call emergency contacts by simultaneously pressing down on the volume and side buttons of your iPhone.

Tap on the Emergency SOS prompt to see your contacts and edit them. You can also choose how to activate the Emergency SOS feature.

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