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Instagram has been a constant surprise to us since its inception.

The world continues to struggle through these difficult times. Instagram adds new features to its Story section faster than ever. This is to help brands and creators grow on the platform.

Instagram Story viewers are a popular term for brands that have found their ideal audience through active viewing of their Stories.

Instagram Stories was launched in 2016. It changed how users interact with and view content on the photo-sharing site. But it also raised a new question about who is actually viewing it. Because those who see your Stories are the ones that follow you and are interested in what you have to say, this is why.

This blog post will cover all you need to know about Instagram Stories viewers and how they can be used for business improvement. Let’s get started!

In 2021, Major Instagram Story Updates

Stories is one of Instagram’s most popular features. In response to user feedback, Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, has made significant changes to Instagram’s Stories feature. These features are being introduced by Instagram to improve user experience. Here are the most recent Instagram Story updates.

Update #1: Instagram Introduces the “Add Yours” Sticker

Instagram has just released the Add Yours sticker worldwide after testing it in Japan and Indonesia. This sticker creates a public thread in Stories.

This interactive sticker is ideal for creating viral content chains via Stories. It also offers a great opportunity for community engagement.

Users can respond to Stories of other users by following a prompt, or by choosing a topic. In this way, each user can create their own Story and a content chain.

Update #2: Instagram Story Sticker Replaces Swipe up Feature

Swipe-up was an earlier feature that allowed creators and businesses to add links to Stories. Story viewers could click on the “See More” button at the bottom or swipe up on the Story to open the link.

Instagram has announced that Link Stickers will replace the Swipe up feature in Stories. Story viewers can tap on the sticker to open the link.

According to Instagram, stickers have three major advantages over the Swipe up feature.

  • Stickers are more familiar to users who use them for music and questions.
  • Stickers give you more control over the look of your Story than swipe-up links.
  • Stickers allow viewers to interact with Stories, while swipe-up doesn’t allow for replies or reactions.

Update #3: No matter how many followers you have, every user can add links to Instagram stories.

The Swipe Up feature was previously only available to verified creator accounts and business accounts with more than 10,000 followers. Instagram announced on October 27th that users worldwide could now add links to Instagram Stories.

4th update: Instagram will limit story length to 60 seconds

This development is a step in Instagram’s plan to expand its video formats.

Instagram Stories currently has a 15-second segment. Alessandro Paluzzi (social media researcher and developer) noticed that Instagram Stories are being tested for longer periods of time, up to 60 seconds.

What is an Instagram Story Viewer?

Instagram Stories can be a great way to increase exposure and get views. It has become a great way for businesses to run visual marketing campaigns, increase follower engagement, and share stories.

Social media allows people to share their lives and make some kind of an impact by sharing content. It shouldn’t surprise that many users want to find out if what they’ve posted had any impact or if there is a process behind it.

Instagram Stories have overtaken Snapchat in terms of audience size, and are now more than 500 million active users per day.

The app started out as a photo-sharing tool. It has evolved into a huge online business tool. Instagram is used by entrepreneurs, influencers, and multi-billion dollar brands to connect with their target audience, and gain new customers.


People are now using Instagram Story viewer feature to measure their progress. They are now more strategic about how they post Stories. Instagram gives you a list of people who have viewed your Stories. It is not random. People have tried to understand the strategy behind this order and are now curious about how it affects their Instagram growth.

Can you find out who viewed your Instagram story?


After your Instagram Story has been live, you’ll start to collect views for the next 24 hours. Instagram Stories, unlike Instagram videos which only show the total number of views and not the names, allows you to see who has viewed your Stories.

You are the only person who can view the Instagram Story viewers list. It is impossible to determine how many times your Stories were viewed by any single viewer.

Is it possible to see who has viewed your Instagram story after 24 hours?

Stories will be displayed in your archive folder for 48 hours from the time you posted your Stories. If you want to see who viewed your Stories in 48 hours, you must act fast.

To archive your Stories, you will need to set your Instagram account settings. To access your Archives section, visit the horizontal three dots icon on your Profile page.

You will be able to see who has seen your Stories for up to 48 hours from the time you posted them.

Order Instagram Story Viewer

The Instagram Story viewer order is the listing arrangement of people who have viewed a specific Story. The order and the list are more than a simple queue of people who have viewed your Story.

This gives creators a good idea of the people who are most interested in their content. Instagram Story viewers don’t order their content in chronological order. Instead, there is a well-thought-out algorithm that organizes the list.

Every Story people view generates views. These views are organized in an Instagram Story viewer. This list can be accessed here:

To access your profile, open the Instagram app.

Step 1 Tap the top right, and tap Archive.

Step 2 Scroll down to the Story whose viewers are you interested.

Step 3 Tap on the Story. To see Instagram Story viewers swipe up on the screen.

The “Seen By #” label will show the number of people who have viewed your Stories. The “Seen By #” label displays the total number who have seen your Story. To open the Instagram Story viewers ordering list, tap on “Seen By #”.

How does Instagram sort Story Viewers?

Many Instagram users have tried different ways to sort their Stories. These experiments show that viewers appear in reverse chronological order until your Story reaches 50 views. Instagram begins to sort the list differently once your Story has reached 50 views. It places the account with the highest engagement at the top of the list.

Instagram uses a secret algorithm to sort Story viewers. The algorithm uses the profile visits, likes, and comments to rank Story viewers. Your Story followers’ interactions with your profile are more important than how you interact with them. This determines the order of Story viewers. This means that the people who visit your profile most often appear at the top.

What does Instagram Story View Order mean?

Instagram’s most powerful ability is the ability to see the list of people who have viewed your Stories.

For marketers and businesses that rely on Instagram engagement, this order is crucial.

The order of Instagram Story viewers can indicate who is most interested in your content. You can use the order of Instagram Story viewers to help you build better relationships. Instagram Story viewer’s orders provide valuable insight to help marketers use the platform for higher conversion rates.

How to Take Advantage of Instagram Story Viewers Orders List

Correctly engage viewers. The order list can be used to guide you in deciding who to engage with first among your Story viewers. This will allow you to get more interaction from your viewers.

These steps will allow creators and brands to attract more views to their Stories. They will also make your account a focal point of many of your followers and drive traffic to the account.

1. Engaging with higher-ranking Instagram Story Viewers

Creators and brands can use the Instagram Stories viewer’s order to identify their most engaged audiences. You should develop a strategy to interact with the people at the top of this list in order to fully benefit from the order list.

  • Track the most engaged users and determine who is viewing Stories frequently by tracking their behavior in your list.
  • Tag them in stories they’ve viewed.
  • In both private and public messages, engage with them on Instagram to have conversations.

This strategy will make your Instagram account top of mind every time they log in. Your Stories are already being viewed by them so a little effort on your part can help get them more interested in your content. This will allow you to get them to visit your website or down your sales funnel more often.

2. Engage with lower-ranking Instagram Story Viewers

A creator or brand must also capture the interest of people from the bottom order Instagram Stories viewers list. If you see people move up in your list it means they are interested in your content more and you can deliver better content to them.

For these viewers, profile view frequency is an important factor. Creators must encourage viewers to move from Stories to their profile pages frequently. You can do this by adding a sticker link in your Stories. You can link to your profile page, or any other link that you have by simply tapping the link in the Story.

To entice viewers into clicking on the link in your Story, add visual cues or calls to action.

Instagram Highlight Viewer

Instagram Highlights are similar to Stories except that they remain permanently embedded in your profile until deleted.

Highlights are a section of your profile that appears just after the bio section. They allow you to present your business’ purpose. Highlights do not expire after 24 hours, unlike Instagram Stories. They can also be used to organize your Stories sessions. To keep your profile current and exciting, you can edit them regularly.

Knowing the performance of Instagram Highlight viewers will help you decide when to delete or change them. The 48-hour limit on Highlight viewing and who viewed a highlight is the maximum. These stats disappear after that time.

Here’s how to access your Instagram Highlight viewers list:

Step 1: Open your Instagram profile.

Step 2 Tap on the icon of Highlight to see the viewers.

Step 3 To see the list Instagram Highlight viewers, tap on the “Seen By” button at the bottom-left corner.

7 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Story Viewer Reach

It is important to know how to use your Instagram Story viewers list and order. However, it is also important to take steps to grow that list. These are the top hacks that will help you increase your Instagram Story viewer count organically.

Instagram Story Viewer Hack #1 – Convert your Stories to Highlights

New people will naturally go to your bio when they view your Stories and posts.

Your new profile visitors will be greeted with a compelling bio and engaging Story Highlights. This highlights your brand to potential new clients. This will allow you to build a larger following and increase the reach of your Stories.

#2: Instagram Story Viewer Hack: Create high-quality content

Instagram makes sure that new content reaches its intended audience at the correct time. This algorithm change has sparked a lot of competition on Instagram. Although more people are trying to hack the Instagram algorithm, quality content is still the key to a successful strategy.

Instead of spamming followers’ feeds with random views, create engaging content that will build a lasting relationship with them. Instagram values the most relevant and best content. Your content should be relevant and compelling to your audience. Your Stories will appear more easily on their feed if your followers are more engaged with your content.

Instagram Story Viewer Hack #3 – Post Stories Consistently

Your Instagram Stories will disappear after 24 hours unless you include them in the Highlights section. Your Stories feed will be deleted if you don’t publish Stories within 24 hours. It’s important to continue posting Stories regularly in order to keep your profile active on your followers’ Story feed.

The latest Stories in your follower’s feed will be displayed closer to the profile logo. To keep your Stories top-of-mind in your followers’ feeds, it is a good idea to post Stories at different times than posting them all at once.

It’s best to schedule Stories ahead of time if you want consistency in your posting efforts. Statusbrew lets users create and schedule Stories to Instagram Business Accounts from both the web and mobile app. You can schedule Instagram photos and manage your entire Instagram account from one dashboard.

Instagram Story Viewer Hack #4 – Ask Questions Using Instagram Question Stickers and Polls

Use polls in your Stories but not just for your Story. Make your polls so that everyone can participate.

Inspiring more people to interact with your Story by asking questions, you’re telling Instagram that your Story is a viral content creator and people want more of your stuff.

Use the Instagram Story question box to ask the right questions and encourage engagement. You can encourage people to share their stories and not just ask about your brand or products.

Utilize location stickers and geotagging in Instagram Story Viewer #5

Geotagging and location stickers are powerful tools to drive people to your physical location. You can use location stickers to identify an address or physical place in your Story.

Instagram location Stories allow you to make your Story searchable by new users using the location tag search. Instagram location stories are a great way to promote your brand locally on Instagram. This is great for businesses with physical locations, or for those who want to target a particular area.

Edit Photos and Videos Before Sharing In Instagram Stories – Instagram Story Viewer Hack #6

Before adding images or videos to your Stories, add the appropriate effects. These edits are quick and easy to do within the app before you post the Stories.

Editing is an important feature that can draw many people to your Instagram Story. Instagram lets you use AR filters, templates, and emojis to enhance your Stories.

Your Stories can be made more interesting, unique, and attractive by proper editing. This editing option can help your products stand out on Instagram, creating a more visual and interactive effect. Instagram algorithms love it when you use the features available in your Stories instead of posting empty ones.

The Best Time to Post & Schedule Stories in Instagram Story Viewer #7

Knowing your audience’s social habits is key to ensuring maximum engagement in your Stories. You will get the most views in the morning, during lunch breaks, or in late afternoons.

People prefer to post more Stories on weekends, but they are less likely than others to read them. This leads to a lot of Stories being generated and some of them getting their viewers during weekends.

Instagram Stories are best posted on weekdays. Avoid working hours or sleeping. People are usually not working from 7 to 9 pm and are just relaxing after a long day.

Once you have identified your best posting times, you can ensure that they are posted at those times. This could be a problem if you don’t know where your best posting times are and then plan to post at those times.

You can avoid human error by using the same platform to calculate your best times to post and schedules Stories during peak hours.

Statusbrew allows you to update your Instagram account regularly, and it also gives you the ability to schedule time for other purposes.

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