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Instagram Lite vs Instagram

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Instagram shut down Instagram Lite, the light version of its app, in May 2018. There were reports that Instagram was planning to launch a new version, Instagram Lite after it discontinued its Lite app. To everyone’s surprise, Instagram finally reintroduced India the app after months of silence. We can help you decide whether to use Instagram Lite or Instagram Lite. Let’s compare Instagram Lite vs Instagram to find out the differences. Continue reading.

Instagram Lite vs. Instagram

This article will take a closer look at the changes, what you can expect from the app and how it compares to the main Instagram app. You will be able to decide if Instagram Lite should be used. To jump to sections that interest you, use the table of contents below.

Basic Differences

Features Instagram Instagram Lite
Size 80MB 2MB
Indian Languages Hindi 9 Indian languages
Reels Yes Yes
IGTV Yes Limited viewing support
Autoplay Yes Yes
Instagram Stories Yes Yes
Direct messages Yes Yes
Live Yes No
Available on Android Yes Yes
Available for iOS Yes No

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What is Instagram Live?

It is crucial to fully understand why Instagram Lite is necessary before you proceed. Instagram Lite was created to allow users from emerging markets to access the platform and its features. After testing the app in selected markets, the company launched the app in India. Instagram Lite is the ideal app for people who want to save data and use the app on a budget phone.

App Size & Availability

Instagram Lite was initially tested in India, as previously mentioned. It has been rolled out to nearly every country since then, and you can get it from Play Store.

The new version is lighter than the original Instagram Lite app, which was 573 KB. However, it manages to be smaller in size. The app was only 4MB after installation on my OnePlus 7T. This excludes app data and cache. The main Instagram app is 82MB.

Language Support

The support for Indian regional languages is one of the main selling points of the Instagram Lite app. Instagram’s support for regional languages places it in line with other tech giants such as Google and Reliance Jio, who have been investing funds for digital inclusion within the country. The new Instagram Lite app allows you to experience the app in 9 Indian languages, including Bengali, Hindi, and Malayalam as well as Tamil, and Kannada. Marathi. Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi, and Marathi. Hindi, the only Indian language that is available on the main Instagram app, is one of the new additions. Instagram Lite also supports these languages:

  • English
  • Afrikaans
  • Indonesian
  • Malay
  • Danish
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Filipino
  • French (Canada, France)
  • Croatian
  • Italian
  • Hungarian
  • Dutch
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Slovak
  • Finnish
  • Swedish
  • Vietnamese
  • Turkish
  • Czech
  • Greek
  • Bulgarian
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Ukrainian
  • Hebrew
  • Urdu
  • Arabic
  • Persian
  • Nepali
  • Sinhala
  • Thai
  • Traditional Chinese (Taiwan, Hong Kong)
  • Chinese simplified
  • Japanese
  • Korean

Data usage

Here’s my take on data usage limits if you are concerned. The new Instagram Lite version has media autoplay, which is a big change from the older Instagram Lite. This means that videos will start automatically playing as soon as you scroll through the feed. The app will consume more data if the videos are not being viewed. The app’s data usage, however, is comparable to what you get in the Instagram app’s Data Saver Mode for the most part.

All Features Available

Instagram Stories

Instagram Lite retains the same interface to view stories from the homepage. The app is used to limit story uploading to images. However, the latest refresh now allows you to upload videos. To record and upload videos, long press the camera button in the Story interface. To select existing images or videos from your gallery, you can tap on the file chooser.

Direct Messaging

The accessibility of Direct Messaging is one welcome feature on the new Instagram Lite. You can access the DM section from the top-right corner of Instagram Lite, just like the main Instagram. You won’t be able to swipe the app and must tap it manually. You can’t expect fancy features such as vanish mode or customizable chat themes that are part Messenger-Instagram Direct Integration.

You can use the chat interface to send and receive messages, images and GIFs as well stickers and videos in group and personal chats. While stickers may appear larger on your side, they should be the same size as the recipient. Here is an example of a sticker.

Instagram Lite (left), vs Instagram Pro (right).

Upload Images and Videos

Users had a major problem with the old Instagram Lite. It didn’t support the video. It doesn’t anymore. Instagram Lite allows you to post images and videos. You can access the “+” button from the bottom navigation bar without affecting your muscle memory. You can’t select multiple images. You are not able to upload Reels and IGTV content.


Instagram Light has received the Reels tab in a recent update. The company moved the Activity tab to the top-right, right next to the DM section, to accommodate Reels on its home page. It is important to note that Reels can not be uploaded through the Lite app. You should use the regular Instagram app if you want to upload short videos.

You are missing certain features

Mode Dark

Let’s get to the bottom of the problem. Instagram Lite doesn’t support dark mode. I understand if you are someone like me and prefer to enable darkness everywhere. It’s disappointing to see that dark mode is not available. You can disable dark mode by going to the developer settings on your phone, but it is not recommended as it could break other apps’ color schemes.

Shopping Tabs and IGTV

Even though Instagram Lite does not have a dedicated IGTV tab you can still view IGTV videos. Because Instagram Lite treats IGTV content like a regular video, This means that users can’t watch IGTV videos again after they have been viewed. This implementation has one problem. You can’t use the fine-tuned controls to search through IGTV videos. You can’t skip the middle of IGTV videos. Instead, you will need to watch the whole video or wait until the next post. Instagram Lite doesn’t have a Shopping section.

Instagram Lite (left), vs Instagram Pro (right).

Instagram Stories: Sharing songs/TV shows

Sharing new content with friends and family is part of the fun. You can post new content to Instagram Stories, whether it’s a Netflix show or a song you found on Spotify or Apple Music. Instagram Lite doesn’t have this option. Similar to the previous point, Instagram Lite does not allow you to add songs from Instagram’s music library to your Stories. You can also learn more about Instagram Stories or Instagram Stories lyrics and share songs from Instagram’s music library in our linked guides.

Go Live

You won’t find this feature if you are an aspiring artist or a person who enjoys going live on Instagram. Instead, look at the primary app which allows you to go live for up 4 hours.

Instagram Light doesn’t have ads, which will make you happy if you are annoyed by the number of ads on the Instagram app. Instagram displays an ad after you’ve seen three (sometimes four!) stories from different users. This happens while you scroll through your Instagram feed. This is what happens when you scroll through your Instagram feed using the main app. (Look out for the Ad banner at the right or the Sponsored tags below the username).

Here’s what you get when you use Instagram Lite

You won’t be bombarded with ads on Instagram Lite if you just want to scroll through your feed. Instagram Lite is the best option if you don’t want to see advertisements.

This might not be the case, however. Instagram will monetize the app by showing ads as it grows and gains a large user base.

Instagram Lite: Should You Use It?

Instagram Lite is not an app for low-end smartphones. It’s capable enough to be an alternative to Instagram. This app is worth a look if you are okay with the absence of IGTV and dark modes, and you want an ad-free experience. The primary app might be more suitable for you if you are a creator or power user.

What about Instagram Lite?

Instagram Lite allows me to strike a balance between keeping up with my friends and other creators, while also making sure I don’t waste too much time on the platform. The app is stable and does not crash like the regular Instagram app. However, I don’t like the inability of sharing songs on Instagram Stories and the lack of dark mode.

My younger self would not have accepted the absence of dark mode, but I will be honest. The feed refresh is not reliable at times. It refreshes the page, but it doesn’t show any new content. This was another problem that I encountered with the app. Instagram Lite is an acceptable compromise, as I don’t spend so much time scrolling through Instagram anymore and can use that time to do other things.

Both the pros and cons


  • No ads
  • Lightweight, distraction-free
  • DM Support
  • You can watch Reels and IGTV content
  • No fancy options like chat themes and vanish mode


  • No dark mode
  • IGTV content cannot be posted on Reels or
  • You can’t share multiple photos or videos
  • Feed refresh can be unreliable at times
  • You can’t upload songs to Instagram Stories

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between new and old Instagram Lite?

Instagram has discontinued the Instagram Lite version in May 2020. Instagram Lite now offers more features, including direct messaging, support for Indian languages and other new features.

2. What is the difference between Instagram Lite and Instagram Lite?

Instagram Lite is the lighter version of the Instagram app. It provides the most essential features of the app and is the best choice for phones starting at the entry-level. Instagram Lite can be installed to access all features on Instagram.

3. Is there an Instagram lite dark mode?


4. Is Instagram Lite available in your area?

Instagram Lite is available in India at the moment. You can find our guide to unlocking the app if you get the error “This item is unavailable in your country”. The easiest way to get the APK is to sideload it from trusted sources such as APKMirror.

5. How big is Instagram Lite?

According to the Play Store listing for Instagram Lite, it is 2MB in size. It took almost 4MB to install the app on my smartphone when I first installed it.

6. Can I use Instagram Lite with my iPhone?

No. Instagram Lite is currently not available on iPhones. Keep checking as we’ll be covering if Instagram plans to release a Lite version of Instagram for iPhones. For a similar experience, you can install the PWA of Instagram directly from your browser.

7. Can I view stories in Lite?

You can view stories on Instagram Lite. You can also upload stories to Instagram with the app.

8. Can I use IGTV in lite version?

The app allows you to watch IGTV videos, but not upload them. You can’t search the video while you’re viewing IGTV content in Lite.

9. Can I use Instagram Lite and Instagram on the same device as Instagram?

Both versions can be used on the same device. Because the packages of both apps are different, this is possible.

10. Can I view Reels on Instagram Lite?

Instagram recently added the Reels tab to allow users to watch short videos. Reels can only be uploaded using Instagram Lite.

Instagram Lite: Making the Right Corners

Instagram Lite’s latest update has all the best features of Instagram, but it manages to be light. It delivers what most users expect from Instagram. If you are still not convinced or prefer to use the main app, we recommend you check out our articles on top Instagram tips as well as cool new Instagram features so you can enjoy the main app to its full potential.

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