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HP Envy Inspire 7955e review

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The HP Envy Inspire 795e ($270), an inkjet printer with many features, is versatile and affordable. This all-in-one printer is equipped with an ADF (automatic document feeder) and a duplexer to make two-sided prints. It also has a second input tray that can hold photo paper. However, this model does not offer fax capabilities.

The EnvyInspire is best for online setups. It is designed for network use. To use HP Smart software for my first scan, I had to create an account with HP. The prompt result was a question asking me if I liked the HP Smart app and a request to sign up for an Instant Ink subscription. You will want to subscribe in order to control your ink costs (more details later).

Two ink cartridges are used by the Envy Inspire: one that is dye-based black and one that is dye-based tricolor. You get six months of HP Instant Ink subscription to refill your 7955e cartridges. Sign up quickly: My testing revealed that the starter ink cartridge ran out fast. It is recommended to print between 300 and 400 pages per month.

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Review of HP Envy Inspire 795e: Design

Two input trays are available: a 125-sheet cassette, and a 15 x 5 photo paper tray. These can handle 5 x 5, 4, x 6, and 5 x 7 inches. The photo paper tray cannot accommodate custom sizes, but panoramic paper can be fed through it. The output tray can store up to 60 sheets. The ADF can hold up to 35 sheets.

It’s easy to use the 2.7-inch color touch screen for standalone operation. It was responsive to my inputs and easy to navigate through the menus. However, it is a bit small. Comparably priced Canon Pixma TS8320 has a 4.3-inch color touch display. HP Smart App is available for operating the printer remotely from a mobile or PC. There are no USB ports for connecting thumb drives or media cards.

This network-centric printer will need plenty of space. The Envy Inspire 795e measures 18.1×20.5×19.2 inches. It is larger than most inkjets. The chassis can be enlarged by having a duplexer to make two-sided prints. The Canon G6020, which uses ink tanks and has a Duplexer, is smaller than the Inspire 7955e at 15.9 x 14.6 x 7.7inches.

Vertical clearance is a must for the HP. The hinges of the scanner lid don’t provide resistance to holding the lid and ADF up. You’ll need to hold it at 90 degrees if your hands are required to place a document onto the scanner glass. This HP Envy is only 17.9 pounds despite its size.

The paper sensors allow you to tell the printer which type of photo paper was loaded into the second tray. This can be confusing at first. Although the LCD menu displays both the main tray and photo tray paper settings, the grayed-out photo paper setting is not visible. This indicates that the paper type has already been identified and you don’t need to choose it. When refilling the main tray, you will need to confirm that plain paper sizes are correct.

According to the company, the printer has a silent mode that is 40% quieter than regular operation.

HP Envy Inspire 795e review: Speed Printing

Our five-page text document was printed by HP Envy in just 32.2 seconds (or 9.3 ppm). This was faster than the 9.1 ppm average. Graphics printing was also faster than the average. Our six-page PDF with color graphics and text was printed by HP Envy in just 41 seconds. That’s a 3.6 ppm print speed. This was considerably faster than the average speed of 2.7 ppm.

The HP Envy also made quick two-sided prints by using its duplexer. The HP Envy printed a 10-page text file on five sheets in just 2 minutes 49 seconds or 3.6 ppm. The LCD displays the message that the page has dried after printing the first side of the two-sided sheet. This took approximately six seconds. The Canon TR8620 ($180), on the other hand, printed the same page at 3.1 ppm.

It was easy to make two-sided copies of our color PDF. The HP Envy printed six pages on three sheets in just 52 seconds. That’s a speed of 2.1ppm. The wait between the two sides of this document was approximately 11 seconds. Comparably, the Canon Pixma G6020, which uses ink tanks, made the same print at 1.8 ppm.

Similar results were achieved by The Envy Inspire, 7955e printing photos fast. Our landscape photo was printed on letter-size paper in just 2 minutes 49 seconds. This was faster than the average speed of 4 minutes 20 seconds.

HP Envy Inspire 795e review: Copy Speed and Scan Speed

The copy speeds were just as fast as the print speeds. It took 21 seconds to copy a color page, which is among the fastest times recorded and much faster than the 34.2-second average.

The Inspire 7955e produced a black-and-white copy in 15.4 seconds. This beats an average of 19 seconds.

Its ADF made copies quickly. A single-sided copy of five pages of text took 41.9 seconds or 7.2 minutes. The Brother MFC-J805DW produced the same copy at 6.8ppm while the Canon TR8620 did it at 6.7ppm.

The average scanning speed was slower than that of the average. Envy Inspire 795e was able to scan an 8×10 photo at 600 dpi to JPEG format in just 1 minute and 24 seconds. The Canon TR8620 did the same scan in 59 seconds. Average is 1 minute 10 seconds

The average scan time for PDFs in black-and-white was also slower than the average. The Inspire 7955e generated a PDF in 19.8 seconds when scanning at 300 dpi. This is compared to 11.9 seconds for the average. The Canon TR8620 captured the scan in 8.8 seconds.

The Inspire 7955e scanned multipage documents using the ADF. It captured a page in text format to PDF format in just 28.1 seconds. There was also a few seconds to confirm that the file was saved. The scanning process will be sped up by turning off edge detection. However, this will mean that you will need to manually crop for sizes not standard.

HP Envy Inspire 795e review: Print Quality

High-quality prints were produced by the Envy Inspire7955e across all platforms. Text prints were attractive. Letterforms looked dark and the edges were sharp. The edges were not too luminous, but it was noticeable from a distance.

Graphics printed in attractive colors and natural-looking colors were faithfully reproduced in almost all cases. Although fine details were evident, pixels could be seen in textures that looked less smooth when viewed closer.

Two-sided prints of our color pdf printed on duplexer looked slightly sharper than single-sided. The graphics were less sharp in fine details and the text edges were softer than one-sided prints.

The glossy photo prints were attractive in general and had high-quality reproductions of details, textures, and colors. Prints had a tendency towards exaggerating reds and yellows, which can lead to a warm or slightly oversaturated appearance. However, this is not always the case. A photo I printed several times on 4×6 matte papers looked less saturated than the original, but the second print was more reddish and closer to the original.

Photos with dark shadows had a tendency to lose some details in the shadow areas, which flattens the overall appearance. This was especially true for matte papers. The image tends to be slightly flattened.

High scan quality. The quality of text and graphics was comparable to all-in-ones. A scan of a photograph showed subtle details in dark shadows. This was not a block of black. The scans of photos were well reproduced and prints printed at full size looked great overall. The details of the HP Inspire were sharper than those in the Canon TS8320 photo scan. However, the HP Inspire’s scans produced artifacts such as distorted edges and an unnatural appearance. The scans were warm and highlighted reds and yellows, just like our glossy prints. Although this was pleasing for those with lighter skin tones, it looked a bit unnatural on others.

HP Envy Inspire 795e review: Ink Cost and Yield

Six months of ink are included with the Inspire 7955e. You will need to choose a plan depending on how many copies you intend to print if you decide to continue with the ink subscription. You will be paying more if you go the traditional route and purchase ink cartridges directly from the manufacturer.

Ink costs can be high when using standard cartridges. The average page cost is 9.5 cents for text and 24.6 cents for color. This is far higher than the averages of 15.7 cents and 5.5 cents. High-yield cartridges have lower ink costs but still offer more than many other models: 7 cents for text and 18.1 cents for color, respectively, compared to the averages of 11.2 cents and 4.3 cents.

See “What is HP Instant Ink?” for a complete rundown of HP’s Instant Ink subscription. <https://www.tomsguide.com/news/hp-instant-ink>. The company offers five plans depending on how many pages you print. The ink subscription plan will most likely save you money – as opposed to paying more per page.

Basic plan costs 99cs for 10 pages per month and 10 cents per each page. The cost per page for the $3.99 occasional plan drops to 8 cents and allows 50 pages per month. The moderate plan, 100 pages, costs $5.99 or 6 cents per webpage.

These cost-per-page calculations assume that you have used all of your plan’s pages. Rollover pages are permitted, but there are limitations. It is important to remember that all pages are equal in cost. In theory, the more pages you print in color, you can save more.

It is worth looking into whether an ink tank model would make more sense given the Envy Inspire’s size. The Canon G6020, which is comparable in price, has extremely low ink cost (text and color) and does not require an ink subscription. HP also offers ink tank printers. However, we haven’t tested one below $300.

Ink subscriptions are not for everyone. We found that starter cartridges, which hold less ink than standard cartridges, ran out quickly. The color cartridge had to be replaced after only 22 pages of text, 26 pages of color, and four glossy photo prints (8 x 10 inches).

Review of HP Envy Inspire 795e: Setup and Software

It wasn’t as easy as I expected to set up the HP Envy Inspire. Although the wireless network and internet connectivity promises were great, I was disappointed to find that the setup process wasn’t as simple as I expected. Although the printer has a USB port, I set it up for testing. However, you cannot use all of HP Smart features without an account online. This was frustrating to me. You can’t create shortcuts to scan at certain settings or send an email, for example.

I downloaded the HP Smart App to my iPhone by scanning the QR code provided in the quick setup guide. After briefly connecting, it dropped the connection and all subsequent attempts failed. My iPhone couldn’t see the blue light on Envy Inspire’s blue LED. However, it was blinking and indicated that wireless had been enabled.

I tried another route and consulted the touchscreen of my printer. You could enter the IP address of the printer through the menus. The printed quick start guide and the on-screen menu did not provide any help. I couldn’t get the touchscreen to leave the product tour slide presentation so it was stuck. The iOS HP Smart app wouldn’t accept the hyphens even though I found the IP address. The connection still failed.

After this was resolved, I used the iOS HP Smart App to establish a WiFi connection. When prompted, I pressed the WPS button at my wireless router. The app asked me to enable Bluetooth and location on my phone after I connected, even though both were on. The printer was selected in my iPhone’s WiFi settings. I was asked for a password. I wasn’t sure if it was my iPhone password or my HP Smart Password. I was able to have HP send me codes that expired within a matter of minutes. I then had to go back and repeat the process.

My Windows 10 computer was prompt to create an online account using the HP Scan software. After the initial scan, I was asked if I enjoyed the HP Smart. This question, given the subsequent events, was premature.

Emails, photos, and text documents can be printed from the native application. Acrobat Reader will not allow you to print PDF files. You must use HP Smart software to print PDF files from the Envy Inspire7955e.

HP Scan is a good scanner for basic tasks. However, it can be finicky, more difficult than it’s worth, and it can sometimes cause problems. It has presets that automatically crop 4×6 and 5×7 photos. However, there is no 8×10 setting. You will need to crop these scans manually. Although the auto-crop function is available, it’s not reliable. The auto-crop feature was able to scan an 8×10 photo collage and only focused on the frame surrounding the team photo. It completely ignored the rest of the image (including background) and 40 percent of individual portraits.

After scanning was complete, the software’s “OK” button on the screen could not be activated by pressing enter on my computer’s keyboard. To save the scan I had to move my mouse over to the button on the screen and click it each time.

HP Envy Inspire 795e review: The Bottom Line

The HP Envy Inspire 795e is a great value for money. It offers many features and high-quality performance. This all-in-one is versatile and can be used for both home and business tasks thanks to its photo paper tray, ADF, and duplexer. Despite being fast, it’s not slow-moving. However, the chassis may not be able to fit into cramped spaces.

A subscription plan is required to keep ink costs low. Some features are only available within the HP ecosystem, such as printing PDFs or requiring an account online. The Inspire 7955e is likely to meet your expectations if this network-centric and online-dependent approach seems more like a convenience rather than a limitation.

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