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How Your Instagram Account Can Be Hacked and How To Stop It

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Instagram is a popular social media app, making it a target for cybercriminals looking to hack into accounts.

So how do people hack your Instagram? What are the possible consequences? What can you do to protect your Instagram account?

How does Instagram get hacked?

There are many ways that Instagram hackers can be used. Many social engineering attempts are used to manipulate users whose accounts are vulnerable to attacks.

These are the most popular methods to hack Instagram accounts.

How can people hack Instagram with malicious software?

Keylogging software is used by hackers to infect computers. It records everything that is typed, which allows unauthorized parties to steal your Instagram login details. Malicious software can also be downloaded or clicked on suspicious links.

Many fraudulent websites employ phishing techniques to obtain passwords and encourage users to sign up for accounts.

Cybercriminals may be able to hack accounts, but the software they use in most countries is illegal. Sometimes, the software is also fraudulent and used to trick users into becoming victims.

How can Instagram accounts be hacked using third-party apps?

Indirect hacks of Instagram can also occur. Hackers could also take control of a third-party platform used by some users to access Instagram. They would then compromise all account details.

This is possible via Instagram integrations as well as linked platforms like Facebook.

What is the best way to hack Instagram because of Password Problems

Cybercriminals can hack into your account if you use the same password to access another account.

Alternatively, hackers can guess your password too easily, which could put your account at risk.

How can Instagram be hacked through in-app scams?

Hackers can trick people into giving their account information through scams. People are receiving Instagram messages claiming that their friends have given them gifts. The link takes people to an external site that steals their passwords.

With the Cash App scams, cybercriminals target Instagram users and Facebook users. Experts warn that while they promise $850, identity theft could result from falling into their trap.

How can people hack Instagram accounts without having any cybersecurity knowledge?

Hackers are not always skilled at hacking into Instagram accounts. If they’re not cybersecurity experts, how can someone hack into your Instagram account? The main way is to use automatic logins and device access, whether intentional or not.

Instagram allows you to store information from multiple accounts. You can only access one account at a time. Perhaps you allow your partner or housemate to use your phone to access Instagram. If there is a fallout and the other party knows your password, they could hack your Instagram.

Similar situations could occur if your phone is stolen, or lost, or if an unauthorized person gains access to your email. If you activate two-factor authentication (2FA), these outcomes can be problematic.

A hacker could gain access to your phone or email and use it to obtain the verification code that they need to log into your account. They could gain access to the account and change it to something they only know.

What happens when someone hacks your Instagram account?

What happens after an account hack depends on the reason and the method used. If the hacker is close to you, it may not be obvious that there have been any changes to your account.

In the event that professional cyber criminals hack Instagram accounts, there could be major changes to account accessibility and access. They will be locked out of their account. You can be locked out of your account if someone else has control.

How do Instagram accounts get hacked when they are Influencers?

Cybercriminals are often interested in hacking the accounts of influential people. Malicious parties can have greater reach if they have thousands or more followers.

Internet criminals sometimes use special software to launch a brute-force attack on those accounts. Some Instagram influencers shared on BuzzFeed News their frustration with contacting the site. They may resort to white-hat hackers in desperate attempts to solve the problem.

Sometimes hackers will demand ransom to unlock the account. They may also alter account details, including images. Hackers are known to sell accounts that have many followers or take over accounts of well-known individuals for profit.

How to respond if your Instagram is hacked

In response to hacker accounts, Instagram’s security measures get more sophisticated. These security changes make it harder for hackers to gain access to accounts, and make it easier for the affected users to regain access.

You should first report to Instagram if you suspect someone has hacked into your account. They will take all details and examine the case to determine if they can assist with getting your account back up and running as soon as possible.

You may also have been logged out of your account by a hacker and the password changed. Select Logging in on an Android device or Forgotten password? on an Apple product. The next step is to verify your account. Enter one of the identity confirmation details such as a phone number.

You can choose to Need more help? if you don’t have the required information. Follow the on-screen instructions. Contact Instagram’s support team directly, this is the first step. However, you will need to enter a security code in order to proceed. It will be sent to your email address, or to your phone number.

Verify Your Identity

The method of verifying your identity varies depending on whether the Instagram account contains photos of you. If the account does not contain photos, Instagram’s support team will send an automated email asking you to provide the following information.

  • The email address and phone number that were used to create the account
  • Type of device used for account creation (e.g., an Android phone or an iPad).

Instagram uses a video selfie method to verify that the account contains photos of you. The process involves turning your head in various directions when creating the clip. Within two business days, the Instagram team reviews your video.

This test will result in an email from Instagram with a link to reset your password. You may also receive an email asking you to submit another selfie.

Instagram’s Recent Deleted Folder allows you to restore deleted stories, posts, and reels. Your Instagram content is permanently deleted after 30 days.

You can log in to your account even if you suspect that it has been hacked.

  • Change your password. Passwords should not be shared with anyone else on Instagram.
  • Enable two-factor authentication. This code is required when you attempt to log in to your account. Cybercriminals would also need to have access to the device or service.
  • Verify that your contact information (email address, phone number) is correct. You may receive an email about unknown changes to your Instagram account. If this happens, log in to another window to verify it is real. It could be a scam. You can contact Instagram separately without clicking on any suspicious hyperlinks.
  • You can check which third-party apps and linked accounts have access to your Instagram. This can be done in the Security section on your Instagram account. It will show you your log inactivity. You can remove access from suspicious apps and accounts. You can view the geographical locations from which you are logged in, as well as the devices being used. You can log out of any devices you don’t recognize.

Hacking can cause damage to your Instagram account

You can take steps to stop hackers from accessing your account.

These are easy steps to follow and well worth the effort. A compromised account can cause havoc on your security and privacy. You can stop it from happening by taking some simple precautions.

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