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How We Unlock a Keyboard That’s Locked

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When does your laptop or is the laptop keyboard stop working? It could be the result of various factors There are many methods to make it work again. Here’s how you can unlock a keyboard that is malfunctioning.

When a keyboard locks up, what causes it?

A variety of issues can make your keyboard shut down or freeze. It is possible that you accidentally pressed the wrong key that caused your keyboard to freeze (this is particularly true for laptops) or your keyboard isn’t correctly connected to your computer. If you’re using wireless keyboards it’s likely that you have an issue with the connection. Whatever the reason an unlocked keyboard isn’t very efficient, you should restart it in the shortest time possible.

How to Fix a Locked Keyboard

The method you’ll follow to repair your keyboard if it’s frozen or locked be contingent on the source of the issue, however, these steps for troubleshooting are likely to succeed. These suggestions are listed starting with the easiest and likely to work, to the most difficult, however, they could work. Therefore, you should try every step until you come across the solution that makes your keyboard back to work.

Restart your computer. It’s a straightforward fix, but for a reason, restarting your computer will resolve all kinds of problems. In the simplest case, when your keyboard is locked because of an issue with the software or program which you’re running your computer will allow you to close the application and free the keyboard of its deadly grip.
Restarting the computer may fix the issue if what’s occurring is that your system is in a state of freeze, and not only the keyboard. If that’s the case it’s not the keyboard itself or even the computer.

Turn off Filter Keys. The filter Keys is a function in Windows that allows you to ignore repeating keys or reduces the rate of repeating keys on your keyboard. You can enable or disable it by pressing your right Shift key for eight minutes. It should sound like a beep and a short message appear on the screen.
If you’ve accidentally turned on Filter Keys on your computer, that might be the reason for your keyboard’s inability to function. Try turning off the feature to gain the function back.

Try using your keyboard on an alternative computer. In the event that you’re connecting an external keyboard, you can try connecting it to a different computer. It is possible to connect wireless keyboards on a different computer to determine if the issue is related to the keyboard or with the computer.
If your keyboard works on the other computer, the issue is the machine, and you’ll have to access the Device Manager to determine whether your keyboard is recognized by your system, particularly when it appears that a USB-connected keyboard isn’t recognized.


If you’re using wireless keyboards, change the batteries. Even brand new batteries may fail in the event of a failure, so even if recently replaced the batteries in the wireless keyboard, consider replacing them with new ones.
Also, the USB dongle that your keyboard connects to is in a loose position or is not properly seated within the USB port. You can try unplugging it before reconnecting it.


Examine your keyboard’s connections. When you’re connecting a wired device, make sure that the connector is properly seated inside the USB port, and that the connector that connects with the keyboard is secure and unharmed. The most efficient method for doing this is to remove the keyboard and then reconnect it.
When you’re connected to a wireless keyboard the USB dongle that your keyboard connects to should be properly placed within the USB port. Make sure you disconnect it completely before repairing it with the computer for a new, clean start.

Reinstall or update the driver of your device. A damaged or outdated driver for your device could cause connectivity problems connecting your device to a PC, whether wireless or wired. Try to update the driver of your device.
If that does not perform, then remove the driver completely and install the driver for your device. It is possible that you have to download the driver from the manufacturer’s website.

When to Replace Your Keyboard

If there is no way to help you get your keyboard back to working If none of these steps work, it could be time to upgrade your keyboard. There are many wireless keyboards, ergonomic keyboards as well as keyboards specially designed for certain purposes such as the gaming-specific wireless keyboards that you can pick from. Also, the keyboard is locked and cannot be removed is an excellent occasion to upgrade to a more powerful one.


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