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How We Set Up Android 2022

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We walk you through step-by-step how to configure and turn on your Android tablet or phone.

Now you’ve acquired a brand-new Android tablet or smartphone and you’re eager to get started with making calls and downloading apps. If the process of setting up appears a bit overwhelming, don’t fret because we’ll take users through every step and explain the steps.

A majority of phones and tablets walk you through the process of setting up. The experience might differ according to the brand that is your device and the version of Android it runs. All of them are very similar However, here we are running the default version of Android.

How do I configure a new Android tablet or phone?

  1. Connect your SIM card into the slot and turn on your phone, making sure that it’s fully charged
  2. Select a language
  3. Connect to Wi-Fi
  4. Enter your Google account details
  5. Choose your backup and pay choices
  6. Create a date and time.
  7. Create a password or fingerprint
  8. Voice assistant
  9. Start downloading content and apps

Step 1

Place your SIM card into the new device, if it’s a tablet or smartphone with wireless data. If the device has an internal battery that can be removed (increasingly uncommon) place it in position and secure the cover on the back.

Connect your new Android device by pressing the power button. It typically is on the right-hand side. Keep in mind that it may require charging before switching on.

Step 2

The first thing you’ll have to do after the device is turned on is to select an appropriate language. Choose from the options which you’d like to use and click on Get Started.

You’ll be asked to connect your SIM in case you haven’t yet done it, but you don’t need to have a SIM installed to connect the phone. You can either insert your SIM or select to skip.

Based on the device that you’re setting up, you might be asked to restore your device from another (which copies over your data and apps) or set up the device as new.

The first option which allows you to preserve your data and apps can be selected. another Android device or your Google account as well as the iPad as well as an iPhone.

The second option is a chance to get the chance to begin again and is the one we’ll be taking here.

Step 3.

You’ll then be asked by Wi-Fi to join then locate and select your network from the list, then enter your password, and then click Connect.

Step 4

If you have an existing Google account, make sure you input your password and email addresses right now. If you donat has one, click ‘Create a brand new account’ and sign up for the cost-free Google account. Select Next.

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