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How We Fix a Cracked Phone Screen

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Lacking a protective case for your smartphone will cause scratches and cracks to the screen. Although there are many screen repair shops available, it is possible to save hundreds of dollars by fixing your phone’s screen yourself.

Cracked Screens on Phones

You can damage your phone’s screen in any number of ways, no matter how careful you may be.

  • Dropping it on a hard surface.
  • You shouldn’t be seated on your phone if it is in your back pocket.
  • You shouldn’t bump into objects if your phone is still in your pocket.
  • You should not use any other stylus than a stylus.

Protective cases are the best way to protect your phone’s screen. You can find many iPhone cases or Android phone cases that will protect your screen.

How to fix a cracked screen on a smartphone

There are many options available to repair a cracked screen, depending on how severe the damage is.

  1. Use packing tape. Place a small amount of packing tape over the cracks. To trim any damage to the phone’s sides, you can use an X-Acto knife.
  2. Use super glue. Superglue (also known as Cyanoacrylate glue) can be used to seal small cracks. You should use as little glue as possible and wipe off any excess glue with a cotton cloth or cotton swab.
  3. You can easily replace the glass yourself if the touchscreen is still working. Your phone’s type will determine the tools you need.
  4. Ask the manufacturer for assistance. The manufacturer will replace your phone if it is still under warranty. The manufacturer can repair your phone even if the warranty is expired. Although most manufacturer warranties do not cover accidental damage, you can buy secondary warranties.
  5. Ask your mobile provider to fix it. Customers may be eligible for a discount on phone repairs from their mobile provider. For assistance, call customer service or visit a local shop.
  6. Bring it to a repair shop. Screen replacement costs can vary depending on the model of your device. They may cost between $50 and $200. There will be an additional charge if the touchscreen functionality is lost.
  7. Trade-in your phone. You might consider trading in your old phone and using the money to purchase a new one if you are due for an upgrade. Websites such as uSell or Glyde can buy your phone for half of the cost. You can also sell used iPhones on specific websites.
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