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How We add a graphic card to your laptop

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Can you change the graphic card of your laptop? We’ve got the answer to our readers right here.

Here’s the truth you aren’t going to want to learn. Most of the time it’s not possible to upgrade your computer’s GPU. If you’re looking for better performance in gaming, the only feasible option is to purchase an entirely new laptop.

The majority of laptops come with integrated graphics, which implies that the graphics processing unit (graphics processing unit) is permanently connected to the motherboard and is not removable like it is on the case of a Desktop PC.

Today, a large number of CPUs include the GPU, and, therefore, you’ll need to upgrade the processor to improve the graphics. If you take Intel for an instance, you’ll see that the exact or similar GPU is utilized when you move to the Core i7 range. So, even if you upgrade your processor, you will not see an increase in performance in graphics.

And, once you open your laptop and begin poking around in its internals it’s time to say the goodbyes to the warranty.

If you’re in search of a PC platform for gaming the desktop, a desktop is the best option in that you’ll pay less money and will get more performance. However, this isn’t an optimal solution for everyone.

How to connect a graphics card to the laptop

There’s a method to connect a graphics card to the laptop, however, it’s not intended for gaming. As odd as it sounds it is possible to connect it to a USB port. It gives you an additional output for graphics which allows you to connect an external display and the laptop’s built-in display. If your laptop comes with a VGA, DisplayPort, or HDMI output then adding a USB graphics card will mean you can connect the third screen and you’re not restricted to two screens.

This, for instance, StarTech adapter provides your laptop with an HDMI output at around PS50.


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