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How To View Your Google Search History

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Are you trying to find a website or webpage you visited years ago, but can’t remember how to return to it? Maybe you remember seeing it on your phone, but now you are having trouble finding it on your computer. Google keeps track of all links and websites you have visited.

The history feature allows you to search for any page you have visited and then re-visit it as if it were new. This is how you can use Google’s search engine history.

Notification: Your Google account history can be accessed from any device at any time, provided that your Gmail profile has been synced across all of your devices. Google stores detailed information about web and product searches, as well as images viewed, videos viewed, apps used and blog posts read.

Your Google Search History and Your Google Account

Access your Google account history can be accessed from any browser on any device, including a Windows PC or Mac. It is easy to use your username and password. Here’s what you need:

  1. Start your browser to load the Google homepage. If you’re not logged in, click on the Sign-in button in the top-right corner and enter your credentials.

  2. Click on the profile icon at the top-right corner to select the Manage Your Google Account.

  3. Select the Privacy tab.

  4. Scroll down to the Places you’ve been section.

  5. Click on the My activity option.

  6. Scroll down to access the general search bar and the Filter date & product options (Android Maps, YouTube, YouTube, etc.). Scroll down to browse the list by date or time.

You can view a list of websites, apps, and/or updates on all devices that are connected to your Google Account by using any of the views above. You can search for specific apps or websites using the search bar. Filter options include sorting according to date, date range, or apps.

The activity page above keeps track of everything you’ve done through your Google account since you last deleted it, if at all.

Google Search History Viewable on Android

Although the process for viewing Chrome history is identical on both a phone and a computer, let’s discuss how it works.

  1. Start Chrome and click the profile icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on Search history.
  3. This page will allow you to review your past.

You can view your History if you are signed in to Google from your device.

An iPhone or iPad can view your Google Search History

While Google is great at streamlining its apps, iOS users will need to follow different instructions. Here are the steps to retrieve your search history.

  1. Click on Chrome to open it.

  2. Click on History.

  3. This page will show you your Google History. Note – No history will be displayed if your Google account is not synchronized.

Like the other devices, you can search for and filter specific pages that you have previously visited.

You can manually delete your Google account history

You can either delete your entire history, or just certain activities. Click on the three dots beside each activity to remove it one at a time. You can also remove them all at once by clicking on the three dots next to each activity.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. To access the activity page, open your browser and type ” My Activity” in the search bar.
  2. Google My Activity should be the first result. Find it and click it.
  3. Select Activity controls from the left side.
  4. The Google account activities can be divided into multiple groups. Each feature can be deleted separately. These include web searches, history, location information, device information, voice, audio activity, YouTube history, and web searches. Google will not remember future actions if you click on the small switch next to an option.

You can also time-delete items. You will find several options on the left sidebar of the App Activity window. To select the time you wish to delete your activity, click Delete Activity by.

You can either choose a date or one of the pre-designed options to delete all data for a week, month, or back to the time you created your account. You can also choose which data you want to delete.

Automatic Deletion

You can also choose to have your history deleted automatically. You will also see an option at the top that says Select to delete automatically. This allows you to activate the automatic deletion option so that you don’t have to delete them yourself.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers more questions regarding Google’s History feature.

Why can’t I see my search history?

If you don’t see any history after following the above steps, it’s likely that you aren’t signed into your Google account. You can check to see if you’re signed in to the wrong account or if you don’t have an account at all. Tap on the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner, and then click the Add another Account option.

You may also have an issue if you have set your history to be deleted automatically. The My Activity page allows you to make this accounting change. Google allows users to turn off their account history. Google won’t store your search history if you turn it off.

Can I recover my deleted Google Search history?

To help you retrieve your Google history, we actually have a tutorial. You can first check your My Activity page. If you still don’t have any history, you can either check the storage on your computer or use data recovery software.

You can review your actions at any time

Google Account history can come in handy if your memory is failing or you need to verify that you have updated all of your devices. Google stores everything so you can quickly return to any link at any moment. To clear your device updates and locations, you can also delete your activity log.

Are you more comfortable keeping a record of all actions taken through your Google account? What tracking options do your use? Let us know what you think of this feature by leaving a comment below.

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