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How To View Instagram Stories Without An Account

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It’s not unusual to find someone without an Instagram account. Even so, even those who refuse to use this social network are aware of the value of Instagram stories. You may have heard of a story that you cannot miss and are wondering if there are other ways to view it without creating an Instagram account.

This article will explain everything you need to know regarding Instagram Stories and suggest which tools you can use to do this without creating an account.

You can view Instagram Stories using third-party software without an account

You’ve found out that someone important to your posted a story and want to see it ASAP. You don’t have an Instagram profile. You don’t want your friends to help you because the person who posted the story can also see who has opened it. You won’t be able to access the Instagram website if you don’t create an account. There is no way to access the feed.

There is an easy way to see Instagram stories without creating an account. However, you will need the right third-party software. This list includes the top ones, as well as instructions for how to use them.

1. Insta-Stories Online

Insta Stories Online allows you to view stories without creating an account. You don’t need to download any programs or apps because it’s a website. No account is required.

  1. Go to the Instastories Online website with your browser.
  2. Enter the username in the search bar and hit the “Enter” key. Or click the “magnifying glasses” icon to the right. Do not forget to include any underscores, dots, dashes or other punctuation marks in the username.
  3. Click on the button to view the profile. “circled Profile Icon” To access their stories. Scroll down to view all stories currently being shared by the user, and then select the one that interests you.
  4. To view other stories by this user, click the left or right mouse arrow.

You can download instastories to your device when you use Instagram Stories Online. Simply click the “Download” button at the top-right corner. You can also save favorite profiles by clicking the heart icon right next to the username. You can also view and download previous posts using this software.

2. Instadp

Instadp lets you view and download Instagram stories.

Instagram stories can be viewed using this tool.

  1. Go to the Instadp site using your browser.
  2. Type the username of the person in the username search bar and hit the Enter key. Or, click the Magnifying Glass icon.
  3. When it appears, press “Continue”.
  4. Scroll down to view all stories that the user has published in the past 24 hours. To save any of these stories, click the button.

Each profile that you search will be displayed in “History”, so you can always find them later.

Instadp is available on all platforms and it’s totally free.

3. StoriesIG

StoriesIG , another website that allows you to view and download Instagram stories for free, is StoriesIG . It can be used on your computer or mobile device regardless of what operating system it is. You can use it by following the instructions below:

  1. Visit the StoriesIG website from your browser.
  2. Type the profile’s name in the search bar “username” Press “Enter” Click the double arrowhead icon to the right. Be aware of any special characters in your username.
  3. Below the username, you’ll see the current stories. Scroll down to see them, if they exist. If they are available, scroll down.

This tool allows you to download and view Instagram Highlights. After searching for a username, select “Highlights”.

4. Mystalk

Mystalk is different from other third-party Instagram account viewers.

Other websites load profiles automatically based on search criteria. This means that there is a possibility of getting the wrong results, particularly if you have many accounts with similar usernames.

Mystalk lets you enter your username just like other users, but lets to choose the right profile. You do not need to know the username. You can also search for the person using their real name (if it was added to Instagram).

  1. Go to the Mtstalk website using your browser.
  2. Type the “username” (or the “person’s last and first names”) in the search bar. Click “Enter” to confirm or click on the “magnifying glasses” at the right.
  3. Select the profile that you wish to view.
  4. Below the username, you’ll find the profiles’ stories. You can browse through the stories to find one that interests you, or view them all. To save them, click on the bottom-right corner.

5. Dumpor

Dumpor allows you to search anonymously and download stories, posts, and videos. It also allows you to search based on keywords or locations.

  1. Navigate to the Dumpor Website.
  2. In the search bar, type the “username”.
  3. There will be several profiles listed in the results. Click on the one you’re interested in.
  4. Scroll down and click to “Show Stories.”
  5. Choose the one that you wish to view. To save the file to your device, click the green download icon at the top-right corner.

If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can’t access other people’s stories. This is not a problem thanks to the many Instagram story viewers. There are many tools online that can be used on any platform regardless of your operating system. They are also user-friendly, and totally free.

We hope that this article was helpful to you and that it will help you view Instagram stories without creating an account.

Instagram Anonymous Profile Viewing FAQs

Is it safe to view third-party Instagram profiles?

In most cases, Instagram story viewers are safe. These websites can still track and monitor your activities and information. These tools can still track your activity and information. Those who are concerned about their online safety shouldn’t use them or investigate them more before making a decision.

Some websites claim that they allow you to see stories posted by private profiles. They then redirect you to pages that aren’t often legitimate. These websites may even contain viruses that could cause damage to your computer.

Some third-party apps may display advertisements to fund the developer. However, they might occasionally contain links to malicious websites.

You may be asked to enter your phone number or email address on other websites. This is up to you but we do not recommend it. Many Instagram story users don’t require any personal information.

Is it possible to view everyone’s story without an account?

You cannot see all stories. You can only view posts from public accounts. There are two choices for Instagram users: private and public. When an account is set to public, everyone can view its posts and stories. But, private accounts can only publish a post or story that it has published.

Instagram also offers a “Close Friends” option. Enabling it allows users to share their stories with only the people they have selected. These stories cannot be accessed unless you create an account or are added as a friend.

Remember that each story is only good for 24 hours. If the story is not saved to the “Highlights” section, you can’t access it.

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