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How to use your Roku with no remote

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Each Roku player comes equipped with its own remote control. Roku remotes connect to their devices via WiFi, which is a big difference from other remotes. This means that if your remote is lost or stops working, your TV won’t be able to view your programs. There is an easy way around this. You can control your Roku device from your smartphone. This is how you can use your Roku device with no remote control even if it’s on a new WiFi network.

Using Roku without a remote

Download the Roku app to your tablet or smartphone to use your Roku player with no remote. The app will connect the device to the same WiFi network that your Roku player. Next, select Devices from the app and tap on the remote icon.

These steps require that your Roku device is connected to the same WiFi network you have on your smartphone. If your Roku device is not connected to the same WiFi network as your smartphone, you can skip the next section and connect it to your Roku player via a mobile hotspot.

Install the Roku app. The app is available in the Google Play Store for Android Devices and in the Apple App Shop for iPhones and Other Apple Devices
Not all third-party apps are supported by Roku Inc.

  1. Follow the instructions on the screen to open the Roku app. You will need to accept the terms and follow a tutorial if this is your first use of the Roku app.
  2. Next, tap Devices. This will appear at the bottom. To allow the app to locate your Roku devices, tap OK if this is your first use of it.
  3. Next, select your Roku device.
  4. Tap the Remote Icon. Once you have tapped on your device, this plus-shaped icon will appear.
  5. You can also use the app’s remote to control your TV. The app can be used to control your Roku players for as long as your phone is connected to the internet. Make sure your Roku player and smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network.

If you have lost your Roku remote at home, these steps will help. This won’t work if your Roku remote is lost at home.

Your Roku player will automatically connect to the last WiFi network that it has remembered. The Roku app can only be used if the network name and password are the same. You could create a new WiFi network using the same password and name. If you’re unable to create a new network, you could also set up an existing mobile hotspot to connect your Roku to your smartphone.

How to connect your Roku Player to the app using a mobile hotspot

You can connect your Roku player to a new WiFi network by using a device that has the same name as the WiFi network to which your Roku device was connected last. Next, download the Roku App on another device and connect to the hotspot.

These steps require two devices: One device that can be used to create a hotspot and one that has the Roku App installed. You cannot create a hotspot on your smartphone, then connect it to your Roku app using the same device. Also, you will need the name and password for the WiFi network to which your Roku device was previously attached.

  1. Create a mobile hotspot using one device. You can find our step-by-step guide on how to set up hotspots on any device.
  2. Your hotspot should have the same name as the network to which your Roku device was previously connected. If your Roku device has never been connected to a WiFi network, these steps won’t work. If your Roku device was last used at a friend’s home, you will need to create a hotspot using the same username and password as the friend’s WiFi network.
  3. Next, connect your second device to the hotspot. This is the device you’ll use to download Roku. If you have an iPhone, go to Settings > General > WiFi. Connect to the hotspot that you have just created. This is the same process as connecting to any other WiFi network.
  4. Next, open the Roku App on another device. This is not the same device you used to create the hotspot. This is the device you used to connect to your hotspot.
    Notice: Close the Roku app from an earlier version of your device before you continue.
  5. Next, go to Devices. Select your Roku player. You can refresh your device by tapping down on the screen.
  6. Next, click the remote icon. Now you should be able to use the Roku App to control your Roku devices.

Noting: Streaming video via a mobile hotspot can consume a lot of data. To connect your Roku device with an available WiFi network, change your network settings.

  1. Next, use the remote to access Settings on your Roku device. This can be found by pressing the Home button in the app. To change the position of the left sidebar, use the up-and down arrow keys.
  2. Next, choose Network.
  3. Next, go to Connect and choose Wireless
  4. Tap OK from your remote. The streaming device will look for available wireless networks.
  5. Next, choose a different network. Select Scan again if you don’t find your network listed     

.Notice: In case your Roku device needs to be connected to another network, ensure that you write down the name of the network and the password.

  1. Enter the WiFi password, then tap Connect.

If your Roku remote is still working but you are having trouble pairing it or resetting it, we have a step-by-step guide.

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