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How to use Messenger without Facebook

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Messenger can be used without Facebook. Yes, even if your Facebook account is dead or you want to stop using it altogether, you can still use Facebook Messenger.

Both are evidently connected. These steps will allow you to use Facebook Messenger without having to create a Facebook account.

Why use Facebook Messenger?

Messenger can be used without Facebook Yes. Yes.

Facebook Messenger is the largest messaging platform worldwide. WhatsApp, another service owned by Facebook, is Messenger’s main competitor. Messenger’s main reason for being used is because it’s likely that your friends use it too.

Messenger is more than just chatting to friends. Messenger is a powerful, multi-purpose tool.

You want to order an Uber? Use Messenger. You need to make a video or voice call? Use Messenger. You can play against your friends with Messenger. Use Messenger. This is without mentioning all the other ways you can send GIFs and stickers to your friends.

Messenger is compatible with all operating systems, just like WhatsApp. Even if you don’t have an iPhone, Android Messenger allows you to stay in touch with your friends.

All messages you send are encrypted. Third parties can’t intercept any messages you send. While your message is in transit between devices, no one can see it. This is the minimum you can expect from instant messaging services these days.

Facebook: Why might you avoid it?

Facebook is still a major social media platform, but its popularity has declined. Why? Why? It is possible to see Snapchat as the next Facebook, especially among the younger generation. Some prefer to speak to people face to face or to use SMS.

Some people refuse to use Facebook out of principle. Some people don’t like the social media platform staples of political debates and pyramid schemes as well as pointless status updates.

Some are still concerned by the security and privacy scandals that have plagued Facebook. If you use Facebook, it is important to monitor your privacy settings.

Even if you don’t have an account, Facebook still tracks you. Shadow profiles show the activities of people who do not use the app. A Messenger account is not going to make a big difference compared to the personal data Facebook users give up. It’s possible to think of Messenger and Facebook as two separate entities.

How to download Messenger without a Facebook account

How can you use Facebook Messenger if you don’t have Facebook? It’s actually quite simple.

First, you must know how to install Messenger. It is very simple. Depending on which device you have, go to the App Store and Google Play. You risk installing malware if it isn’t the official app made by Facebook Inc.

Next, learn how to sign up to Messenger.

The app will prompt you to create a Facebook account by using your phone number or email address when you first open it. Instead, click Create New account. This will assure you that the app won’t create a Facebook account. Instead, it will create Messenger logins.

Enter your number and you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code. After you have confirmed the code, enter your name to allow people to find you on Messenger. You’re now ready to use Messenger.

Messenger Light is also available. It’s designed to reduce battery usage by limiting the features that are available. This is ideal for those with older Android devices or who have frequent connectivity problems.

How to set up Messenger without a Facebook account

You will need to activate your account in order to fully utilize the app.

Add a photo of you to make it easier for others to recognize you.

Next, the app will ask you if it wants to add your contacts into Messenger. The app will automatically access your address book and add them to Messenger if you give it permission.

You can still add contacts to your Messenger account if you don’t want to automate the process.

You can search for contact phone numbers if they have their Messenger account, or enter their name in the to field. It is possible to search through multiple profiles before you find the right person.

You can deactivate Facebook Messenger to switch to another instant messaging service, such as WhatsApp, if you feel it’s too overrated.

What happens to Messenger if you delete or deactivate Facebook?

Perhaps you have an existing Facebook account and want to delete it while still using Messenger. This is a difficult decision. Before you start the process, it is important to understand what it means to delete your Facebook account.


Deactivating Facebook gives you the opportunity to reflect on whether you wish to permanently delete your account. However, your data will still be available for reactivation.

You will be asked whether you wish to continue using Messenger after you have deactivated Facebook.

However, if Facebook is deleted, all your messages will say “Facebook user” and you will not be able respond.

Deactivation will allow messages to remain alongside your contacts. All your messages from your device will be deleted irretrievably (but not on their recipients’ devices). You’ll need to create a new Messenger Account using the above procedure.

How do you delete or deactivate Facebook? Log in first, then click the downward arrow at the top-right. You can find the Settings and privacy > Settings > Facebook information in the column to your left. Select Deactivation or deletion.

Both of these options will be displayed with warnings about the consequences of each. Choose the one that you prefer to follow. You can choose to temporarily deactivate your account if you are unsure.

This is how you can download Messenger without Facebook

Although it may seem like the apps are inextricably linked, Messenger can be used without a Facebook account.

Messenger can be used without a Facebook account. Simply download the app and then click on Create New Account. Facebook Messenger Rooms can be used even without a Facebook account.

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