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How to use Google Lens on your iPhone or iPad

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We guarantee that it will be worth your time to learn how to use Google Lens on an iPhone or iPad. This is one of the most useful image recognition tools that you’ll ever need

Since its official launch in 2017, Google Lens is one of our favorite AI-powered technology tool. Google Lens uses deep machine learning and your smartphone’s camera to translate text and help you identify plants. It can also find equations. Pretty cool, right?

Google Lens, one of the most popular Android apps, is now available for iOS devices. It is extremely easy to install. Google Lens is compatible with both the best iPad and the most powerful iPhone.

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This image recognition tool, in addition to the above features, is great when you go shopping. You see a pair you like? Google Lens will immediately identify the shoes and provide similar items. You can also access reviews and other information to help you make an informed decision.


It’s also a lifesaver for travelers. Google Lens can identify landmarks and buildings, giving you directions in a matter of seconds. It also gives you opening hours, so there’s no wasted time. Google Lens is also great at recognising cafes and restaurants, so you can see reviews before you go and be wooed by the wait staff.

We know that you are excited to learn how to use Google Lens for your iPhone or iPad. This guide will show you how to install this powerful tool.

How to install Google Lens for an iPhone or iPad

Google Lens does not have its own app in the Apple App Store. Instead, it is integrated into two Google apps. The best one for you depends on how you intend to use Google Lens, and what device you are using.

Google app is the first way to use Google Lens on an iPhone or iPad. You have access to all of Google’s services, including personalized news stories and sports updates, weather information, and a complete suite of Google search tools, including Google Lens.

The app will allow you to use Google Lens on your iPhone in real-time (though it is not available on iPad), and also search with images that have been saved to your camera roll. Download the latest version from the App Store.

You can also install the Google Photos app. This is the best choice for iPad. Google Photos is Google’s cloud-based photo backup service. It includes many neat features that allow you to edit and organize your images online.

Google Lens is also available: Open any image in your Google Photos account and you can analyze it using Google Lens.

Google Photos doesn’t allow you to search with your iPhone or iPad in real-time. If this is not an issue, download the most recent version of Google Photos (opens new tab) from Apple’s App Store.

Each app will ask for access to your photo library when you first open it or use the Google Lens tool. This permission is required to allow Google to run your photos through its servers. Google Lens requires that you take stills of your subject in order to allow the software to analyze them.

How to use Google Lens on your iPhone in real-time

Launch the Google app to search on your iPhone in real time. Tap the camera icon on the home screen of the Google app. This is not available in the iPad version. You may be asked permission to Google to view your photos if this is your first time using the app. A dialogue box may appear explaining that Google Lens will constantly try to identify objects when it runs.

Google Lens is open. You can swipe left or right to switch between different modes. The names will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Each label is fairly self-explanatory. Translate allows you to convert writing from one language into another. Text allows you to take a picture of text which can be read aloud or copied into another app. You can take photos of your food for identification purposes and to suggest recipes.

After you have selected the appropriate mode, aim your camera at an object you want Google Lens to search for. As Google analyzes the content of the live image, white circles will appear on the screen.

A larger white circle will be placed over the object it recognizes when it is in the frame. Each object it recognizes will be marked with an individual white circle. Simply aim your camera at the circle and it will turn blue. The message “Tap the shutter to search” will appear.

Google will do what it says, and take a while to connect with its servers. After that, it will present you with a list tailored to the item detected as well as the mode selected. This process will require an active Wi-Fi connection or mobile data connection.

You can also keep the image you took on your screen. You can change the search mode if the object you have selected falls within one of the three categories (text, translation, homework). To do this, tap the button with three horizontal lines on the left. Without the need to take another picture, the list of results will be updated accordingly.

You want to search for a different object in the same scene? You don’t have to take another picture, just tap on the white circle in the photo you already took to see what Google Lens has found. If you believe Google has missed an object, tap the button with the magnifying glasses on the right. You can focus in on a specific object and reframe the search area to help Google.

How to use Google Lens for photos in your iPhone/iPad camera roll

Google Lens is a useful tool that you may need at a later time. You might spot a strange plant and don’t have strong data reception. Or you take a picture of your dinner, but you don’t want anyone to antisocially search the table. You don’t have to worry about it: Google Lens can search with photos stored to your iPhone’s or iPad’s camera roll at any time.

You can search using snaps that you have saved to your tablet or smartphone. There are two options. To search with the Google app, tap the camera icon located next to the search bar. Once Google Lens is activated, tap on the picture frame to left of the shutter button. This will open your photo library. Google will search for objects in any photo you select.

You can also do the same thing using the Google Photos app. Open the image that you wish to search for and then tap on the Google Lens button at bottom of screen. It is located second from the right, and appears to be a partially framed circular. Click this button to have Google analyze the image again for identifiable objects.

No matter what method you choose, the next screen will look the same. Google will show you a variety of relevant results based on what it finds in the image. You can also change the search mode by clicking the button to your left. Or, reframe the scene so that you are able to focus on a specific object with the button to your right. You can also switch between objects if Google recognizes them all by tapping on the white markers that label them.

How to increase your Google Lens search results for iPhone and iPad

Google Lens is a very powerful tool for identifying objects and returning relevant results. It can recognize and identify everything from animals to plants to delicious foods. Google sometimes gets it wrong.

Google may have trouble understanding what the object is looking at in low lighting conditions, such as when it has difficulty identifying its shape or having to look at it with a fuzzy eye. Even if Google Lens recognizes the object, sometimes the suggested search results aren’t as useful or accurate.

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You can give feedback if you feel this is the case with Google Lens for your iPhone or iPad. Scroll to the bottom of the search results list and you will see a query asking “Did these results help you?” Then, you can tap either ‘yes or ‘no. You can then send feedback about your issues to improve performance in the future by selecting this option.

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