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How to use Google Earth to see your house from a satellite view

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Want to see more than Google Earth’s satellite image? Google Earth has high-definition satellite photos.

Google Earth or Google Maps can provide a great way to view a satellite view of your neighborhood and view it from your home.

This article will demonstrate how to use Google Earth’s high-resolution satellite images to locate your home and obtain an aerial view.

Google Earth Pro can be downloaded for free on desktops. Google Earth Pro can be used in Chrome as well as on Android and iOS via the mobile apps.

Google Earth Satellite View vs. Google Maps

Google Earth and Google Maps use the same satellite/aerial imagery to give amazing information about the planet. Both directions are very similar.

There are important differences between Google Earth and Google Maps.

  • Google Earth can be used to create a 3D virtual environment, while Google Maps is capable of being used as a 2D mapping tool, even though it has 3D features.
  • Google Maps can be used to locate your exact location. Google Maps also allows you to share your directions and find your destination with ease.
  • Google Earth’s satellite imagery may look identical to Google Maps. However, has a greater number Layers.

Discover fascinating cultures and the beauty and wonder of the natural world around you with the Voyager feature in Google Earth. This video shows how Google Maps can be used to find your way, and Google Earth to get lost.

Short Description: Use Google Maps for getting from Point A to point B. Google Earth allows you to view the entire globe in high-resolution, 3D.

Google Earth is a great tool to create virtual trips and tap into its many advantages.

1. Google Earth – View Your House

Virtual travels let you see any country around the globe. Zoom down to street level and fly from outer space.

All versions of Google Earth allow you to search for satellite views. This screenshot was taken from Google Earth Pro desktop.

Search for your house using

  1. Type your address into the search box at the top of page.
  2. Double-click the address that you wish to search for. Google Earth will guide you to your area.
    Drag the Pegman icon to access Street View and get a closer view of your home. Use the button in the top-right to switch between Street View and a ground-level view.
  3. To go back to an aerial view, select the Exitground level view

Search any address using business name, location name and keywords. Walk around the area to learn more about the businesses and services.

Google Earth believes satellite views can be viewed from your home using Google Earth.

Why not leave your home and visit the Inuits on their Santorini Islands in Greece?

2. Take Virtual Trips From Your Couch

Google Earth was designed for exploration and geographic discoveries. There are many places you can explore with Google Earth’s Voyager feature.

To see locations for blockbuster scenes in superhero movies, go to Voyager>> Culture> Locations

3. It is possible to measure distances large and small.

Google Earth gives you an aerial view to your house.

You don’t have to stretch the tape by hand. Instead, use Google Earth’s, Measurement Tool.

Use shapes or lines on Google Earth Pro to estimate distances, elevations, and plan hikes.

To determine the distance between points on a map, you can use the Measure Tool in Google Earth Web, Android or iOS. (See screenshot).

4. Historical view: Get back to the past with HistoricalView

Google Earth Pro has a slider that acts like a time machine. It can be found on the toolbar.

  1. Select From the menu, view > Historical Imagery
  2. The toolbar has a button that opens Historical Images. It will open a clock that points counterclockwise.
  3. Click the date in the lower-left corner of the Google Earth window. Google Earth will jump to the oldest historical imagery.

5. Watch Disaster Alerts in Near Real Time

Google created the Google Crisis Map product in order to help people stay aware of natural disasters like hurricanes, storms, and earthquakes.

This map shows the crisis information almost instantly on any device with a browser that uses Google Maps technology. This map also gathers information from multiple agencies making it easier to understand for laymen

While it cannot give you a live, satellite-like view of your house, it can help you to determine what precautions to take. You can also find more information at the Help Page

Pay close attention to SOS alerts and navigation warnings. More information can be accessed through map overlays and crisis cards. These include safety tips and push notifications.

6. Get a Satellite Tour of Your House

Voyager’s guided tours can all be professionally made. You can create custom projects that can be used to tour your town or city.

This Google official walkthrough shows you how to create a virtual tour with satellite views of Google Earth.

Google Earth Search to Find the Best Views

Google Earth can be addictive. Take a look at the stunning Google Earth satellite photos on Earth View. These images can also be downloaded as desktop wallpapers.

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