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How to Use Alexa on Android

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Your Echo device can be used with your Android smartphone, giving you greater control over Alexa. Alexa is the name for the virtual assistant on an Amazon Echo smart speaker or Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker. There are many reasons you might want to learn how to use Alexa with an Android phone.

You might want to check your smart locks at home even though you aren’t there. You might also want to send an email to someone with an Amazon Echo. Whatever the reason, Alexa on Android can add another layer to your day.

How do you use Alexa on your Android phone? These are the steps:

How to set up Alexa on your Android

  1. Go to the Google Play Store. This can be found in the apps section on your device.
  2. You can search for Amazon Alexa. Search for the Amazon Alexa app by typing in the entire name. However, “Alexa” will suffice.
  3. Click on Install. Wait for the app download to complete. Once the app has been installed, you will be able to set it up to connect to Amazon.
  4. Once it’s finished, return to your home screen and tap on the app to start it up.
  5. Log in using your username/password from Amazon.
  6. Next, tap the Get Started button.
  7. Click Help Alexa Get To Know You to choose your name. Tap I’m Someone Else to enter your information. When you are done, click Continue.
  8. Allow or Later if Amazon asks you permission to upload contacts. It will make it easier to connect with friends and family via the device.
  9. Verify your phone number to make and receive calls with Alexa. You will be sent an SMS with a verification code to confirm your phone number. Enter the code and click Continue. You can skip this feature if you don’t want to use it.

You’re now ready to use your Alexa app on your Android device.

How do I use Alexa on my phone?

You can use Alexa on your Android phone to access the voice assistant’s capabilities no matter where you are. These steps will help you start speaking to Alexa on Android.

  1. Start the Amazon Alexa app from your smartphone.
  2. Tap the Alexa icon at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Tap Allow granting Alexa access to your phone’s microphone. You might be asked to tap Allow again on some devices. Tap Done.
  4. You can use Alexa by giving her a command or asking her a question.

Follow the steps above to be able to interact with Alexa even if you aren’t in the same place as your Amazon Echo device. You can find all the cool things that Alexa allows you to do here.

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