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How to Update Your Router’s Firmware

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Your router is a security gate that protects your WiFi devices against hackers. If your router’s firmware is not up-to-date, it will fail to block new threats. You can update your router to increase the performance and security of your home.

How do you update your router

By entering the IP address of your router in your web browser, you can update your router’s firmware. Next, download the latest firmware from the router manufacturer’s website. Finally, reboot your router.

Not every computer must be connected to the router’s network. You won’t be able to access your router’s settings if you aren’t connected.

  1. Type your router’s IP address in any browser’s search box. This article will help you determine the IP address for your router.
    Notification: If you see a message about your connection, you can click on Proceed or Advanced to proceed.
  2. Enter your username and password. You can find the instructions for logging in to your router in the manual or on the router itself.
    Notification: If you have forgotten your password or username, you can reset your router. You can also use the default login information to log into your router.
  3. Locate the Firmware and Update Section. They can almost always be found in the Advanced , Administration Or Management section. This location can vary depending on the make/model and model of your router.
    Notable : To find out the specific steps for your router’s make/model, visit the manufacturer’s website Some routers receive firmware updates automatically.
  4. Go to the website of your router manufacturer. Search by model number to find firmware updates.
  5. Download firmware upgrade file. Only download firmware for your router model.
  6. Copy the file to your desktop. Extract the firmware files from the ZIP archive.
    Please Note: If you don’t know how to extract a zip archive, refer to this article How to Open ZIP Files on a Mac or PC.
  7. To open Choose File or Browse, click on the Updatesection button.
  8. Select the router update file you want from your desktop.
  9. Start the upgrading process. Click on the button to update.
  10. Wait until the update is complete. This can cause your router to become unusable and can even cause irreversible damage.
  11. After the firmware has been applied, reboot your router. The lights should turn on or flicker.

If you’re unable to update your router’s firmware, it might be time for a new router.

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