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How to Update Your Apple TV and All the Apps on Your Device

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You will get the best out of your Apple TV devices if you update tvOS regularly. This will make sure you have the most recent features for your apps, as well as patches to fix security and glitches. This guide will show you how to manually update an Apple TV device. You can also turn on automatic updates for all your apps, regardless of how old the device.

How to manually update your Apple TV

Go to Settings > > software updates. Select Update software. Select Download and install if an update is available. Wait for your Apple TV’s restart.

  1. Launch the Settings App on your Apple TV. It can be accessed by pressing the Menu button on the remote and scrolling down.
  2. Then select System.
  3. Next, visit Software updates.
  4. Select Update software.
    Note: You can turn on automatic updates before you manually update your Apple TV by selecting Automatically Upgrade.
    Notification: To get the most recent features, select Get Beta updates. Then follow the onscreen instructions to sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program.
  5. Next, click Download and install if there is an update available. If no updates are available, you’ll see a message saying Your Apple TV is updated.
  6. Wait for your Apple TV’s update to complete. During the update, your device will reboot. It is important to not unplug your device until the update completes. The process takes only a few moments.

These steps only work if your Apple TV 4K/Apple TV HD device is used. Here’s how you can update an older device

How to update an Apple TV of 3rd generation or older

Go to Settings > > Updates. Next, select Update software. Next, select Download if there is an update available.

Note: If you don’t know what kind of Apple TV device you have, check out this guide on

Turn on Automatically update Apps.

Note: After you have downloaded apps to your Apple TV, you can turn Automatically install Apps on. This will only work with newly purchased apps, which must have an Apple TV version. You will need to sign in to your Apple ID to use this feature on both devices.

You can manually update your apps through the App Store if they aren’t updating correctly. Here’s how:

How to manually update Apple TV apps

Go to the App Store to manually update an app on your Apple TV device. Select the app you wish to update and then choose Update.

  1. Open the App Store app for your Apple TV. This app appears on your home screen as a blue “A”
  2. Scroll up to find the magnifying glass icon.
  3. Next, you will need to search for the app that you wish to update. This can be done by simply entering the app’s name letter-by-letter. You can also use a voice remote to change the name of the app by pressing the microphone button.
  4. Next, select the app.
  5. Next, click Update. If this option is not available, the app is probably up-to-date.



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