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How to Turn off the Camera Sound on iPhone

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What to Know

Disable the digital digicam shutter sound the usage of the Live Photo characteristic. Go to Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings and activate Live Photo.

Mute the telecellsmartphone’s ringer. To mute, toggle the turn on the left aspect of the telecellsmartphone.

Access Control Center and decrease the quantity. Swipe down from the upper-proper nook of the display screen and pass the quantity slider to zero.

This article explains a way to suppress the shutter sound an iPhone makes while you snap a image. Except in which noted, those commands follow to all iPhone fashions with any model of iOS.

Activating Live Photos Affects the Shutter Sound

When Apple brought Live Photos to the iPhone, the digital digicam sound that performed whilst a imagegraph become taken disappeared via way of means of default, in spite of all of the telecellsmartphone sounds on. This alternate proved useful due to the fact a Live Photo captures some seconds of sound whilst recording a imagegraph, and if the digital digicam performs the shutter sound, that’s all you’d listen whilst viewing that Live Photo. If you operate Live Photos, toggle the characteristic on and stale withinside the Camera app. When it’s miles toggled on, no shutter sound performs.

The Live Photos characteristic calls for as a minimum iOS nine and an iPhone 6S or newer.

Someone taking a selfie in the front of a fountain; Live Off message is at the display screen

To completely spark off the Live Photo characteristic, visit Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings and activate the Live Photo toggle transfer.

Camera, Preserve Settings, Live Photo in iOS Settings

Exit the Settings app and visit the Camera app. If Live Photos is enabled and toggled on withinside the Camera app, you won’t listen any shutter sound whilst you are taking a imagegraph. The Live Photos characteristic is generally activated via way of means of default.

To quickly flip off Live Photo in the Camera app, faucet the icon on the pinnacle of the digital digicam display screen that looks as if 3 concentric circles; it is a toggle transfer for the characteristic.

When the 3 circles are yellow, Live Photo is became on and the shutter sound is suppressed.

When the 3 circles are white with a slash, Live Photo is became off at some stage in that pictures session, and also you listen shutter sounds whilst you are taking pix.

iOS Camera app with the Live Photo indicator highlighted

Alternatives to Turn off Camera Sound on iPhone

If you don’t need to show at the Live Photo characteristic however need to show off the digital digicam shutter sound, there are  approaches you could do it.

Mute the iPhone Ringer

The first manner is to silence the iPhone ringer. Toggle the turn on the left aspect of the telecellsmartphone till it suggests orange. Turning off the iPhone ringer mutes sounds and offers you a silent digital digicam whilst taking a imagegraph.

Turn Volume Down in Control Center

The 2nd approach is to show down the iPhone quantity. If you need to hold the telecellsmartphone ringer on and hold Live Photos off, however don’t need to listen the sound whilst taking a image, decrease the machine quantity.

Start via way of means of gaining access to the Control Center. On an iPhone X or newer, pull down from the upper-proper nook of the display screen. On an iPhone eight or older, pull up from the lowest of the display screen. Slide the quantity right all the way down to close to zero.

iOS Notification Center with the quantity slider highlighted

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  • To set a timer, open the digital digicam app and search for the timer icon. Select the time you need—three or 10 seconds. When the timer is going off, it takes one image or shoots ten short pix in Life image mode.
  • How do you eliminate a grid at the iPhone digital digicam?
  • To flip the grid on or off, open the Settings app and faucet Camera > Grid.
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  • Both the iPhone thirteen Pro and iPhone thirteen Pro Max provide Apple’s maximum modern-day digital digicam technology.
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