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How to turn off an iPhone 12

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Although it is easy to turn off an iPhone, the process may not be the same for every model. The buttons that you press to turn off your iPhone have changed over time as the iPhone’s design evolved.

You’ll quickly discover that if you have an iPhone without a physical Home button you can upgrade to one with a Power button. This activates Siri and not the Shut-down screen.

Apple can be blamed for this. However, we will show you how to disable your iPhone 12 by using the new method.

To turn off an iPhone 12, use the Volume Button

Apple had to incorporate Siri functionality into the Power and Side buttons, as there is no Home button for the iPhone 12 or other iPhone models with FaceID. The good news is that the Power button can still bring up the Shut-down screen, but you will need to press another button.

These are the steps to turn off your iPhone 12

  1. To bring up the Shut-down menu, simultaneously press and hold both the Side and any of the Volume buttons.
  2. Drag the power slider to your right and your iPhone 12 should turn off within a few seconds.

It was so easy! This has been the most recent method to turn off iPhones since the introduction of the iPhone X.

This method won’t work if your iPhone 12 is not responding or frozen. You can force your iPhone to restart, rather than waiting for its battery to drain. If the problem persists you can force restart your iPhone by going into Recovery Mode. This will allow you to restore your iPhone with a computer.

Multiple ways to turn off your iPhone 12

This is not the only way to disable your iPhone 12. You can also shut down your iPhone from the iOS settings menu if any of the physical buttons on your iPhone are damaged. If your iPhone isn’t responding, you can use the force restarting method to turn it off.

No matter which iPhone you have, it shouldn’t be a problem to turn it off.

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