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How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

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You don’t have to see the movies to track a phone’s location. Many people use cell phone tracking apps to find their loved ones. Employers can also track their employees’ phones.

It’s no longer a matter of convenience or comfort to track a mobile phone’s location. Knowing the precise location of family members is a great way to ensure safety and security in the face of all the dangers out there.

If you have suspicions about your partner cheating, tracking the location of their mobile phone can help you determine if they are right. It is possible to track their location on their phone without them knowing.

However, partners can also track you. Tracking is often used by fraudsters and enemies to get data and materials for blackmail. Hacker attacks are most common in the business sector. VPN is the perfect way to protect your data. VeePN VPN services can be used to protect data from outsiders. This is the best method of prevention.

There are many ways to track your phone. Each method has its advantages. You may not be able to give the exact location of someone without their knowledge.

Today, I’ll tell you about many of these methods. What you are about to learn?

  • Secretly track a person’s cell phone location
  • Tracking someone, even a stranger, using their cell phone number alone
  • You can track the location of your cell phone absolutely free

Part 1: Tracking a Cell Phone Location without Knowing

It isn’t as difficult as you think. It is actually one of the easiest tasks, even if the other person finds out. Let’s not delay, here is a cool way to locate your cell phone.

1. Minspy – The Ninja Way To Track a Cell Phone

Minspy is the best way to track a mobile phone’s location. Minspy is an app for tracking phones on both iOS and Android devices. Minspy allows you to track the location of any phone, even if it is in a different part of the globe.

Minspy is so popular that many people use it to find out if their children and partners are safe at school, work, or anywhere else. A friend of mine nearly had a heart attack after his child arrived late at school. Minspy has been used to track his child’s location and he never worried about it.

These are just a few reasons to love Minspy.

Minspy’s Location Tracker Benefits

Web App

Minspy allows you to track any person’s location, without the need to install any apps on your computer or phone. Minspy’s web-based dashboard can be used to open any web browser.

Secret Phone Tracking

Minspy’s phone tracker will not let your target know you’re keeping an eye on them. Minspy’s unique system allows for this. That will be something I’ll get to in a few weeks.

You don’t need a root or jailbreak

Most phone tracking apps that track cell phone locations secretly ask for root access jailbreak of the target device. Minspy, however, can secretly locate any phone’s location without you needing to root or jailbreak it.

You don’t need technical knowledge

Minspy doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Minspy works at James Bond-level technology, but it doesn’t require any technical knowledge. It is enough to be familiar with how to use a browser to access the internet.

Minspy’s GPS Tracker

The following features are useful when you track someone’s mobile phone location using Minspy:

Live Location Tracker

Minspy allows you to see the location of any device live at any given moment. You can also see the most recent location of the person and the time stamps. You can see where the person has been, even if you aren’t looking.


Geofencing is the next great thing in location tracking. Geofencing allows you to set boundaries for the location of another person’s mobile phone on the map. You will be notified immediately if they cross the boundaries.

Minspy can do so many other things, including tracking someone’s mobile phone. It is worth checking out the Minspy demo on the website to get a better idea of what they look like. It doesn’t require registration or any software installation to test it out.

How Minspy’s Secret Location Tracking Works

Minspy never finds out the location of someone’s phone. Minspy works in a similar way to a private detective without the expense and creepiness. Let me tell you how Minspy works.

Minspy will not ask you to touch your target iPhone once to track its location. All iPhones have iCloud installed so the iPhone’s location and other data are uploaded to the iCloud servers.

Minspy uses this data to find important information about the target device such as their location. Minspy can be used to secretly track someone’s location. You can then track their location remotely, without them even knowing.

Things are slightly different when it comes to tracking the location of an Android device. To track an Android device, you must install the phone tracking application on it.

It might seem like you are wondering how the phone tracking app will be hidden if it is installed on the target device. Minspy’s unique Android design is what makes it so useful.

Minspy’s Android application is only 2MB in size and installs in a matter of seconds. After installing it, the app icon disappears completely from the target phone’s app menu. It is only possible to bring it back using a secret code.

It runs in the background and does not trigger any notifications. It is also designed to consume no battery. You can uninstall the app remotely from Minspy’s dashboard. This works in any browser, but I think that is the best thing.

1.2 Secretly Tracking a Cell Phone Location without Knowing

Let me explain the steps for tracking an Android phone’s location and the steps for tracking iPhones.

These steps will help you track your Android device.

Step 1: Open a Minspy account to get an Android subscription plan. To avoid renewals and save more, I recommend you go for the long-term.

Step 2: Install the Minspy app onto the target device. You don’t need to be concerned about them discovering it, as I said before.

Step 3: Click on “Start” to start monitoring the target device.

After clicking on “Start”, you will be taken directly to your dashboard. All of Minspy’s amazing features can be accessed from this dashboard. Click on either the Locations’ or Geofence tabs to access the location tracker.

Part 2: How to track a cell phone’s location without installing software

We learned how to track someone’s location secretly using an Android phone in the previous section. But what if they’re using an iPhone? You can just follow the steps I have listed here and you won’t need to worry.

Follow these steps to track your iPhone secretly

Apple devices aren’t as customizable as their Android counterparts. There are not as many features and tricks on your phone. Some Android devices can even smart-lock based on where they are located. It would be hard to track them, you’d think.

It’s not surprising, then, that this is possible without any software. These steps will allow you to locate your iPhone’s location completely for free.

Step 1: Register with Minspy to get an iOS subscription plan. It works with iPhones, iPads and all iOS devices, regardless of version.

Step 2: Check the Minspy iCloud credentials for the target device. These data are completely secured and are not stored on Minspy servers or made available to anyone else than you.

Step 3: Click on “Start” to start monitoring your device.

You will be taken directly to your dashboard once you have clicked the “Start” button. You can access every Minspy feature from this page.

Part 3: Track someone by cell phone number without them knowing

These methods work only if you are able to track the person you’re looking for, such as a family member or employee. What if the situation is different than what we have discussed?

You might receive missed calls from a number that you don’t know. Perhaps Minspy was used to monitor your partner’s phone and discovered that they had a number in their call logs. You want to know who this number is.

The method I will be recommending to you for such situations will work like magic:

3.1 EyeZy – Keep an eye on your loved one.

EyeZy is a powerful app that will help you track your phone’s location. eyeZy allows you to see the exact location of a device. It does more than just show their location on a map.

Magic Alerts is a new feature in the monitoring app. After installing eyeZy on the phone, you can access your Control Panel to set up specific locations for eyeZy monitoring. EyeZy will notify you if the person you are monitoring leaves or enters these locations so you know where they are.

EyeZy is more than just a location tracking app. EyeZy does more than just track their location via cell phones. You can also see what their activity is on their phone so you can get a complete picture.

Social Spotlight is one of the most attractive features in eyeZy. EyeZy will show you what your friends are saying on Facebook Messenger Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, Line, Skype and Instagram. EyeZy allows you to peek behind the curtain and join their conversations. You’ll know exactly what they are saying and who they are saying it. This includes their chat words and any photos/videos that they have sent or received. You can see it if it is in the chat window.

EyeZy allows you to see what they are saying in regular text messages. This means that no matter where they are having conversations, you will know all about it. EyeZy also allows you to view their call history including date and time stamps as well as call durations.

Impressed? We have only scratched the surface. EyeZy also offers Web Magnifier which allows you to see their web history including search history and bookmarks. Connection Blocker allows you to block them from accessing certain Wi Fi networks, certain websites, and certain apps.

The bottom line? EyeZy has a lot of power. EyeZy is a great app that can track your location and provide you with more features than you knew were possible.

3.2 Zosearch- Track Anyone Just Through the Number

Zosearch acts as a directory that lists all people who are online. Zosearch is your best option if you need information about any person, regardless of how much you know.

Zosearch’s best feature is its ability to give you data about people that you don’t know exist on the internet. You can find their identity, address, and office address as well as their background.

Zosearch’s second-best feature is its ease of use. To make things easier, I’d like to walk you through each step.

3.3 How to track a cell phone number

Reverse phone lookup is the process of finding a phone number by using Zosearch. These steps will help you do this:

Step 1: Visit the Zosearch website and click on the option’ Phone Search‘. It is easy to find and it is located right on the homepage. You can also search for information by person’s name, address, or email.

Step 2: Enter your phone number to reach the person you are requesting the information.

Step 3: Click on “Start Search” and Zosearch will perform its magic completely for free.

The results will show you people matching your search. You’ll be able to see the name and all details about the owner of the number.

Part 4: How to track your phone without them knowing

The methods that I have discussed will cover every scenario where you might need a location tracking app. However, I’ll tell you about another method you can use to locate someone’s phone using the built-in feature of your iPhone.

You should remember that Minspy does not provide all of the additional features this method offers. You can’t use it to track the cell phone number of someone you don’t know. Minspy is a stealthy cell phone tracker.

4.1 Find my iPhone- Get a Free Location Tracker for Your iPhone

These steps will allow you to locate your iPhone’s location completely for free:

Step 1 Make sure you enable the “Find My iPhone” feature on the iPhone you wish to track. You can enable this feature by going to Settings and clicking on the option at the top where your Apple ID is. Next, go to the iCloud option and enable the feature titled “Find My iPhone”.

Step 2 Now, you can track your iPhone from any iOS device. Launch the “Find My iPhone” app on any Apple device to track it. Enter the Apple ID for the iPhone that you want to track.

Step 3 You will see a list of all devices connected to your Apple ID. Click on the device you wish to monitor and the map will open.

This method is free, but you may have noticed that there are no additional features or stealth.

Part 5: Tracking an Android Phone

Android devices can track the location of an iPhone using the Find My iPhone app. Google has its own app to track any Android phone.

It’s similar to Find My iPhone (even the name), which you will soon discover. It can be used to track any Android device, anywhere and anytime. You should be aware that this is a method you can use to locate someone.

5.1 Locate My Device- Remote Android Tracker

Android’s solution to remotely tracking your phone’s location is Find My Device. You might be familiar with Find My Device, which was previously known as Android Device Manager.

To use the Find My Device feature to locate an Android phone’s location, you will need their Google ID username & password. You will only need your Google ID password. This method can be used to locate a lost device.

Follow these steps to track your Android device

These steps will help you locate your Android phone using Find My Device.

Step 1: Open the Playstore on any Android phone. Next, install the app called “Find My Device”.

Step 2: Open the app and enter your Google credentials to track the phone you want. The devices that are associated with your Google account will be displayed. Click on the device you want to track.

Step 3: A map will be displayed showing the exact location of your target phone.

You might have noticed that there are no additional options or data you can access about the other phone. This option doesn’t offer any privacy at all.

Part 6: What location tracking method should I use?

You now know the various ways to track a mobile phone’s location. Now you have to decide which method of tracking a cell phone. Let me make it easy for you.

  • Minspy offers a number of additional features that can be used to track your phone without anyone knowing. Minspy is so versatile that you will be amazed at the possibilities, especially when it comes to keeping your relationships safe.
  • Zosearch is the best cell phone number tracking tool that will let you find out the identity and whereabouts of missed calls. You will find out information about people you didn’t know was possible. It is completely free.
  • You can use Find My iPhone (for iOS) or Find My Device (for Android) to locate your phone. These methods can only be used by you.


You now know how to locate a cell phone. All you have to do is try the methods I describe above, depending on your needs. You will thank me later, regardless of which method you use.

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