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How To Text An Email On iPhone

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Many of the applications on your iPhone are compatible with each other, but the process may not be clear. For instance, you may be wondering how to send an SMS message from your iPhone If you want to utilize the Message application to send an email message to an email address.

The iPhone provides a myriad of ways to share your information with others. You can make calls or send a text message, send an email or take video calls These things are possible using the device.

However, if you need to transfer data across media from one to the other like transmitting a message as an email, the best method to do this is not always obvious. There are alternatives to sending texts as emails using your iPhone.

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How do I forward the contents of a Text to an email on an iPhone

  1. Open messages.
  2. Find the text you want to forward.
  3. Tap and hold the text, and then select more.
  4. Click the icon to move forward.
  5. Input the email address and press the Send button.

The article is followed by additional details about sending emails with text on an iPhone and includes photos of the steps.


Sharing Text messages via email on an iPhone with iOS 7 (Guide that includes Images)

There are three methods to accomplish this using the apps available on the default iPhone. The most suitable option for you depends on your specific situation. There are three options below. The last two methods assume that you have an email account set up in your iPhone. If you don’t, then you can follow the directions found in this post to include an email address on your phone.


How do you send an Text message as Text File Text File

Step 1. Open the app. Step 1: Open the application.


Step 2. Hold and tap the text message you wish to send and then tap More. “More” option.


Step 3: Click the “Forward” icon on the lower-right edge of your screen.


4. Type in the email address in the field on the upper right-hand side of the screen. Then, press “Send” below the keyboard.


How do you copy the Text message and then paste it into an email

In this section, we are just going to copy the text message and then paste the text we copied into an email.


Step 1. Open the app. Step 1: Open the application.


Step 2: Hold and tap the text message you wish to share, and then click to select the copy option.


Step 3: Hit Step 3: Press the home button on your iPhone screen, and then open Mail. Launch the Mail app and choose the email account that you’d like to send your email to.


Step 4: Click the Compose icon located at the bottom-right edge of your screen.


Step 5: Enter the email address inside the To field at the top of the screen. tap and hold that body area, and then choose the Paste option. Then, you can type in an email subject and then send the email.


How to Take Screenshots of the Text message and then email it

This choice can be more practical when dealing with the entire text message conversation rather than just a one text message.

Step 1. Open the Messengers application.


Step 2: Open the text message you’d like to email.

Step 3. Hold and press your Home button below your screen. Press on the power button located at the top of your device while in your Home button.

Make sure you hold the Power button as quickly as you have started holding your button for a while. button and Siri will start. There will be a white flash which indicates that the screenshot has been taken.

On the latest iPhone models, you can take screenshots using the power button as well as the volume up button simultaneously.


Step 4 4. Step 4: Press Step 4: Press the home button beneath your screen, to bring you back to the Home screen, then open Mail. Mail application.


5. Open an email inbox that you would like to mail the email. Then, tap the Compose icon in the lower-right part of the display.


Step 6: Type the email address in the To field Enter a subject for the email. Then, press and hold within your email’s body. Then choose an option to insert a Photo and Video alternative.


Step 7: Choose from the camera roll.


Step 8: Choose the image you have just created, and then press the Select button on the bottom-right in the bottom-right.


Step 9: Click the Send button located at the top right corner of the screen to send your email address along with an image of the screen.

Do you want a simple method to share an SMS message with someone else? Find out the best way to send text messages via iPhone. iPhone.


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