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How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Facebook

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Social media is an excellent tool for interacting with others and meeting new people. Sometimes, you may find yourself or another user blocking your access. This feature can be used by anyone for any reason.

Facebook doesn’t show you who has blocked you to protect users’ privacy and feelings. There are no notifications about being blocked or a list of people who have blocked your account.

It may be difficult to tell if someone is blocking you.

What’s the difference between Unfriended and Blocked?

Let’s first understand the difference between being unfriended and blocked. You can still view the profile of another user, their comments on mutual pages, and any other public content they share, even if they unfriend you. You can also send another friend request.

If someone blocks your account, it will not be possible to view their profile and you won’t be able to see any comments, interactions, or updates. They can also not be contacted.

In other words, if someone blocks your account, they are effectively unfriended on Facebook (at most for you). If you don’t see someone in your Friends list, but you can still see them on Facebook, they were not blocked. You got unfriended.

How to tell if someone has blocked you on Facebook

It can be difficult to distinguish between an account that was blocked and one that was deactivated. They share similarities in that both accounts no longer appear on Facebook and they can’t be messaged or seen past comments or likes.

Facebook will not let you know if your account was blocked or deleted by another person, but there are some things you can do. Let’s get to it.

Find their Profile

You can search for a friend’s profile on Facebook’s user search feature if they are not showing up in your Timeline or your Friends list. Although this isn’t foolproof, it can help you confirm that you haven’t been unfriended. Follow these steps to do this:

  1. Navigate to the Facebook search box at the top of this page.

  2. Enter the name of the profile you are looking for.

If your profile does not appear, and you have searched for the correct name, then they may have blocked you or deactivated your account.

View Comments and Posts

You can still see the activity of your friend if you have been unfriended. Are they a friend who has ever made any posts to your wall? Are they able to comment on your posts? What about posts made by mutual friends? These steps will help you quickly check for posts.

  1. Click the arrow at the top right to select Privacy and Settings.

  2. Select Activity Log.

  3. Select People under “Filters.”

  4. Enter the name of the person that you are trying to find.

Your comments and posts won’t disappear. Their name will not appear as a clickable hyperlink, but instead, it will appear in bold black text. This is a sign that they have been blocked.

Messanger can help you determine if someone has blocked you

Facebook Messenger can give you insight into whether someone has blocked your account. You can check Messenger to see if someone blocked you.

  1. Use Messenger’s search feature to type the name of the person you are interested in.

  2. They won’t appear. This is a sign that you have been blocked.

You will get a prompt when you try to send them an email.

Refer a friend to help you recruit

Ask a friend to check their Facebook profile. This works best when you have a neutral third party who isn’t likely blocking them. If the profile appears, it is not deleted.

Please note: Anybody who blocks you on Facebook must wait 48 hours to unblock you. Then they can send you messages or re-friend and view your profile.

How to contact a blocked Facebook user

Sometimes Facebook users block you for a reason. Sometimes the reason isn’t clear. It’s okay because they did have their reasons. If they have changed their mind or accidentally blocked you, it is likely that they will respond to your message.

Register a new Facebook account

These steps violate Facebook’s Terms of Service (one account per person), so you should not use them. You could be banned/removed from your main Facebook account or blacklisted based on identifiable information. You may also lose commenting/posting capabilities for up to 30 calendar days.

These steps can be used to unblock someone who has blocked you by mistake

  1. New credentials for your Facebook account, such as a new email address, username, and password, are required.
  2. Find the person who may have blocked you accidentally.
  3. Use Messenger to send a message asking them questions. Be respectful and don’t force them to answer.

Keep in mind that these steps could frustrate the user who blocked your access, leading to reporting them and the reprimands mentioned in the note. Why? You are known by the other user. You can be easily reported to Facebook by them, and your real FB account is associated with you.

Use the Facebook account of a friend of a friend

However, you can also use the Facebook account of another person to send a message to the recipient. This may not always work well. This can make you appear desperate or pushy in trying to find out why they blocked your account. This could also lead to the account of the “sender” being blocked by the user. It could frustrate the person who blocked you and lead to worse results.

Log out of Facebook and then search for the Facebook user

This section was added to inform you that you have slim chances of finding the information you are looking for. This method is only available for mobile phones.

Logging out of Facebook will ensure that you are not identified. It is easy to search social media giants for the person who blocked you. Although the information is restricted to their “Public” settings you can still see a glimpse at their profile. This objective is to obtain contactable information, such as a telephone number. You can text them if you have the information. However, they might have blocked your Android/iOS phone number.

  • If you are logged in using a browser, log out of Facebook. Log out of Facebook is not necessary.
  • To find their Facebook account, use a search engine. In the search box, type “Facebook [name]”.
  • Click the link to view their profile.
  • Based on the information they have made “Public”, you’ll be able to see their profile page.

Send an email to the Blocker

Google and other search engines have enormous power. You can search for the person blocking you to get an email address. Links to other social media platforms, Yellowpages, URLs indexed through the search engine, such as a blog account or forum, will help you find the person.

  1. To find out more about the person who blocked you, do a Google search.
  2. Get the contact information you need, such as an email.
  3. Use the email address to contact the recipient.

Refer to: How to Unblock someone on Facebook

You can help someone unblock you if they block you by following the below instructions. To reduce their effort, copy/paste this process into an email or text message. They may not feel the effort is worth it, or they might not have the time or patience to help you.

Before you help the blocked person unblock you, wait for a response from them. It is important not to appear pushy, desperate, or insult the blocked. These steps can be helpful if the person is open to unblock you.

  1. Click the arrow at the top right. Select “Settings & Privacy”
  2. Select “Settings.”
  3. Click or tap Blocking.
  4. Click on the profile you are interested in and then click “Unblock.”
  5. You can reply to or view the profile of an unblocked person after 48 hours.

This action will require you to wait for them to unblock again. You can unblock someone’s profile to view theirs until they are able to block you again. See our How to Unblock Someone on a Facebook article for more details.

FAQs about Facebook Blocking

Someone claimed they knew who I blocked. How is that possible?

Facebook does not make your blocking activities public so people on your friend list will not know who you have blocked. This could be because the people who blocked you (as described above) knew about your friend’s blocking activities and shared with them that they had been blocked.

Facebook’s account security isn’t perfect. It is possible that the suspect logged into your Facebook account to look through your Blocked List.

Can I block someone on Facebook if they block me?

You cannot remove someone from your Facebook block list. You can’t block someone who is on their blocked list. Their profile will not appear in search results. You can still block them if they unblock your profile. To see if they have unblocked your profile, you will need to check it periodically. You’ll be able to block them for 48 hours after they unblock you. Facebook’s policy states that if you unblock someone you can’t block them again for 48-hours.

What happens to a Messenger block?

Facebook will not tell you that they’ve blocked you on Messenger directly, but it will indicate that the person is “unavailable immediately thereafter”. There are other options to blocking if you worry they will get mad at your actions. You have the option to unfriend them, limit your time on Facebook, or contact them directly.

Wrapping up

Sometimes, you might think someone blocked you out of anger or spite. But that is not always true. The article discussed how unfriended friends can disappear, and how privacy settings can make it impossible to find them. Facebook accounts can be suspended or deleted.

You may have been blocked online for a reason. This may give you an opportunity to examine your online behavior. However, this is not always true. You can ask your friend if they have deactivated their online account if you are concerned about your online friendship. You will be able to see the truth and not worry about it based on their response.

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