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How To Take Screenshot On Lenovo Laptop

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This article explains how to capture a screenshot on the Lenovo laptop. Based on the model of laptop you own there are a variety of methods to take a screenshot.

Everybody has faced an issue where we needed to capture a screenshot of our laptop but didn’t know how to do it. The only thing we could do was to use the camera of our mobile phone to take a picture of our screens. In the event that we did not possess a mobile phone in the moment and we were unable to do anything other than stare and thought of a better method of capturing our screens. If we were able to capture a picture, they were not of the same quality. The results were usually extremely grainy or sketchy and in the majority of cases, appeared awfully poor.

It is a good thing that Lenovo laptops provide an array of ways to take screenshots without the need for additional devices, but only the laptop itself. Don’t worry about it as we will go over some ways we can utilize to take a picture using your Lenovo Laptop.

How can I get a screenshot of Lenovo?

Lenovo offers a different way of taking a screen which is why if you’re planning to purchase a Lenovo laptop or PC and want to know how to capture a screenshot on Lenovo. There are a variety of Lenovo laptops that are available that include ThinkPad, Yoga, and Chromebook. This article will guide you through each step needed to capture a screenshot on Lenovo.

How to screen-shot on ThinkPad By Using Windows plus Shift and S

By pressing Windows with Shift and Son the keyboard on your laptop opens the keyboard. Snip & Sketch and directly capture the screenshot.

After being captured, the image is displayed when you open Snip and Sketch the same way as the previous method.

Take a ThinkPad Screenshot that includes Function and Print Screen

The most efficient method to save a screen is by pressing the Function and Print Screen buttons on your keyboard. Lenovo laptops typically make these buttons abbreviated by Fn+ PrtSc.

This will save a picture of the entire Windows desktop to a Windows clipboard. After that, you can copy the image to an image editor, or directly into any of the social media websites.

What is the Story with Lenovo Tablets?

Windows 2-in-1s as well as tablets from Lenovo don’t come with a specific shortcut for screenshots on the touchscreen. You can however gain access to Snip & Sketch through the Notification Center.


  1. Choose to open the Notification Center that will be located to the right of the Windows taskbar.
  2. Choose your option to expand all options close to the end in the Notification Center.
  3. Choose to select the screen Snipoption. This opens Snip & Sketch and proceeds straight to taking a screenshot in the manner described previously.

Lenovo also produces Android tablets. The normal procedure to take a picture using an Android tablet or phone will work on these tablets.


We can’t count the number of times we’ve needed to record our screens but were unable to due to our ignorance. Gamers can identify with this feeling quite a bit when they want to show their achievements but were unable to. Due to our discussion on various ways of taking photos with the Lenovo laptop, we are hoping that we never need to deal with that kind of issue.




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