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How to Take a Screenshot On a Windows 10 PC

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Windows 10 makes it simple to take and save screenshots of any part of your screen. You can quickly capture a screenshot of the entire screen or just a part of it using keyboard shortcuts and the built-in Snipping Tool. These are the various ways you can take screenshots on Windows 10 PCs. Your image can also be saved to your computer.

Screenshots on Windows using keyboard shortcuts

To take a screenshot of your entire screen, press the Print Screen or PrtSc buttons on your keyboard. To save your screenshot automatically to your Pictures folder, press the Windows and Print Screen buttons simultaneously.

  • To copy an image from your entire screen, press the Print Screen key . The button, also known as “PrtSc”, or “Print Scr” depending on your keyboard, is located in the top row of most keyboards. It is located right after the “F12” key.
    This will save only a copy of the screen image to your clipboard. To save your screenshot, open Word or Paint, and then paste it using the Ctrl+V keys.

    The image can be saved by clicking Save in the dropdown menu. You can choose a name, location, and format for the image. When you are done, click Save.
    These shortcuts may be different depending on the version of Windows and your keyboard. If you are using a laptop, the PrtScn key may do more than take screenshots. To take a screenshot on your laptop, you may also need to press “Function” (usually labeled Fn).
  • To save an image of your entire screen, press the Windows +Print Screen keys. When your screen flashes, you’ll know you have taken a snapshot.

    This will copy your entire screen to the clipboard, and save it to your computer. Open File Explorer and navigate to ThisPC > Images. You can also find this folder under the file path: C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\OneDrive\Pictures.

  • To copy a screenshot of the current window, press the Alt + PrtScn keys.

    This will save only a copy of the current window to your clipboard. If you’re surfing the internet while writing something in MS Word you can click on your browser to take a screenshot of that particular window. To save your screenshot, open Paint and copy the image using the Ctrl+Vkeys.
  • To copy a screenshot of a particular area, press Windows + Shift +S You will notice your screen turn to darken and your mouse pointer transform into a cross when you press these keys simultaneously.
    To take a screenshot using this method, click and drag the box around the area of the screen you wish to capture. After you’ve placed the image you desire in the box, click and drag the mouse button to save it to your clipboard.

    You will need to open Paint again and paste the image using the Ctrl+ V keys. The image can be saved by clicking “File”, then “Save” in the dropdown menu.
    Not all Windows 10 computers support this method.

How to take a screenshot using the Snipping tool

You can use the Snipping tool application included with your computer if you don’t like keyboard shortcuts. Here’s how:

  1. Select the Snipping Tool app from the Windows Start menu. The Snipping Tool can be found in your Windows Accessories menu or by entering Snipping Tool into the Start Menu search box.
  2. To capture your screenshot, click “Mode”.
    • Rectangular Snip allows you to draw a box around any image you wish to capture.
    • You can capture any area of the screen with Free-form Snip.
    • Window Snip can capture any window that you choose.
    • Full-screen Snip will capture all of the screens.
  3. To take a screenshot, click “New”.
  4. To save your image, click “Save Snip”.

To see more cool things that you can do with your keyboard, check out our ultimate guide for Windows keyboard shortcuts.

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