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How to Take a Screenshot in Realme UI

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Realme just launched its Android10 based Realme UI for the Realme XT, Realme 3 Pro, and Realme 3 Pro. It includes some exciting changes and visual overhauls. There are many new Realme UI features that allow you to take a picture, share it, or even take long screenshots. If you just updated your smartphone and want to share your favorite memes with friends, here are some ways to take a screenshot using Realme UI.

How to take a screen shot in RealmeUI

This method works well if you just want to take a simple screenshot in Realme UI. To take a screenshot, you can either use the power and volume buttons or swipe three fingers down on the screen. Realme UI allows you to do more with screenshots.

Take a partial screen shot in RealmeUI

Sometimes you just want to share a portion of your screen with someone. You might want to share an Instagram meme or a funny text message with a friend. Realme UI is easier than taking a photo and cropping it (that’s how I do it on my phone).

Simply hold the screen and use three fingers to drag the selection box to the area you wish to take a partial screenshot. This process is shown in the screen recording.

Take a long screenshot in Realme UI

Realme UI’s long-snapping function may be useful if you find yourself in situations where it is necessary to take a screenshot from a lengthy webpage or your entire Spotify playlist. Although this feature was available before Realme UI, it is now easier to take a lengthy screenshot from your phone. Here’s how:

Simply Take a screenshot using the three-finger gesture or pressing the power button + volume up button combination. After you have taken the screenshot, a floating window will show you the screenshot.

Hold the floating screenshot window and drag it up to take a long screenshot on your phone, as shown in this screen recording.

Realme UI Screenshot Sounds can be disabled

I find it annoying that smartphones make a sound when taking screenshots. This sounds very similar to clicking a photo and leads to many confused looks from those around me when I take screenshots. It’s not a good idea. Realme UI makes it easy to disable screenshot sounds.


Simply go to ” Setting > Sound & Vibration“, and toggle off ” Screenshot Sound“.

Take Screenshots in RealmeUI using these Handy Gestures

Realme UI has a lot of helpful gestures to take screenshots. You can even share screenshots by using a quick drag-down gesture in the floating screenshot window. It’s very handy and I love the screen capture gestures Realme UI has added to Realme smartphones.

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