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How to stop YouTube Channels from Appearing in Your Feed

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You won’t like certain YouTube channels. You might not agree with others.

This article will demonstrate how to block YouTube channels on any device.

How To Block YouTube Channels

You can’t block a YouTube Channel in the normal internet sense. However, this does not mean that you can’t see it anywhere else like search results or external websites.

YouTube channel blocks are applied at account level to improve YouTube recommendations. They will be automatically blocked on mobile.

Block YouTube Channels:

  1. Search YouTube’s homepage for the video you wish to block.
  2. To view this video on a computer, hover.
  3. Choose the three horizontal lines.
  4. Choose Not recommended channel
  5. If you made a mistake, select Undo.

Unblock YouTube Channels

You can’t remove channels one at a time unless Undo has been selected immediately after they were blocked.

These steps can be used to unblock all channels:


  1. Navigate to your GoogleMy activity.
  2. Click Other Google activities in the left menu.
  3. YouTube Not interested’ feedback.
  4. To confirm, click .

Keep an eye on YouTube Channels You Like

YouTube’s recommendation engine is great at suggesting videos but it can sometimes fail. If you don’t like a video, you can block the channel and cut out all the noise.

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