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How to Stop Spam Emails and Get Rid of Them Forever

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Are you getting spam emails from people that you don’t know yet? Spam emails could be a problem if you are receiving them. Spam emails are unwelcome messages that are usually sent for marketing purposes. Some spam emails can also be used to steal your bank details and personal information. Here’s how to get rid of spam email and stop receiving them.

Learn how to train your spam filter

When you get spam emails, the first instinct you might have is to delete or archive them. Spammers will continue to send you spam emails even if you delete spam messages. You can report spam emails to your email client to stop them from sending you more spam. Here’s how:

How to filter spam in Gmail

Click the Report spam link to report spam emails in Gmail. Select an email or multiple emails and check the box to your left of the subject. Next, click on the button with an exclamation mark at the top. This button is located next to the trash and archive buttons.

This will send selected emails to your spam mailbox. You should then not receive any further emails from this sender.

If you are using another email client, the process will be almost identical. Look for the “Report Spam” button or something similar.

How to Filter Spam on Mac

You can report spam emails in the Mail app on Mac by selecting an email you wish to block and clicking the Junkbutton. To train Mail to filter spam, visit Preferences Junk mail Enable junk email filtering.

You can filter spam by clicking Mail on the Apple menu bar. Next, click Preferences to select the Junk Mail tab. Next, make sure to check the Enable junk mail filtering option at the top.

You can select the spam messages you still receive and click on the Move selected mail to Junk button. This button is located at the top of the window, next to the trash icon. You can also right-click to select Move To Junk.

Depending on your settings, this will instruct Mail to move email from sender to the Junk folder.

Spam email addresses can be blocked

You can opt to block spammers from your inbox if you still receive emails from them.

How to block spam in Gmail

You can open any message sent by any sender you wish to block. Click the three dots icon located to the right side of the sender’s details. This icon is located next to Reply and Star buttons. Next, click Block from the pop-up message.

All future messages sent by this sender will be forwarded to your spam folder. The process is similar for different email clients such as Yahoo Mail.

How to Block Spam from a Mac

To stop a Mac sender from sending emails, click Mail at the top of your screen and choose Preferences. Click Add Rule to go to the Rules tab. Enter the email address for the sender in From Contains, and then click OK.

Spam Blocking in Outlook

Right-click the email address to block it in Outlook. Then hover your mouse pointer over Junk. Then select Block Sender.

Unsubscribe from Mailing Lists

You can unsubscribe to announcements and newsletters from companies by clicking the unsubscribe link in an email. This button can be found at the top or near the bottom of an email. You might need to complete additional steps after clicking this button.

You can also use the browser’s search function to find it if you don’t know where. Just hit Control + F (Windows PC) or Command + F (Mac) and enter “Unsubscribe” into the search box.

You will no longer receive emails from this company if you click that button.

Do not give your email address to anyone

Spam emails can be easily obtained by signing up for freebies and/or downloading content online using your email address. This allows websites to store your email address and send emails whenever they wish. You might think twice before entering your email address next time you shop online.

Websites may sell your email address to other companies. These companies can then send you unwanted materials, such as newsletters and advertisements. You might get spam emails from companies that you have never heard of.

You should exercise caution when giving out your email address. If a local bakery is giving away free samples in return for your personal information, it might be a good idea to ignore the email address box.

You can use a secondary email address

You might need to create another email address if you want to be able to download files or take advantage of online sales. You can then use this email address to receive spam emails. This will ensure that spammers don’t get into your primary inbox.

Hide your email address

Spammers will take advantage of your open email address to send you spam. You can prevent this by hiding your email address from the public on all your social media accounts. To keep your email address private, check out the settings of your LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook accounts.

How to get rid of spam emails

You can delete spam emails from your inbox by using the search function of your email client. Gmail users should click Select all conversations matching this search.

This can be used to get rid of a lot of spam emails from your inbox at once.

After you have learned how to block spam from Gmail, you can check out our guide on how you can organize your Gmail inbox so that you see the most important messages first.

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