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How To Share Someone Else’s Instagram Story

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Instagram Stories can only be viewed for a limited time. Instagram is more difficult than other social media platforms, which make it easy for you to share or retweet the original content of another person.

If you like an Instagram Story, you might want to share it with your friends and followers. This article will discuss how to share content from other users on Instagram.

How to share an Instagram story

There are many ways to share an Instagram Story from another person. There are rules to follow when sharing another person’s Instagram Story. Let’s get started!

How to share an Instagram story to your Story

It is easy to share another’s Story on Instagram, as usual.

If the creator has tagged you, it will affect your ability to add another Story to yours. The ability to add a Story to your own Story depends on whether or not the creator tagged you.

There are many other options, but this is the main topic: How to share an Instagram Story from someone else, assuming that you were tagged in it.

  1. Open Instagram by tapping on the “paper plane” icon (direct messages icon).
  2. Open the “tagging notice” that you received when you were tagged into the Story.
  3. Tap on to “Add to Your Story”. To post the Story to your own, select to “Send”.

How to send a story to someone else

You can still send an Instagram Story to another user even if you aren’t tagged. This doesn’t make the Story public, but it is a great way to share it with a few of your friends.

The original poster’s account must be set to “Public” Otherwise, you won’t have the option to email it to someone else.

Send an existing Story to an Instagram user by following this link:

  1. Tap the “Story” button at the top.
  2. To the right of the text box, tap on the icon for “paper airplane”.
  3. Tap Next to each user, tap “Send ” to access the Story.

This is it. The paper airplane icon is not displayed next to the text box. This could indicate that the user has either set their account to private or not allowed sharing.

Externally share Instagram Stories

Another cool feature of Instagram is the ability to share the link to a Story via an external app. You can also copy the link to send to your friend in a text message if you wish to share a funny or cute Instagram Story.

Here’s how:

  1. Tap on the “Instagram Story,” and then tap on the “vertical ellipsis”, (3 vertical dots) in upper right-hand corner.
  2. Select Share To …”
  3. Select the “application” , or “contact” to which you would like to send the URL.
    If your friend taps the link, Instagram opens to take them directly to the Story.

Set Your Stories Public to Make them Shareable

Instagram Stories must be set to “Public” in order to reshare them. Unless you change it manually, it will default to Private. You should make as much of your account as possible public and only make it private when you have issues with someone. It defeats the purpose of social media. You have control over your account so do what works best for you.

Anyone can view a public profile. It will also appear in search results and suggested lists. Only friends you have followed can view your Private account. To view your Private account, you must follow them back. You cannot just follow them.

This will allow you to make your account public or private.

  1. To access the Menu, tap your icon on Instagram.
  2. Select ‘Settings’ then?Privacy?”
  3. Select Privacy.
  4. Depending on your requirements, you can choose “Private account” or ‘Public Account’.

Your profile defaults to public. This is only necessary if you are changing from or to a private setting.

Tag someone on Instagram to make a story shareable

Sharing stories with others is only possible if you are tagged in them. A Story can only be reposted if it is tagged by another person. How can you tag someone on Instagram Stories?

  1. Your Story can be created as normal using images, captions and titles.
  2. Select in the image, and then write an ‘@mention’ using their username.

Multiple people can be tagged in a Story, and each person receives a notification about being tagged. This notification cannot be rescinded, but you can prevent your Story from being reposted.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

These are more questions you might have about Instagram’s sharing options.

Can I post someone’s Instagram Story to my Instagram Story?

Yes! Yes! Tap the paper airplane icon, then tap “Add post to my story.”

The clickable link to the post that you share in your Story will appear in your Story. Follow the same steps to share Reels.

How can I stop someone from sharing my Stories with them?

You can disable the option in Instagram’s Settings to prevent other users from seeing your Story. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the Profile icon. Tap the three horizontal lines at the upper right-hand side.
  2. Click on “Settings.”
  3. Tap on “Story.” Next, toggle the switch next to ‘Allow sharing of Story.”

Toggling this switch will also prevent others from sharing your Story in private messages.

Can I receive a notification if someone shares My Story?

No. Instagram does not notify users when someone shares their Story.

Reposting is an important aspect of social media, but it should be done sparingly. It’s like a dating app or game. You only need to swipe once or twice per week. You would reserve them until you find something truly special or interesting and then only post that. You will be unfollowed and ignored if you post too many times on Instagram.

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