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How to set up the Ring Video Doorbell

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Set up your Ring Doorbell

This is only for the Ring Video Doorbell 2

  1. Open the Ring app.
  2. Click on Create Account. Enter your name, country, email, and password, and enter your last name.
  3. Verify your confirmation email.
  4. You can set up a doorbell by clicking “Setup a Device” > Doorbells.
  5. With your smartphone, scan the QR code and MAC ID on the back of the Ring device. The Quick Start Guide that comes with the Ring can also contain this QR code. If a green line or box appears around the code, you can continue to the next step.
    Notification – To scan the code, but are unable to, tap “Setup without scanning > Ring Video Doorbell”, and then follow the rest of the steps
  6. Set your location. Click confirm to enter your address.
    Notification – Certain features of your doorbell will not work if you don’t specify your location
  7. You have the option to choose a name for your Ring doorbell. You can also choose from one set of names or create your own.
  8. Turn on Setup Mode by pressing the orange button on the back of your Ring device. A spinning white light will appear at your front doorbell.
  9. Click Continue to open the Ring app.
  10. Connect your smartphone to your Ring WiFi network. iOS users can swipe down from the screen to tap WiFi, then tap Ring-123456.
  11. Connect your Ring doorbell to your WiFi. Connect to the nearest WiFi network so your Ring doorbell can be found.
    Note: Your doorbell could update its internal software after connecting to the Internet. Wait until the flashing stops.
    Attention: Do not ring the doorbell while it updates its internal software.
  12. Once the update is complete push the front button to test your doorbell.

Now you know how to set up your Ring Video Doorbell. You can also check out our guide to installing a Ring Doorbell from scratch.

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