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How to set up and find an AirTag for your iPhone

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AirTags, Apple’s Bluetooth trackers, make it easy for you to locate your keys, bags, and anything else they attach to. You can set up an AirTag on your iPhone and it will show its location on a map. It will also play a loud sound or be asked Siri to locate it. AirTags now have a Precision Finding feature, which points an arrow at your AirTag’s location. This makes it easier to locate your items. These are the various ways you can find your AirTag, and how to activate Lost Mode if it is lost.

How to set up an AirTag

First, remove the small plastic tab that activates the battery to set up the AirTag. Next, hold the AirTag close to your iPhone and tap Connect. Next, create or choose a name to your AirTag and link it to your Apple ID. Next, tap Done.

Notification: Your iPhone must be running iOS 14.5 (or newer) to set up an AirTag and locate it. To learn more, check out our step-by–step guide on how to update your iPhone.

  1. Take out the tab from your AirTag. After you have pulled the tab off your AirTag, it should make a sound.
  2. Hold the AirTag close to your iPhone. Lock your iPhone screen by pressing the power button once. Next, unlock your iPhone by pressing the power button on the side of your iPhone.
    Notification: If your AirTag is still not connecting, please make sure you enable Find My and Two-factor authentication, Bluetooth, WiFi and Location Services. You can also remove the battery from your AirTag by turning it counterclockwise. Next, insert the battery and hold down until you hear a click. You can repeat this five times until you hear a different sound. This will reset your AirTag’s factory settings.
  3. Next tap Connect.
  4. Next, choose a name to go with your AirTag. You can choose from the available names or make your own. Personal Name .
    You can choose an icon or Emoji if you have a custom name to your AirTag. Your AirTag will have a pre-set icon if you choose one Apple’s pre-set name.
  5. Next, click Continue to register your AirTag using your Apple ID. This article is from Apple if you don’t have an Apple ID.
  6. Tap Done.

After you have set up your AirTag you can use the Find My App to locate it in a variety of ways. Here’s how:

How to find an AirTag on a map

Open the Find my app to locate your AirTag on a map. Next, tap the Items button at the bottom. This will display its most recent location as well as a timestamp showing when it was last seen.

  1. Open the Find My App on your iPhone. This app comes pre-installed with your iPhone. It can be found by scrolling down on your home screen, and then typing Search My into the search bar at top.
  2. Next, tap the Items tab. This will be at the bottom.
  3. Select the AirTag you wish to locate on the map.

Notification: Your AirTag’s current location will not be displayed if it’s within your iPhone’s reach or if the Find my network has recently detected it. You will not see your AirTag’s current location if it is within your iPhone’s range or the a href=”https://developer.apple.com/find-my/”>Find My network/a> recently detected it.

How to find your AirTag using Precision Finding

Open the Search My app and tap on the Items tab to locate your AirTag. Next, choose the AirTag you wish to locate and then tap the green Locate button. Follow the instructions on screen to locate your AirTag.

Not all iPhones support Ultra Wideband

  1. Open Find my app for your iPhone.
  2. Tap the Items Tab.
  3. Next, tap Find to use Precision Finding. This feature can only be used if Nearby is selected under Find.
  4. Follow the arrow to locate your AirTag. To exit Precision Finding, tap the “X” once you have located your AirTag. To make it easier to see, tap the speaker icon at the bottom of the screen.


While using Precision Finding, your iPhone’s camera must be visible. Try walking around with your iPhone until you get a better signal.

How to turn on lost mode for your AirTag

To enable lost mode for your AirTag, open Find my app and tap the Items tab. Next, choose the missing AirTag and then tap Lost Mode. Next, tap Enable. Enter your email address or phone number. Next, tap activate.

  1. Open the Locate My App.
  2. Tap the Items tab.
  3. Next, select your missing AirTag.
  4. Next, tap Enable under Lost Mode. Scroll down to find it.
  5. Tap Next.
  6. Enter your phone number, then tap Next. To enter an email address, you can tap Use an Email Address.
  7. Tap Activate. Make sure the sidebar next to Notify when Found is green.

You will be notified on your iPhone if your AirTag is found on the Find My Network.

To report an airbag that has been lost or found by someone else, you can use the Find My App and go to Items > Report Found from their iPhone. This will show them your contact information as well as a Lost Mode message.

How to share your AirTag location with family members

Apple allows you to pair one AirTag with only one Apple ID as a security measure. You cannot share the location of your AirTag with your family. Your family members will not be able to help you locate your AirTags even if Family Sharing is enabled.

After you have learned how to locate an AirTag, we offer a step-by-step guide on how you can find your AirPods in case they are lost.

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