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How to Set Up Alexa on Your Echo Device

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Amazon Echo smart speakers can only be set up correctly. You will need to set up Alexa on the Echo device you have just purchased or received as a gift. This guide will show you how to set Alexa up on your Echo speaker so that you can control your smart home.

What is Alexa?

Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based virtual assistant, is integrated into Echo smart speakers and other voice-capable gadgets. You can also ask Alexa questions about weather, traffic, and other news items once you have set it up. Alexa can be used to stream music, set alarms, and control smart home devices.

Before you set up Alexa:

To set up Alexa on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll need to have the free Alexa App downloaded. An Amazon account is also required, which you can create in the app. You will also need a reliable WiFi connection and a power source.

Check out our guide to determine how reliable your WiFi connection is at the place where your device will be installed.

Notice: You should use the same WiFi network for your Echo device like your smartphone. You might also want to change your WiFi network before you begin.

How to set up Alexa on your Echo Devices

Open the Alexa app, log in to your account, and set up your Echo devices. Plug your Echo into a power supply. Go to More > Create Device > Amazon Echo > Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and others. Follow the instructions on the screen to set Alexa up.

  1. Open Alexa. Make sure that you have the most recent version of the app if you already have it installed.
  2. Sign in to your Amazon account. Tap Create a new Amazon account if you don’t already have one. Follow the instructions on the screen to create an account. You can skip the next step if you have already set up the app.
  3. Plug your Alexa device into an electrical outlet. It may take a while, but once it is done, your device will turn orange and Alexa will notify you when your device can be set up in the app.
    You might get your device pre-configured if you have an Amazon account. You can click Continue to skip to step 10 if you get a pop-up message after you have plugged in your device.
  4. Tap More in the Alexa app. This will appear in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  5. Next, select Add A Device. It will be the first option on your screen.
  6. Next, tap Amazon Echo. Scroll down to select Speaker if you want Alexa to be set up on another type of device.
  7. Select Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and others.
  8. Next, confirm that your Echo device’s ring light is orange. You will be asked to hold down the “Action” button until the light turns green. This button is located on the top of the Echo device and has the dot icon.
  9. Next, select your Echo model. The string of numbers and letters that follow can be ignored.
  10. Next, choose your WiFi network and then enter your password. Tap Rescan Network if your WiFi network is not listed within a minute. You might have an Alexa device that has already been set up. It may attempt to connect to the saved WiFi network.
  11. Next, tap Continue. You can choose to have your Echo connected to the incorrect WiFi network if it happens. Tap to Change WiFi You can manually select it by clicking the button at the bottom.
    Note: If Alexa is not connecting to your WiFi network, you can set it up within 30 feet of your router. If this fails, you can follow our step-by-step guide to reset your Echo device.
  12. Next, choose a language. Next, tap Continue.
  13. Next, choose the room where your Echo device will reside. This will allow you to group your Alexa devices later.
    You can skip these steps by tapping the “x” at the top-right corner.
  14. Next, you will need to decide whether or not you would like to create a voice ID. This will enable Alexa to recognize the sound of your voice so that each member of your household can get customized results. You can, for example, add an event to your schedule, listen to your Amazon Music saved playlists, and much more.
  15. Enter your address. This allows Alexa to provide you with personalized weather and traffic results. Tap Enter a New Address to fill in your information. Then select Continue.
  16. Next, decide whether or not you want Amazon Sidewalk enabled. This feature will keep your devices connected and will share your WiFi signal with nearby devices. This setting can be changed at any time.

    Continue reading What’s Amazon Sidewalk?
  17. Next, watch the video or tap.
  18. Next, tap Let’s Go. This will complete setting up your Echo device. Alexa will begin to talk you through options. However, you can also say “Alexa, Stop” if this is not what you need.

To learn how to set Alexa up on your Echo speaker, see our best Alexa commands list to discover what you can say.

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