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How to Set Up a Guest WiFi Network

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It is best to not reveal your WiFi password to guests to protect your privacy. Instead, you can set up guest access to your router. Here are the steps to create a guest WiFi network.

How to set up a guest WiFi network

  1. In any browser’s search bar, enter your router’s IP address. To log in to your router, type your router’s IP into any search bar (Chrome or Safari, Firefox, etc.). Check out our guide if you forget your IP address. How to find the IP address of your router.
    Not all websites are secure. Check that the address is correct before you click on the button to continue. Click Advanced > Proceed if you don’t see this option.
  2. As the admin, log in to your router. Your browser’s settings page will show you how to find your router’s username and password. You can find out how to find your router password if you don’t remember your login information.
  3. Find the settings for guest networks. Wireless Setting is a good place to start if you don’t see a section for guest WiFi.
    Not all routers allow guest WiFi networks to be created. You might not be able to create a guest network if you don’t see one.
  4. Allow guest WiFi access. This could be either a switch you turn on or a checkbox that you open depending on the router.
  5. The guest WiFi network name should be set. This field is usually called “SSID”. Some routers will automatically fill in the name of your network with the word “guest”, but you can change it or leave it as-is. This can be changed or left as is.
  6. Configure the guest WiFi password You might need to change the Security settings depending on which router you have. You don’t need to know Which router security option should you choose? Check out our guide.
    Notify your guests not to use the same password as your main network. It is important that you choose a password that is both easy to remember for guests and difficult enough to be remembered by neighbors.
  7. Save your settings. Now you can share your WiFi password and name with guests.

You can set the number of guests that can connect to your router. Some routers allow you to set the time guests can connect to your network. You can also set the network name to broadcast, so your guests can find it easily. You can also tell your guests the password and network name if you are concerned about security and privacy.

You now know how to create a guest WiFi network. Check out our blog to find out how to test your WiFi speed.

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