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How to sell a Mac or MacBook

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Thinking of promoting your vintage Mac so that you should buy a brand new one, or due to the fact you’ve got got sold a brand new Mac. There are numerous approaches wherein you could promote it, and numerous offerings that permit you to to achieve this with the minimal quantity of hassle. However, there’s greater to promoting your Mac than simply selecting the approach with the aid of using which you may promote it.

We speak the whole lot you want to do while promoting a MacBook or Mac, from comparing the marketplace and selecting the proper rate, to ensuring you aren’t ripped off, and being organized for hagglers. Read on for our recommendation approximately promoting an vintage Mac.

First matters first – possibly the maximum urgent query you’ve got got is How a whole lot is your Mac really well worth? We’ll deal with that first. After we are able to examine all of the approaches to promote your Mac: from promoting it on eBay or different marketplaces, to buying and selling it in at Apple, or promoting it to a carrier that specialises in promoting refurbished Macs. To discover the high-quality location to promote a Mac soar to Best location to promote a Mac.

How a whole lot is my Mac really well worth?

Wondering how a whole lot you could get to your Mac? When you select your rate you want to hold some matters in thoughts:

Find out what different Macs of the equal technology are promoting for with the aid of using checking on eBay and Gumtree.

Find out what a Mac with a comparable spec charges new.

Check to peer if Apple remains promoting that Mac? Is it in Apple’s Refurbished Store?

Be sincere approximately whether or not your Mac is in affordable form and knock cash off if it isn’t.

See how a whole lot opposition there’s.

We’ll run thru precisely what you want to do to price up your Mac on the market below…

Find out which Mac or MacBook it’s far

Lots of Macs

Over the years Apple’s released loads of one of a kind Macs.


The first step with regards to promoting your vintage Mac is locating out which version you’ve got got – now no longer simply the kind of Mac or MacBook, however the technology and different specifications. Read: Which Mac do I have? for assist with that.

Another issue to be privy to while you are considering how a whole lot your Mac is really well worth isn’t always to get too stuck up in what you spent on it. The MacBook Pro you’re promoting could have been the pinnacle canine on the time you purchased it, however if an entry-stage MacBook Air should now be taken into consideration greater effective don’t assume human beings to pay pinnacle greenback for it. So do be aware of what your marketplace can get for his or her cash proper now.

Find out how a whole lot comparable Macs are promoting for

Refurbished MacBook Pro


Once you already know which version you’ve got got you could begin to paintings on getting an concept of what it’s really well worth. The hazard in any other case is which you won’t make as a whole lot cash as you should, otherwise you is probably not able to promote your Mac due to the fact your rate is just too high. Even worse, in case you get the specifications incorrect and declare that it’s far more recent or greater effective than it’s far the individual that buys the Mac won’t be satisfied and you can ought to refund them.

We appeared up a 2017 MacBook Pro on Ebay to get a experience for what the opposition is like, and what sort of the numerous Mac laptops are promoting for.

You’ll see a few alternatives which might be indexed as pre-owned at the same time as different are indexed as refurbished – the latter usually approach that an Apple Certified engineer has appeared them over and they will even include a one,  or maybe 3-12 months guarantee. 

The refurbished fees could be higher, however they arrive with greater reassurance for the buyer. That’s a few main opposition already. There also are loads of organizations promoting on Ebay that may provide greater protections for buyers, so in case you are an unbiased dealer the opposition is hot!

You’ll additionally observe that many secondhand Macs on Ebay and some place else could be bought with extras: possibly its withinside the authentic sealed box, i.e. by no means used. Maybe they’re bundling software program with it (which isn’t strictly legal – the Mac have to be wiped earlier than you promote it). Base your pricing choice on Macs which might be a comparable as viable to the only you’re promoting, and observe whether or not there are loads of human beings looking the sale to gage interest.

You have to additionally take a look at Apple’s Refurbished Store. If you discover that Apple remains promoting your Mac withinside the Refurbished Store so as to be an excellent indication of the most resell price of your Mac – assume yours to promote for plenty less. For example, a 2019 16in MacBook Pro with 2.3GHz 8-center i9 goes for $2,289 on Apple’s Refurb store (originally $2,699). While in Apple’s UK Refurbished Store we determined a 2019 16in MacBook Pro with 2.6GHz 6-center i7 goes for $1,869 (originally £2,199). Those fashions will include a complete 365 days guarantee and the understanding that Apple’s engineers have rectified any issues that there could have been with it.

Keep Apple’s refurbished fees in thoughts while you set a rate for the Mac you’re promoting due to the fact you need to be given that someone might be not likely to shop for your used Mac if they could get what is basically a brand new one for the equal rate (inclusive of a 365 days guarantee from Apple).

Another location to appearance is BackMarket (see BackMarket US and BackMarket UK) in which you could pick the version you’re hoping to promoting and notice what they’re promoting for: the ones equal 16in MacBook Pro from 2019 had been on sale for $1,068.93/£1,199.ninety eight for the 2.6GHz i7 version and $1,149/£1,four hundred for the 2.3GHz i9 version. Just like Apple, BackMarket gives a 12 month guarantee.

Be practical approximately call for

MacBook Air M1 chip

Having Intel inner can be a disadvantage.


One problem mainly is pertinent proper now: the transition from Intel to Apple’s personal chips (up to now the M1-collection and M2-collection). People will both be falling over themselves attempting to shop for Intel Macs due to the fact Apple not sells them, or human beings will now no longer be shopping for Intel-powered Macs at all. Either manner it appears probably that the impact of the transition to the M1 chip, which has demonstrated to be very a hit for Apple, will lessen the resale rate of, and call for for, older Macs.

It’s additionally really well worth bearing in thoughts that there’s a restriction to how lengthy Apple helps vintage Macs for. Apple commonly keeps the final 3 variations of the macOS with trojan horse fixes and vital protection updates, making sure that the contemporary model of Safari will run, and that Apple Services, inclusive of iCloud, are absolutely supported. This approach that Macs that don’t run macOS Catalina aren’t formally supported with the aid of using Apple. And with the aid of using the autumn of 2022 Catalina will fall off that list.

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