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How to see who blocked you on Facebook

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Who blocked me from Facebook? Many of us have probably asked this question. There are many things you can do if someone blocks you on Facebook.

Maybe a friend suddenly stopped paying attention to you. Perhaps you are not seeing their posts in your feed. Is it possible they are just busy? Are they just busy?

We will show you how to locate who has blocked you on Facebook if any.

How to find out who blocked you on Facebook

Although you can’t see exactly who blocked your Facebook account, there are some good indicators that you can look out for.

First, determine whether you have been blocked or unfriended. Yes, it hurts.

Is it possible to tag someone who has blocked you?

Let’s suppose you find a meme that you want to share with a friend. You would normally tag them by simply writing their name and clicking the link to their profile. The tag would be sent to them and they’d see it the next time they log in.

However, if that person blocks you, you won’t be able to tag them in any of your posts. This includes photos and memes as well as any posts you add to someone else’s timeline.

It depends on what privacy settings the other person has. It also depends on whether you are a member of a private group. If they don’t belong to the group, you won’t be able to tag them.

To see if you’ve been blocked, use the Facebook search function

Find your friend on Facebook. Sign in to see the search box at the top-left. Similar to the above, you can also see the search box at the top-left of your Facebook feed if you need to find out who blocked you in the Facebook app.

You will see a list of pages and profiles. You can toggle the results by clicking People. You won’t see their profile if they have been blocked. If you search All for them, you may still see them even if they’ve blocked you.

Click on the display image to see more information about the person you are interested in. You can view a portion of their profile depending on how private they are. If you have been blocked, however, you will not be able to access any information.

To check who blocked you, use a mutual friend’s profile

The next step is to look for more signs. You can start by going to the profile of the person you know and the person you have blocked. Click on to view a list of their friends. This should show you how many people you share common interests with.

You can scroll through their contact list or type directly into the field that reads “Search Friends”.

You can see their profile picture and name, so you can breathe a sigh of relief that they haven’t blocked you.

You might be able to see them but not be able to find the reason. You might have had their entire account deactivated. We’ll get back to it later.

Can You Read Previous Facebook Messages After Being Blocked?

Another trick is to communicate with the person previously. This is not helpful when dealing with relative strangers. This shouldn’t be too bothersome. It can be frustrating to get blocked before you are able to properly familiarize yourself.

You can either remember what this contact wrote on your profile, or if you prevented others from posting on your timeline, a mutual friend’s profile. It could be a birthday greeting, a holiday greeting, or something else.

They will remain visible no matter what your friendship status is. If you block someone, their profile picture won’t show up or be replaced with a question mark. Black boxes might also cover their name.

Are there contacts who might have blocked you on Messenger?

This is an additional indicator that you can verify if you have spoken with the person before via Facebook Messenger. This must be done via Facebook’s website as the app can sometimes show blocked accounts.

Navigate to the Messenger section. Click on View All in Messenger from the drop-down menu. You can access the conversation that you had with the contact. Their profile image will not load if you have been blocked. Instead, it will be replaced with a gray outline. You won’t have the ability to click on their names to view their profile.

You can also try to send them an email. Your attempts to reach them will be blocked. Facebook will inform you that there was a temporary error.

How can you tell if they have deleted their Facebook account? Their name will not appear in most cases if they delete their account. However, deletion is a different thing from deactivation. While deactivation is more permanent, deletion means that they will not be able to access Facebook for a limited time.

It might be distracting at times, so it’s best to deactivate it for a while. This could be the reason you aren’t hearing back from them. However, they will likely be back soon.

They have decided to delete their account. In this instance, the Messenger thread of the user will read “Facebook User”. You should be aware that they may still be using Messenger even if they are not on Facebook. However, you can still contact them here if you wish.

Are Friends Able to Invite You to Events?

To coordinate events, people create Facebook events. If you have been blocked, you will not be able to invite this person.

Go to Events > create an event > create a private event. Once you have entered your details, you will need to tag specific people in order to invite them. However, you can’t add people who have blocked your profile.

You can’t invite people who have blocked you from liking or joining pages.

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