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How to Screenshot an Instagram Story Without Getting Caught

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Instagram previously tested a feature that allowed users to see who was taking screenshots from their stories. Although this feature was eventually removed, many people are still unsure if they can view a screenshot of their Instagram story.

It is simple to take screenshots of Instagram Stories if you know-how. You can keep your screenshots private so you don’t have to worry about being caught. Even if Instagram changes its rules regarding screenshots,

Screenshots of Instagram Stories are a great idea!

You can take a screenshot of an Instagram story for many reasons, some legitimate and others not. You might want to purchase something featured in the story. Perhaps you just want to save a beautiful picture as your wallpaper. Perhaps you simply love a picture of a friend or family member and want to save it.

Perhaps you just want to snap a photo of a story and share it with your friends in group chat. If Instagram adds the screenshot notification feature, all of these reasons and more will be available. Even if you take a screenshot for a legitimate reason, it will make you look creepy.

There are many ways to capture Instagram Stories without being caught.

Is Instagram able to notify users when you screenshot a story?

If someone takes a photo of an Instagram story the user will not be notified. Don’t be alarmed if you take a screenshot of someone’s Instagram story. You can keep your privacy private.

This being said, Instagram can change it at any moment. There is currently only one similar screenshot notification. If a screenshot of a missing photo is taken on Instagram, users will be notified.

This is a great tip! You may need to review basic information about Instagram.

How to take a screenshot of an Instagram Story

There are many options to capture Instagram stories and photos that disappear. These options are available in case Instagram changes its policy or a new feature is added that reveals who the user is.

1. Use Airplane Mode

This trick is the most well-known and oldest in the book. Although Snapchat has blocked this method, it is still available on Instagram.

  1. Wait for the story to load in the Instagram app.
  2. Turn on Airplane Mode. This will disable cellular data, WiFi, and Bluetooth, as well as disconnect all wireless devices. You can do this on iOS using the iOS Control Center. You can also do this on Android using the Settings app or your notification toggles.
  3. Tap on the story you wish to capture and go back to Instagram.
  4. Force quit Instagram on Android before you disable Airplane mode. You must first uninstall and then reinstall Instagram on iOS before you disable Airplane mode.

2. Use the Instagram Website

Instagram has been fighting the idea of a website for years. Instagram now has a functioning website that allows you to view your Instagram feed, comment, post and view Instagram stories. It does not support direct messaging but it requires the Instagram app to view a disappearing message.

It is so great that it can be used as an alternative to the Instagram app. This website could reduce your social media usage while still allowing you to easily access your Instagram feed every once in a while.

Instagram doesn’t know if you have taken a screenshot because you are using Instagram from a computer. Log in to Instagram.com and open the Instagram Story. Take a screenshot as you would normally, but without worry.

3. Use a Screen Recorder

Screen recording is another option that doesn’t require permission from Instagram. Start recording using your preferred app, then open Instagram. Next, open Instagram and go to the story you want.

After saving the Instagram story, you can later edit it to make a screenshot. Screen recording is possible in many ways. You can choose the one that suits you best, regardless of what platform it is.

4. Use Story Saver on Instagram for Android

After you log in to your Instagram account Story Saver for Instagram displays a list all Instagram users that have stories. You can also use the search function to find other users’ stories. When you are ready, tap on the username to access their most recent stories and a grid view.

After tapping on a thumbnail, you will see the Instagram story. Next, click on the red circle and a white down arrow to save the image or video to Story Saver. You can then view the Story Saver folder within your gallery, or access saved stories directly from within the app.

Open the app and click the download icon at the upper right-hand side to access your saved stories. Story Saver is anonymous but you should remember that there are many clone apps and advertisements.

5. Story Saver for iOS

Story Saver for iOS is different than Story Saver for Android. Story Saver allows you to view and download stories from Instagram without having to log into Instagram. You can’t download stories from an account that is private. However, public profiles can be viewed anonymously. To access a variety of options, tap the username once you have selected an account.

Select stories within 24 hours or stories highlight when it comes to stories. Tap on the three dots at the bottom of the Instagram story that you wish to download. Then, you can choose Save To Downloads and Save To Camera Roll. You can view all your saved Instagram stories by clicking the Save tab at the bottom.

These tools are other apps that allow you to repost Instagram photos from your mobile device.

6. Simply use a camera

You don’t have to use third-party apps if you need to save an item from your Instagram story in a hurry. Instead, you can use any device with a camera to take a picture of your phone and upload it to the Instagram story. Although the quality will not be perfect, it will do the job. You can also take screenshots directly from Instagram.

If you don’t want the story to be public, but just want to save it for later (such as a restaurant recommendation), then take a screenshot.

Always use your Moral Compass

While there are legitimate reasons to save an Instagram Story, you shouldn’t use this anonymity to hide your evil deeds. Don’t be a stalker or a creep. If you take a screenshot of someone’s Instagram story, it is possible that Instagram may have other motives.

If you take a picture of what you need on Instagram, it’s not a reason to worry. It can be a good reminder to yourself and an extra layer of protection for important information. You can also use Vanish Mode on Instagram to capture screenshots of current information in case you forget to disable it.

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