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How to Screen Share with FaceTime on Mac

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Screen sharing has been missing from FaceTime in macOS in a while. Apple finally added this feature to Monterey 12.1. Modern Macs, iPhones, iPads and iPads all support screen sharing when using the appropriate software.

Screen sharing with FaceTime is possible if your operating system and others are compatible. Let’s look at how it works.


Use SharePlay to share your screen on FaceTime

Screen sharing requires everyone to have macOS 12.1, iOS 15,1, iPadOS 15.1, iPadOS 15.1 or later on their respective devices. This stage is not able to share your screen to Android or Windows users. You’ll need to ensure that everyone at the conference has the appropriate software. Screen sharing options won’t work if even one participant has a non-compatible device.

Here’s how to screen-share using FaceTime in macOS

  1. Launch FaceTime.
  2. Click New FaceTime, or choose a contact from the past to call.
  3. When the call connects click the sharePlay icon.
  4. To share a window, choose Windows. Or Screen. You’ll need to choose the app to share from if you select Windows.

The screen you share will still be visible to other participants until you cancel. Screen sharing can be ended or modified from the same SharePlay menu. FaceTime also has additional share play features.


FaceTime Screen Sharing is a welcomed feature

Screen sharing is a common feature in many video conferencing apps. FaceTime for macOS provides a functional tool that works well. It takes only a few clicks to share your screen, and the user interface overall is intuitive.

The downside is that screen sharing calls on a device with outdated software are not possible. However, obsolescence will eventually be a reality and everyone will catch up.

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