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How to Screen Share on a Mac Remotely or Locally

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Ever wanted to view something on your computer while you were away? You can view, move, launch apps, and restart another Mac from anywhere you have a Mac. This is great if you’re away from your office but still need to access the file on your Mac computer. This is also helpful if you want to assist someone else with a Mac problem. This is how to screen-share on a Mac remotely, or on the same network.

How to Remotely Share Your Mac Screen

Spotlight can be used to open the Screen Sharing App on your Mac. Next, enter the Apple ID for the Mac that you wish to control remotely. Access will be granted to the other computer.

  1. Open Spotlight from your Mac by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the top-right corner. You can also hit the Command and Space bar keys simultaneously.
  2. Type Screensharing in the search bar, and hit enter. Or you can use your mouse to select the app.
  3. Type the Apple ID for the user you wish to connect remotely, then click Connect. You can locate the Apple logo at the top-left corner if you don’t have the Apple ID for the user you’re trying to access. Then select System Preferences > Apple ID. It will be located in the left sidebar, just below your profile picture and username.
  4. Next, click Connect. You can also hit Enter on the keyboard. You will then see a notification at the top-right corner on the screen of the other computer.
  5. On the notification, the other user must click Accept.
  6. You can choose to let the other user control their computer or watch it. This will give you full control over their computer. You can now open and move files and folders and other functions. You can view their screen if they choose to Observe My Screen but not their computer.
  7. After the other user clicks Allow, your screen will be displayed from your computer.

You will need to keep Screen Sharing open and both Macs on if you use this feature to control another Mac. You can learn how to prevent your computer from shutting down by following our guide How to Turn Off Sleep Mode on a Mac.

The Screen Sharing icon can be clicked in the Apple Menu Bar to muffle the microphone. This icon looks like two rectangles stacked on top of one another in the upper-right corner.

This menu allows you to pause and end Screen Sharing.

This method allows you to connect to another Mac remotely. However, it is not the best. The steps below will help you establish a smoother connection if you’re trying to connect to another Mac on the same network.

How to share your screen on a Mac and the same network

Go to System Preferences > sharing. Next, click Screensharing and select All users. Click Go Connect To Server on another Mac. Last, enter your username & password.

Notable: To share your screen remotely with another Mac computer, you will need to grant access to that computer.

  1. To access remote Apple menus, open the Apple menu on your Mac. Click the Apple icon at the top-left corner.
  2. Then select System Preferences.
  3. Next, click Sharing.
  4. Next, check the box next to Screen Sharing. This option will be found in the left sidebar.
    If Remote Management is enabled, you will need to uncheck it in the left sidebar. Remote Management and Screen Sharing cannot be used simultaneously.
  5. You can choose to grant access to All Users or only these users. Selecting All users will allow any user within your network to share your screen. Select Only these Users to add users to your screen. Select users from Groups and Network Users.
  6. Copy the VNC address of your Mac. This information can be found under Screen Sharing:
  7. On a different Mac, open Finder. This icon is the half-blue and half-white face in your Dock. Click on your desktop to access the icon.
  8. Next, click Go in Apple’s Menu Bar. This will appear in the strip at top of your screen.
  9. Next, click Connect to Server. This can be accessed by pressing the Command + K keys simultaneously on your keyboard.
  10. Enter the VNC address for the Mac that you wish to screen share, and then click Connect.
    Notable: Click Browse to locate the computer in your network.
  11. Sign in to become a registered user.
  12. Enter the username/password of the Mac that you want to access. This is your username and password to log in to the Mac you’re trying to connect to.
  13. Click To Sign In,

Screen sharing can be initiated immediately if both Macs are logged into using the same Apple ID. To start screen sharing, enter the username and password of the other Mac. You can request permission to share your screen.

You can make the most of screen-sharing sessions by changing the app’s settings. To do this, go to Screensharing in your Apple Menu Bar. Select Preferences. This can be accessed by pressing Command and Comma on your keyboard.

You can adjust the quality, size, and scrolling options of your screen sharing. You can also block certain users from screen-sharing with you.

Screen Sharing can be disabled by closing the app, going to System Preferences > Sharing, and unchecking the Screen Sharing box.

You can connect remotely with a HelloTech technician if you still have problems with your computer. You can reach a technician remotely via HelloTech remote support page.

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