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How to scan a code QR on a Samsung Galaxy Device

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Samsung’s One UI is a favorite among Android users. It is fast and secure with Samsung Knox security. It also has many features that make it easy to use.

The QR code reader is one of many features included on all Samsung smartphones. It makes it simple to scan and read QR codes and take instant actions such as sending messages, making payments, opening web pages, or opening them. Let’s learn how the feature works, and how you can scan QR Codes on your Samsung phone.

What are QR Codes and How Do They Work? How do they work

QR code (short for Quick Response code) is a type or barcode that encodes machine-readable data. QR codes contain data in an arrangement of squares. They are not like standard barcodes, which encode data by the distance between vertical lines. This adds another dimension to the pattern, and allows it more data storage than standard barcodes. can do even fun things with QR codes .

QR codes are much faster than standard barcodes. The former had black and/or white squares at each corner. These are called position marks or a locator pattern and allow scanners, such as your Android phone or iPhone camera, to accurately identify a QRcode.

There are many methods you can scan QR code on your Samsung phone and tablet. Let’s look at some options.

1. Samsung QR scanner: How to scan a QR-code

The Quick Settings panel is the best way to scan a Samsung phone’s QR code.

  1. Scroll down from your notification panel to access Quick Setup. Then, select QR code.
  2. Once the camera application is launched, point your phone at the QR codes that you want to scan. If the image is too dark, you may use the flashlight to improve your vision.
  3. Once your QR code is scanned, you can select from View full text and Search web. Use in the browser. Take. The options shown might vary depending on which QR code information was used.

2. How to scan QR codes using the Samsung Camera App

Depending on what version of One UI your Samsung device is running, it might be able, depending on the model, to scan QR codes from the viewfinder within the camera application. If this is the case, you will need first to enable the feature.

  1. Launch the Photo application and go to Video Settings.
  2. Toggle Search QR codes.
  3. Point your camera to a QR code and scan it with your scanner.

3. Take a gallery photo and scan a QR code

These codes can be scanned in image form in your phone’s gallery.

  1. Swipe down on the notification panel for Quick Setup. Then, select QR code.
  2. After the camera application is launched, click the Gallery symbol.
  3. The QR Code image will be selected from your Gallery and you will be asked to tap Done.
  4. BixbyVision scans the QR code of the image and returns the relevant results.

4. Samsung Internet browser: How to scan a QR-code

  1. Launch the Samsung Internet.
  2. Tap on “Grab a Hamburger” (three horizontal lines at the bottom).
  3. Go to Layout and menu > Customize menu.
  4. Drag and drag the QRcode scanner tile to the menu.
  5. Tap the hamburger menu again to select the code scanner .

Samsung Internet allows you to scan QR codes, and the browser will automatically open any embedded links. This speeds up the entire process.

Samsung QR scanner for quick actions

QR codes have become very popular in the modern world. They can be found in stores, restaurants or online shopping portals as well as in local shops. QR codes can be used to sign users into social media or messaging platforms such WhatsApp and Discord quickly.

Android users may still rely on Google Lens or other third-party apps. Samsung devices have a QR scanning scanner built in that works well. It is fast, accurate and very convenient.

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