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How to Save Money on Google Ads and Increase Revenue

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Google Ads is one of the fastest ways to generate traffic to your website. Business owners will spend a good portion of their budget optimizing their campaigns in order to increase their revenue. We consulted with an Advertising Agency in London, Ontario for some tips on how to save money and increase revenue for your business.

Target Location

When creating a new Google Ads campaign, one of the first steps Google will ask you is to choose a target location. By default, this option targets all countries and territories, and you might think this is a good idea since that would mean more potential customers…

But here’s the problem: If you had a local business, say a restaurant, or a dental office, etc. Would you really want someone on the other side of the world to click on your website? Are they the ones most likely to convert? Probably not. 

Remember, every click is a payment coming out of your account. You want to target the area with the highest chance of conversion to ensure that every click counts and you are minimizing spending cost while increasing your Google Ads revenue.

Next time you create a campaign, consider the service area of your business and adjust the target location accordingly. It helps you save money on your campaigns.

Keyword Management

Another common mistake Google Ads rookies make is including a lot of keywords per each campaign. This creates a problem where it becomes difficult to manage each campaign if you go too overboard. 

For example, imagine a campaign with a $50 daily spending limit, with 50 keywords. That’s going to fill up pretty fast, isn’t it? And you probably won’t see many good results. For that reason the general rule of thumb is to keep each campaign between 20-30 keywords.

Now do keep in mind that this depends on the business. You can definitely be successful by having a bit less, or a bit more. This might take some experimentation on your part, so try to consider your audience, your location, and the quality of your keyword when creating a campaign.

Also, make sure to have specific landing pages set up for each ad group. I’ll touch more on that point down below.

High-Quality Ads

Design your ads in a way that the user viewing the ad can quickly glance at the information and understand exactly what your link is about in a few words. In order to achieve this, when writing the headline and description, keep your headlines within 30 characters or less and your description within 90 characters or less.

Let’s take a quick look at the acceptable length by Google:

Headline 1: 30 characters

Headline 2: 30 characters

Headline 3: 30 characters

Description 1: 90 characters

Description 2: 90 characters

Path: 15 characters

Follow this format and preview your ads before publishing, and make sure that the information you want to display shows accurately on the headline. Remember, the headline is the first thing that most users see when they browse Google Search. 

Landing Page

This is the second most important part of your ads journey. After the user has clicked on your ad, it is up to you to design the best page possible for the user to land and convert from a visitor, to a buyer.

Relevance is extremely important for a google ads landing page. Your page must precisely give the user what they clicked on the advertisement for. Try to keep the important information above the fold (meaning the first thing the user sees when they open the page), and make sure that your page works on all devices.

Data suggests that 45% of users will leave a website that doesn’t perform well enough, and over 55% of users who browse websites today are on a mobile device.

A good landing page should contain:

  • An image or video that quickly describes your product
  • A relevant title on the product
  • A call to action, usually a button prompting the user to take action

This way you can quickly convey the information the user is looking for, and ask them to take an action, converting them into a buyer. 


Following the steps above will help you minimize your costs by being more selective with your ads. The idea here follows one of the principles of business, which is to narrow down your niche. It’s perfect for small and medium sized businesses who are looking to have an impact on their revenue.

If you would like to consult with us about your online business, feel free to contact us below.

Elerea – Web Design & Digital Marketing

Website: https://www.elerea.com/

Contact: https://www.elerea.com/contact-us

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