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How To Save A GIF From Twitter

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Reaction GIFs are something you will see more on Twitter than any other platform. These GIFs can be used to reply to comments and messages without having to type words. Twitter’s GIF search engine makes it simple to find the perfect GIF to send. You can use this tool to either reply to someone on your feed or to send a direct message.

You’re sure to find a million GIFs in the platform. It can be difficult to keep those Twitter GIFs on your phone or computer. Right-clicking on the desktop website will reveal the option to copy its URL. But that’s it!

Twitter makes it difficult to save GIFs offline. It is possible to save Twitter GIFs on your smartphone or computer. You can’t save Twitter GIF images to your computer or smartphone, but you can get the GIF image or download it as mp4 videos and keep it that way. Here are the steps to download animated Twitter GIF images.

This is only for animated GIFs that are used on Twitter. It does not apply to actual videos. If the image is not playing, it will display the GIF at the bottom-left corner.

Twitter GIFs Are Not Real GIFs

Why can’t Twitter GIFs be saved as an image on your smartphone or computer, the same way you would save any GIF from any other website? Although it may not be obvious at first glance, any media other than a Twitter still photo cannot be downloaded.

You might be able to notice that GIFs from Twitter have an interface similar to that of a video platform but are missing the playback bar at bottom. These GIFs are not GIFs. They are instead small video files that converted to a proprietary format for Twitter. This allows them to be more efficient and provide a better Twitter experience. You can also upload videos to Twitter.

What does this mean for downloading Twitter GIFs and other images? You can download Twitter GIFs by using a few third-party tools. Let’s take another look.

Save a Twitter GIF to your Mac

A Mac is the best way to save a Twitter GIF. Here’s how!

  1. Open the tweet that contains the GIF you wish to copy on your Mac. You can either use the feed or the comments page for a particular post, or the reply page of the individual directly.
  2. Two-finger click on ‘GIF,” then choose ‘Copy Gif Address.”
  3. To open a new tab, click the icon to the right side of the tabs.
  4. Go to “https://twdownload.com/” without quotes, paste the copied Twitter GIF link into the “video URL box” then click the “Download” button.
  5. Two-finger tap on ‘Download Link, and then choose ‘Save Link as …”
  6. Select the file name and location. Click “Save.”
  7. Confirm that your download was successful.
  8. Go to http://ezgif.com/ and make sure you’re on the “Video To GIF” tab, then the secondary “Video To GIF” tab.
  9. To find the file you have just downloaded, click on “Browse“.
  10. To add the video to EZGIF.COM, select the downloaded video by clicking “Open“.
  11. To convert your MP4 to GIF format, click the ” Upload video!” button.

Remember that posting the GIF to Twitter will convert the GIF back into Twitter’s hybrid format just like it does with animated GIF files.

Notable: EZGIF cannot be used alone because their “Video to GIF(main tab) ->Video to GIF(secondary tab”)” page does not work properly or fails to display the Twitter link. What worked in the past doesn’t work now. To convert your mp4 into a GIF, you will need to go back to EZGIF.

Don’t worry if EZGIF doesn’t work on your device for any reason.

Many sites can convert Twitter GIFs.

  • TWDownload
  • DownloadTwitterVideo
  • OnlineConverter
  • Plus!

Windows: Saving a Twitter GIF

Windows saves Twitter GIFs in a similar way to Mac, since it uses a web browser.

  1. Open the browser you prefer, then open Twitter and search for the GIF image that you wish to download.
  2. Right-click on the GIF to select and “Copy Gif address.”
  3. Click to open a new tab. Next to other tabs, click . Then go to “
  4. Go to “https://twdownload.com/” without quotes, paste the copied GIF link URL into the “video URL box.” Select “Download” when ready.
  5. A new page opens. Right-click and select. Then choose and “Save Link as …”.”
  6. Give the file a name, or choose the one that is already available. Then choose to “Save.”
  7. Confirm that the download was successful.
  8. Go to ” http://ezgif.com/“, confirm that you’re on the ” Video to GIF” tab, then click the tab. Next, click the “Video To GIF” second tab.
  9. To locate the downloaded MP4 media file, click on “Browse”.
  10. To add the video to EZGIF.COM, click on the downloaded video.
  11. To convert your MP4 to GIF format, select ” Upload video!”

Save a GIF to Your Phone

Because of the limitations of mobile operating systems, it is much more difficult to keep a Twitter GIF on your phone than downloading it onto your computer. However, many people depend on their smartphones for everything. Even Twitter, it is an even better experience when it is in your hands. To unlock the GIF download, we’ll use the Twitter app for Android in combination with other apps. Let’s take another look.

The simplest solution: Use your mobile browser

The easiest way to get the GIF is to copy it, as we have already described. You can easily copy the video address from the Twitter app. EZGIF also offers a mobile site where you can save the GIF to your smartphone.

  1. Begin by looking for the GIF that you wish to save to your device 
  2. Click the Tweet. 
  3. To open the GIF in the tweet, click on it. 
  4. Click the Share button Scroll to the bottom and then click ” Copy this link  
  5. Copy the link and open your browser to EZGIFS.com. This site has a mobile version that works as described above. 
  6. Copy the link to the box. Do not click on the “Convert” button. Copying the Twitter link from the share menu has a problem. The link is copied with an invitation in front to “check out” the tweet. 
  7. Scroll down the URL to delete everything that isn’t ://…’. 
  8. Click the ” Upload video ” button. 
  9. Hold the GIF in your hand and press ” Save image Click “to download the content to your device. 

The second solution: Use dedicated apps for iOS and Android

To accomplish the same task, you can also install non-website apps on iOS and Android. These apps allow you to save and download the content to your device. However, saving the content from the web browser is more secure. If you prefer to have a dedicated app for the same task, there are approved and tested apps. Be prepared for advertisements!

Tweet2GIF for Android is an app that works in a similar way to EZGIF’s Video-to–GIF web app, but it can also be used as a standalone application. The app has one drawback: it does not convert at a high quality, but it works well overall.

To access your GIF, you only need to click on the “Convert” button once. You don’t have to convert it twice. The second reason is that the GIFs can be downloaded and stored within the app. Although the GIFs we received were not as high-quality as what we would have liked from the platform, they are still reliable.

  1. To open the GIF in the tweet, click on it. 
  2. Click the ” Share “Button at the bottom 
  3. Choose ” Copy this link .” 
  4. Visit Twitter2GIF on the Play Store. 
  5. Launch the app and install it. 
  6. Copy the Twitter GIF link that you copied in steps 1 through 3. 
  7. Click on the ” GIF Download To save a copy to your phone, click the ” button

For iOS, you will want to use GIFwrapped. This is a reliable GIF search engine for iOS and can convert Twitter GIFs to shareable ones.

  1. Copy the link and paste it in GIFwrapped’s ” Use the Clipboard ” feature. 
  2. You can save the GIF to your library. 
  3. Use GIFwrapped’s built-in sharing feature to post or share your GIFs to any app. 

GIFwrapped stores its library in the application so it is easy to lock down things and make them available quickly!


You can download your GIF from Twitter and save it. GIFs are an integral part of the internet world. They load quicker than media files and make it easier to find help pages. It doesn’t matter if you use a specific application, or if you download content via EZGIF or any other online source, it is important to save the GIFs for future reference. Although it is absurd that Twitter keeps its GIFs in a video-like format, they are easily converted and saved for future use.

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