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How to Restart a MacBook Pro

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What to Know

  • The easiest way is to go to the Apple menu and select Start. You can either click Restart or wait for the timer to count down.
  • To access the keyboard, hold down Control + command + power/eject buttons/Touch ID sensor.
  • Forcing a MacBook Pro to restart: Hold down the power or Control + Options + Command + Power/Eject button.

This article will explain how to force restart a MacBook Pro. It also explains why you might want to restart a MacBook Pro.

How to Restart MacBook Pro: Apple Menu

The easiest way to reboot a MacBook Pro is by clicking a few menus from almost every screen. Here’s how to do it:

This option is available on all models of MacBook Pros and runs all versions of macOS.

  1. To open the Apple menu, click the top-left corner of your screen. Next, select Restart.

  2. Check the box next to Reopen Windows if you wish to have all your documents and apps reopened after restarting.

  3. Click To restart, or to let the timer countdown to complete the restart.

How to Restart a MacBook Pro Keyboard

You can use the keyboard to restart your MacBook Pro if you don’t like it or it doesn’t respond to mouse clicks. Here’s how to do it:

  • Keep the Control + command + power/eject/TouchID buttons simultaneously down until the screen turns dark and the restart sound starts. Let go of the keys after the sound plays and the MacBook will start to work again. This works for all MacBook Pro models.
  • To bring up the Shutdown dialog box on certain models, you can also hold the Control + button-down. Click Restart from that dialog.
  • Try Force Restarting if none of these options work. Hold down Control + Options + Command + power/eject/Touch ID.

When is it time to restart a MacBook Pro

For good system maintenance, we recommend that your MacBook Pro be restarted every so often. This is because it clears out the active memory, doesn’t erase data, and allows for new software updates to be installed. You may also need to restart your MacBook Pro if it is running slowly, if any programs or operating systems are acting strangely, or if it freezes.

What are Restart, Factory Reset, and Power Down?

It’s different from a factory reset and it’s different than powering down a MacBook Pro.

  • A restart will reset your operating system and apps. It also clears out active memory in which programs are running. Your MacBook Pro won’t be affected by any changes or data loss.
  • The factory restart restores your laptop to its original state when it was first opened. This means that you will need to delete all the apps and data you have installed, wipe the hard drive and reinstall macOS. If you are selling your MacBook or taking extremely troubleshooting steps, you only need a factory reset.
  • Turning off a MacBook Pro stops all running programs and turns it off.


  • How can you reset a MacBook Pro in Safe Mode?
    There are two ways to get to the Safe Boot option on a Mac. If you are using a wired keyboard, turn off the Mac and hold the Shift key for a while. Then, turn on the Mac and then release the Shift key once you see the login window. Bluetooth keyboards: Turn the Mac off, then turn it on again. Long-press the Shift key until you hear the startup sound. Then, release the Shift key once you see the login window.
  • Using the Recovery Mode on my MacBook Pro, I want to reset it.
    To restart your Mac using Recovery Mode first restart it, then press Command+ R . For Macs with M1 processors, long-press the power button. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  • How can you reset the camera on a MacBook Pro laptop?
    Try restarting your Mac computer first if the Mac camera does not work. If your camera doesn’t work, reset your System Management Controller (SMC) and turn off your MacBook. Next, ensure the power adapter is attached > long-press Shift+Control+Options > restart the computer > wait 30 seconds, and release the keys.
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