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How to Reset Your Chromecast

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Resetting your Chromecast may be necessary if your Chromecast doesn’t work properly or you are unable to cast from your tablet or phone. Resetting Chromecast will reset the device and bring it back to factory settings. This will allow you to use your Chromecast again as if it were new. This is how to reset Chromecast in 2 ways.

How to Factory Reset Chromecast

It is easy to reset your Chromecast to the factory settings. To reset your Chromecast device to factory settings, press the factory reset button. After that, disconnect the power cable and reconnect it. You can also reset your device using the Google Home app for your tablet or phone.

  1. Hold down the reset button on Chromecast. . If you are using a Chromecast Ultra or second- or third-generation Chromecast, the reset button will be located on the side. Simply hold the reset button down until the LED light turns white and stops blinking orange.
    You’ll find the reset button on your Chromecast if you have a first-generation Chromecast. Hold the button down until your streaming device’s light starts flashing. This may take up to 25 seconds. During this time, you will need to keep the reset button pressed.
  2. Next, unplug the USB power cable. Next, wait for a few seconds.
  3. Connect the USB power cable to your Chromecast. This will reset your device factory.

Your device can also be reset via the Google Home app for your smartphone or tablet. Make sure your Chromecast is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device in order to initiate the reset process. Follow these steps to get started.

How to reset Chromecast using Google Home App

  1. Open the Google Home app from your tablet or phone. You can control your Chromecast device using the Google Home app.
  2. Next, tap on the Chromecast device. All your Google Home devices will be displayed at the bottom of your home screen.
  3. Tap Settings next. You will see a gear-shaped icon.
  4. Scroll down to choose Factory reset.
  5. Click OK. A small window will open asking you if you are sure that you want to reset the device. If you’re sure, tap OK.

You can now set up your Chromecast like you just bought it. You can read our previous article to learn how you can set up your Chromecast

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