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How to replace and remove the laptop key or keycap

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It is feasible, however it is recommended to do it as frequently as you can to avoid keys from malfunctioning. In the event that something is spilled on your laptop, then removing certain keys or all of them to clean them up is a must. To remove your laptop’s keys, and reconnect them take the steps listed in the following steps.

Keycaps removed

  1. To take off keyscaps keyscap from the keyboard, put the finger nail or a small flat-headed screwdriver or knife in the part of the keyboard, and then gently push it upwards. If the key is longer like the spacebar key to pull closest to the middle that the keys are you can.
  2. In many instances the key snaps out in part. If the keycap remains connected to the laptop, utilize your fingers to pull out the cap completely.
  3. When removed, you’ll find your key retention device ( scissor-switch) remains attached to the laptop. It has the pad at the middle. If you need to, it could be removed. To do that, place your screwdriver’s head flat knife’s edge in an edge and then gently turn until it pops off.

Replacing the keycap

How to Replace Your Mechanical Keyboard's Keycaps (So It Can Live Forever)

  1. After removing the key Be sure to look at the hooks of the metal on the keyboard, where the old key used be.
  2. It is important to align the hinge made of plastic (new and old) in a way that the holes are aligned with the hooks made of metal.
  3. Inject the smaller plastic piece typically called cups, equally in the middle in the retention device.
  4. Replace the cap and press evenly across each of the sides.
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