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How To Remove Samsung Refrigerator Doors

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These tools are vital:

  • A Philips screwdriver.
  • Recommendations include 8020 torque, a 5ml Allen Key, a 10 mil socket, a 1/2 mil socket, 1/4 mil socket, and a quarter mile socket.
  • Drill
  • Tape

An Allen wrench can be used to tighten or loosen items.

Before you get started:

  • Turn off the electricity or unplug it
  • Turn off main water supply to the french door refrigerator.

How to take the doors off a Samsung Fridge

Samsung refrigerators might require that refrigerator doors be removed in order to move them to their final destination. Remove the refrigerator doors to avoid scratches and other damage.

If you follow the instructions, it will take no time to open your Samsung refrigerator doors.

There are many reasons why you might want to remove the Samsung refrigerator door. It is important to do this safely.

Ask for help from another person in your home to avoid any accidents when opening or closing the refrigerator doors. These are the four steps you need to take to remove the icemaker from your Samsung refrigerator door.

Procedure 1: Remove the screws and connectors from the frame.

Before you begin to verify that the appliance has not been connected to the power source, unplug all wires. Unlock the refrigerator doors.

This will allow you to reach the wires and screws quickly. Next, take out the three screws that hold the Samsung refrigerator door’s top.

After you have taken them out, you can disconnect any wires that are around them. You will find the connectors on each side of your water filter’s door.

Procedure #2: Demontaging the Water Line

An optional water coupler can attach to the hinge of your Samsung refrigerator. This allows the refrigerator’s connection to a water source. Turn the refrigerator around and remove the hinge.

To disconnect the water line, press on the marked portion of the water coupler. It is important that you remove all red clips from the water coupler before you disconnect the tube.

Procedure #3: Take out the hinges

Pull and release the entire hinge lever of the Samsung refrigerator door. To remove the screws holding the hinge in place, use a screwdriver and a wrench.

Then, remove all hinges from the refrigerator door’s upper left or right sides and put them aside. Click here to see an example of how to use the screwdriver’s tools.

You will need a screwdriver to remove the screw from the lower portion of the Samsung fridge door.

Use a wrench to remove the refrigerator door from its base. Now you can remove the lower left and right hinges of your Samsung refrigerator door.

Procedure #4: Remove the Samsung Refrigerator Doors

After you have taken out all items that are connected to the fridge, slowly lift the refrigerator door up.

Slowly lift the Samsung refrigerator’s door up by holding both ends together. Make sure that the fridge door is not connected to the refrigerator in order to avoid damage.

These are the quick steps to successfully remove Samsung refrigerator doors

  1. It is crucial to locate the connector cables. To locate the connector cables, you can mark them or take notes.
  2. If your refrigerator is already plugged into, unplug the power source from it before you open the fridge door or drawer.

3.Do not damage, scratch or drop the door to prevent it from being damaged or destroyed.

  1. Avoid injury by being cautious when taking out the equipment.

Be consistent when reattaching the refrigerator door. Don’t skip steps. If the door is not securely secured, you could lose a lot energy. You could also experience moisture buildup in your refrigerator if the door isn’t closed tightly.

Samsung Refrigerator Doors: How to Remove Them. A Review

  1. If you are familiar with the parts, it should take no longer than 30 minutes to open the refrigerator door. If you don’t own a refrigerator, you can do the job. It will take you longer.
  2. The water line connector and coupler should be removed from the refrigerator door. Next, take out the hinges.
  3. If you find the process confusing or difficult, it is a good idea hire a professional.
  4. Make sure that you are 100% certain before you open your Samsung fridge doors.

My Samsung refrigerator’s left door won’t open. What should I do?

  1. Press the locking tab to disengage the plug
  2. Pull the water line out of the coupler by pushing the collar in. The waterline can be removed from the coupler and reused.
  3. Tape can be used for keeping the door in place.
  4. Turn the hinge fixer up and remove it from behind the hinge joint.
  5. You can remove it by gently pulling on the bracket.
  6. The hinge of the door should be lifted up. Next, lift the hinge up.
  7. Grab the handle
  8. Tape one side of the door and attach the other.
  9. Open the door about halfway with your hands, then lift the door up to remove it from the hinge.

How do you get the Samsung refrigerator’s right door?

  1. Tape can hold the door in place.
  2. Turn the hinge fixer up and remove it from behind the hinge joint.
  3. Pull the handle towards the side to lift the hinge.
  4. Grab the handle
  5. Tape one side of the door and attach the other.
  6. To remove the jamb, lift the door at the halfway point.

How to open and close the freezer door on a Samsung refrigerator?

  1. Open the freezer drawer for access.
  2. The upper freezer tray assembly can be removed by pushing it towards your rear, lifting the wheels from the slots, and then lifting it up on your front.
  3. To take the item out of the freezer quickly, tilt it towards the side and push it back. To lift the item …….,, tilt it forward.
  4. You can remove the four bolts that measure 10 mm each side of the frame using a drill.
  5. Grab the freezer door on both sides and lift it upwards. The door brackets will fall off the slide rails.

How do you take the handles off a Samsung refrigerator door?

  1. To complete the task, you will only need one tool. This will be either an Allen wrench or an Allen bits.
  2. To me, the door is open.
  3. To remove the allen set screw, use your drill.
  4. You can remove the handle by pulling it back and lifting it up.
  5. After taking out the door handle, ensure that the bolt holding the handle in place is securely fastened.
  6. If it is not tightened, you can use a Phillips wrench to fix it.
  7. Once you’ve removed the handle, you will need to inspect the two pieces at each end.
  8. Double-check all plastic parts to make sure there are no cracks or chips in the handle’s end caps.

How do I take the handles off the Samsung freezer doors?

These steps will allow you to remove the handle from your freezer doors:

  1. You can loosen the set screw using a 3/32 Allen wrench.
  2.  Once you have loosen the set screw, slide your handle of the mounting pin to the right until the other end.
  3.  Once you’ve got it free, get it out of your door.
  4. It could be a lock on your handle if your left hand cannot unlock the handle when you attempt to remove it.
  5. It is possible to ask to:
  6. To open the freezer door, lift the handle, then turn it towards the fridge and then lift off the fridge door.
  7. The freezer door handle can be removed after the refrigerator is taken out.

How can you reinstall your Samsung freezer doors?

These steps will assist you in reinstalling your freezer door.

  1. Install the freezer glides by aligning the door bracket tabs with the slots on freezer slides.
  2. To reinstall the four 10-mm bolts, use a drill.
  3. Install the freezer tray tray again by first inserting the back and then tilting it forward to its slot. You can now place the tray.
  4. Then, tilt the upper freezer tray inwardly to reposition it and place it on the freezer box tray.
  5. Push the freezer tray tray towards your freezer box’s back to ensure the wheels stay in place.


These are the steps for removing Samsung refrigerator doors.

If you are familiar with the parts, it is simple to take the doors off.

Keep in mind that the main components linking the Samsung refrigerator’s doors is the screws, connectors, and water coupler.

Before you remove the refrigerator door from its frame, double-check that every component has been removed.

More information about Samsung refrigerators can be found here.

We are thankful that you took the time and read it.

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