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How to Reinstall Windows

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Reinstall Windows on a slow computer or infected by a virus.

Reinstall Windows from PC Settings

Windows 10 allows you to reinstall an older version over the current one. For more information, see the steps:

  1. Click the Start button. This button can be found in the lower left corner and displays the Windows logo.
  2. Select Settings. This will display the gear icon located just above the power switch.
  3. Next, select Update & Security.
  4. Click Recovery in the left menu panel. There are options for recovery in the right panel.
  5. To get started, click Reset This Computer.
  6. You have the option to keep or delete all your files.
    Not all files are able to be saved even if they’re chosen. All settings, apps and data will be deleted.
  7. Click on Next. Now, the new OS will be installed on your computer.


If your computer suddenly stops working, you will need an emergency recovery flash drive with at least 8GB (8 gigabytes).

How do you create a Windows 10 Recovery USB Drive

If you cannot reinstall your OS using reset settings, you might need a recovery disk.

Be aware that if you create a recovery drive, all of your data will be lost.

  1. Use the Search button to search for “recovery drives”. The magnifying glass is located at the bottom left corner.
  2. Choose your drive from the recovery drive app.
  3. Click Create.


In a matter of minutes, your recovery drive will be created.

Reinstall Windows using a USB Recovery Drive

Now you have a recovery disc. Here are the steps to reinstall Windows using your USB drive.

Note: If you attempt to recover files from a USB stick, all your files will be lost. A clean install will allow you to install a newer version of your operating systems.

  1. Insert the USB recovery disk in the computer where you want to reinstall Windows.
  2. Reboot the computer. If it is already on, it will show a Choose an Option screen.
  3. Select Troubleshoot.
  4. Next choose Recover From Drive.
  5. Click on “Just Remove my Files” To sell your computer, you will need to click Full Clean the Drive.
  6. Set up Windows.

Reinstall Windows 10 on a Broken PC

If your computer is not responding to your requests, you might try reinstalling Windows with Microsoft’s media creation tool.

  1. Microsoft’s media creation tool can be downloaded from any computer that is currently working.
  2. You can open the downloaded tool.
  3. Select the “create an install media” option.
  4. Choose the best options for your computer. You can change the language, operating system version or architecture of the recovery disk.
  5. Next, select the USB flash drive.
  6. Select your USB drive from the drop-down list. Wait until the media creator tool downloads.
  7. Put the USB drive into the computer that isn’t working.
  8. Start a new computer. Insert the USB drive and begin the installation.
  9. Fill in your preferences and click Next.
  10. Install Now
  11. Enter the Windows product code when prompted. The sticker will attach to your computer or laptop via adhesive.
  12. Next, click on the terms page. Now you can install the OS. Your computer or laptop is now ready for use.

There may be problems with Windows 10 after you upgrade.

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