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How to Recover Deleted Photos from WhatsApp

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It is easy to accidentally delete photos from WhatsApp. You might be wondering how to retrieve WhatsApp photos you have accidentally deleted after one wrong tap.

Let’s take a look at how to retrieve deleted photos from WhatsApp. This article will discuss the various methods you can use to get your photos back, as well as what you need to know about this sad situation.

How to recover WhatsApp images that were saved automatically

WhatsApp automatically downloads images from chats to your phone, Android and iPhone. To retrieve deleted WhatsApp photos, your phone’s camera app is the best place to start.

Take a look at the Gallery app on Android or Google Photos. iPhone users should check out Photos. Switch to the Albums tab and search for WhatsApp. This will narrow down your search. If you have that information, you might use the gallery app’s search tools to find the date and time of the image’s transmission.

You’re in luck if you can find your WhatsApp photo deleted. You can still send it or share it wherever you want. It is important to keep a backup of your data so it doesn’t get lost forever.

If you can’t see the image here but have cloud storage on your smartphone, you still have hope. You can use the automatic camera upload function of your cloud storage application to download the image automatically.

How to recover WhatsApp images from someone else

It might be simpler than you think to recover a WhatsApp deleted photo without a backup. Next, you should check to make sure that the message with the missing photo is still attached to the person or people you are talking to. You could have the image on your WhatsApp chat, even if you deleted it.

Ask the person to look at their WhatsApp chat for the image. If they have the picture, they will be able to forward it to you. WhatsApp allows you to see all media that has been shared in a chat. Tap the name of the chat and choose Media links and docs.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone has seen the Delete for Me photo you have tapped in WhatsApp. WhatsApp doesn’t show the Delete for Everyone option until about an hour after you send your message. This makes it harder to accidentally hit.

It is a good idea to ask others to retrieve WhatsApp images as soon as you can. You have a greater chance that the other person will delete the image or lose it when they move to a different phone.

How to restore deleted photos from a WhatsApp backup

A backup is the best way to retrieve deleted WhatsApp photos if no one else has it. Backups are available for both Android and iOS WhatsApp versions. They can be saved to Google Drive or iCloud. You can restore your WhatsApp backup if it hasn’t been a while since you lost the photo(s).

To make this work, you need to have enabled WhatsApp’s backup function before you delete the image. This method won’t work if you haven’t backed it up in the past.

Navigate to Settings > chats > chat backup. Here you will find information such as the date and frequency of your backups. To restore your backups and recover deleted images, uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall WhatsApp.

You can uninstall the app and then reinstall WhatsApp from the App store or Google Play. After verifying your number, you will be prompted to restore data from a backup. Accept this and WhatsApp will restore your messages to the same level as when you last used them.

This will result in you losing any WhatsApp messages that you have exchanged since the last backup. To get your photos back, you should make sure to save any important messages or take screenshots before you restore the backup. Time is crucial here. You’re unlikely to have another backup if you delete the photos.

How to recover deleted WhatsApp photos from your phone’s storage (Android Only).

WhatsApp automatically saves all images you send or receive to Android and places them in a folder. You can delete an image from a WhatsApp conversation and keep it on your phone in the same folder. You can download a file Android explorer app such as Files from Google. Then, drill down to the folder below:

Internal Memory > WhatsApp Media > WhatsApp Images

This section contains all images that you have received via WhatsApp. This folder contains all the images you have sent to Sent. Check out the contents to see if there are any missing WhatsApp photos.

You can also find WhatsApp Videos and other media types here. Make sure you take a look!

This step is not available for iPhone users. This is because Android allows for you to browse a large portion of your device’s folder hierarchy while iOS’s Files app only allows you to view a handful of cloud folders.

Get Dedicated Recovery Solutions to Recover WhatsApp Photos

You’re likely to find dozens of programs promising to help you recover deleted WhatsApp photos if you Google it. These programs sound fantastic, but the reality is that WhatsApp photos cannot be recovered in this manner.

Recovering deleted WhatsApp messages is one example of how this “recovery software” won’t help you. Although recovering WhatsApp images can be a little more complicated than normal text messages, these programs still have big problems. They require root access on Android, don’t work without payment, or both.

Similar stories are told by these recovery programs. You can recover your messages easily by connecting your phone to your computer and installing software. Once you run the program, the program will either not return any results, require root access or charge you to perform the actual recovery. These tools include dr.fone and Johosoft as well as iMyFone and other similar tools.

They are also not inexpensive. A license costs between $20-50. Even if you decide to pay, it’s impossible to know if the software will recover any data. If you are desperate, you can still try it but don’t let your hopes get too high.

The WhatsApp Photo Recovery Truth

A backup is the best way to retrieve deleted media from WhatsApp. WhatsApp doesn’t keep your chat history on its servers. This is because the app is end-to-end encrypted. To retrieve files or messages, you can not contact the company.

You can’t also use file recovery software like Recuva, in case you were wondering. Because modern smartphones don’t support the USB Mass Storage protocol, these apps are unable to scan them for files.

You cannot recover a deleted message unless you have a backup file on your phone or in your cloud account. The best way to recover a backup is to use the reinstall/restore method described above.

You can’t recover those photos without a backup. Recovery apps can’t make deleted photos appear suddenly. To prevent data loss, it is important to backup everything before you need it.

We don’t recommend that you give any of these recovery programs a shot. However, if you do decide to try them, make sure you take action quickly. It is not possible to delete a file from your phone right away when you delete it. Instead, the OS will mark it as safe to delete. When new data arrives, the OS replaces the deleted data. This ensures that you have the best chance to recover data as soon as possible after deleting it.

Good luck with recovering deleted WhatsApp images

Below are the methods that can be used to restore WhatsApp photos you have deleted. Although most of these methods require you to think ahead, there is still a possibility that you can retrieve your photos.

If you don’t, you will know what to do in order to protect your photos for the future.

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